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FormOptionsExposed Class Reference

This file host two test case classes for the MediaWiki FormOptions class: More...

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Public Member Functions

 getOptions ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from FormOptions
 offsetExists ( $name)
 Whether the option exists.
 offsetGet ( $name)
 Retrieve an option value.
 offsetSet ( $name, $value)
 Set an option to given value.
 offsetUnset ( $name)
 Delete the option.
 add ( $name, $default, $type=self::AUTO)
 Add an option to be handled by this FormOptions instance.
 delete ( $name)
 Remove an option being handled by this FormOptions instance.
 validateName ( $name, $strict=false)
 Verify that the given option name exists.
 setValue ( $name, $value, $force=false)
 Use to set the value of an option.
 getValue ( $name)
 Get the value for the given option name.
 reset ( $name)
 Delete the option value.
 consumeValue ( $name)
 Get the value of given option and mark it as 'consumed'.
 consumeValues ( $names)
 Get the values of given options and mark them as 'consumed'.
 validateIntBounds ( $name, $min, $max)
 validateBounds ( $name, $min, $max)
 Constrain a numeric value for a given option to a given range.
 getUnconsumedValues ( $all=false)
 Get all remaining values which have not been consumed by consumeValue() or consumeValues().
 getChangedValues ()
 Return options modified as an array ( name => value )
 getAllValues ()
 Format options to an array ( name => value )
 fetchValuesFromRequest (WebRequest $r, $optionKeys=null)
 Fetch values for all options (or selected options) from the given WebRequest, making them available for accessing with getValue() or consumeValue() etc.

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from FormOptions
static guessType ( $data)
 Used to find out which type the data is.
- Public Attributes inherited from FormOptions
const AUTO = -1
 Mark value for automatic detection (for simple data types only)
const STRING = 0
 String type, maps guessType() to WebRequest::getText()
const INT = 1
 Integer type, maps guessType() to WebRequest::getInt()
const FLOAT = 4
 Float type, maps guessType() to WebRequest::getFloat()
const BOOL = 2
 Boolean type, maps guessType() to WebRequest::getBool()
const INTNULL = 3
 Integer type or null, maps to WebRequest::getIntOrNull() This is useful for the namespace selector.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from FormOptions
 getValueReal ( $option)
 Return current option value, based on a structure taken from $options.
- Protected Attributes inherited from FormOptions
 $options = []
 Map of known option names to information about them.

Detailed Description

This file host two test case classes for the MediaWiki FormOptions class:

The split let us take advantage of setting up a fixture for the methods tests. Dummy class to makes FormOptions::$options public. Used by FormOptionsInitializationTest which need to verify the $options array is correctly set through the FormOptions::add() function.

Definition at line 16 of file FormOptionsInitializationTest.php.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getOptions()

FormOptionsExposed::getOptions ( )

Definition at line 17 of file FormOptionsInitializationTest.php.

References FormOptions\$options.

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