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Content handler for JSON. More...

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Public Member Functions

 __construct ( $modelId=CONTENT_MODEL_JSON)
 makeEmptyContent ()
 Creates an empty TextContent object.
- Public Member Functions inherited from CodeContentHandler
 getPageLanguage (Title $title, Content $content=null)
 Returns the english language, because code is english, and should be handled as such.
 getPageViewLanguage (Title $title, Content $content=null)
 Returns the english language, because code is english, and should be handled as such.
- Public Member Functions inherited from TextContentHandler
 __construct ( $modelId=CONTENT_MODEL_TEXT, $formats=[CONTENT_FORMAT_TEXT])
 Constructor, initializing the ContentHandler instance with its model ID and a list of supported formats.
 getDataForSearchIndex (WikiPage $page, ParserOutput $output, SearchEngine $engine)
 Return fields to be indexed by search engine as representation of this document.
 getFieldsForSearchIndex (SearchEngine $engine)
 Get fields definition for search index.
 merge3 (Content $oldContent, Content $myContent, Content $yourContent)
 Attempts to merge differences between three versions.
 serializeContent (Content $content, $format=null)
 Returns the content's text as-is.
 supportsDirectEditing ()
 unserializeContent ( $text, $format=null)
 Unserializes a Content object of the type supported by this ContentHandler.
- Public Member Functions inherited from ContentHandler
 canBeUsedOn (Title $title)
 Determines whether the content type handled by this ContentHandler can be used on the given page.
 createDifferenceEngine (IContextSource $context, $old=0, $new=0, $rcid=0, $refreshCache=false, $unhide=false)
 Factory for creating an appropriate DifferenceEngine for this content model.
 exportTransform ( $blob, $format=null)
 Applies transformations on export (returns the blob unchanged per default).
 getActionOverrides ()
 Returns overrides for action handlers.
 getAutoDeleteReason (Title $title, &$hasHistory)
 Auto-generates a deletion reason.
 getAutosummary (Content $oldContent=null, Content $newContent=null, $flags)
 Return an applicable auto-summary if one exists for the given edit.
 getDefaultFormat ()
 The format used for serialization/deserialization by default by this ContentHandler.
 getModelID ()
 Returns the model id that identifies the content model this ContentHandler can handle.
 getParserOutputForIndexing (WikiPage $page, ParserCache $cache=null)
 Produce page output suitable for indexing.
 getSupportedFormats ()
 Returns a list of serialization formats supported by the serializeContent() and unserializeContent() methods of this ContentHandler.
 getUndoContent (Revision $current, Revision $undo, Revision $undoafter)
 Get the Content object that needs to be saved in order to undo all revisions between $undo and $undoafter.
 importTransform ( $blob, $format=null)
 Apply import transformation (per default, returns $blob unchanged).
 isParserCacheSupported ()
 Returns true for content models that support caching using the ParserCache mechanism.
 isSupportedFormat ( $format)
 Returns true if $format is a serialization format supported by this ContentHandler, and false otherwise.
 makeParserOptions ( $context)
 Get parser options suitable for rendering and caching the article.
 makeRedirectContent (Title $destination, $text='')
 Creates a new Content object that acts as a redirect to the given page, or null if redirects are not supported by this content model.
 supportsCategories ()
 Returns true if this content model supports categories.
 supportsDirectApiEditing ()
 Whether or not this content model supports direct editing via ApiEditPage.
 supportsRedirects ()
 Returns true if this content model supports redirects.
 supportsSections ()
 Returns true if this content model supports sections.

Protected Member Functions

 getContentClass ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ContentHandler
 addSearchField (&$fields, SearchEngine $engine, $name, $type)
 Add new field definition to array.
 checkFormat ( $format)
 Convenient for checking whether a format provided as a parameter is actually supported.
 checkModelID ( $model_id)
 getDiffEngineClass ()
 Returns the name of the diff engine to use.

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ContentHandler
static getAllContentFormats ()
static getContentModels ()
static getContentText (Content $content=null)
 Convenience function for getting flat text from a Content object.
static getDefaultModelFor (Title $title)
 Returns the name of the default content model to be used for the page with the given title.
static getForContent (Content $content)
 Returns the appropriate ContentHandler singleton for the given Content object.
static getForModelID ( $modelId)
 Returns the ContentHandler singleton for the given model ID.
static getForTitle (Title $title)
 Returns the appropriate ContentHandler singleton for the given title.
static getLocalizedName ( $name, Language $lang=null)
 Returns the localized name for a given content model.
static makeContent ( $text, Title $title=null, $modelId=null, $format=null)
 Convenience function for creating a Content object from a given textual representation.
static runLegacyHooks ( $event, $args=[], $deprecatedVersion=null)
 Call a legacy hook that uses text instead of Content objects.
- Protected Attributes inherited from ContentHandler
string $mModelID
string[] $mSupportedFormats
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from ContentHandler
static array $handlers
 A Cache of ContentHandler instances by model id.

Detailed Description

Content handler for JSON.

Ori Livneh
Kunal Mehta

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

JsonContentHandler::__construct (   $modelId = CONTENT_MODEL_JSON)

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Member Function Documentation

◆ getContentClass()

JsonContentHandler::getContentClass ( )

Reimplemented from CodeContentHandler.

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Referenced by makeEmptyContent().

◆ makeEmptyContent()

JsonContentHandler::makeEmptyContent ( )

Creates an empty TextContent object.

Content A new TextContent object with empty text.

Reimplemented from TextContentHandler.

Definition at line 43 of file JsonContentHandler.php.

References getContentClass().

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