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- Public Member Functions inherited from MemcachedClient
 __construct ( $args)
 Memcache initializer.
 _close_sock ( $sock)
 Close the specified socket.
 _connect_sock (&$sock, $host)
 Connects $sock to $host, timing out after $timeout.
 _dead_host ( $host)
 _dead_sock ( $sock)
 Marks a host as dead until 30-40 seconds in the future.
 _debugprint ( $text)
 _error_log ( $text)
 _fgets ( $sock)
 Read a line from a stream.
 _flush_read_buffer ( $f)
 Flush the read buffer of a stream.
 _fread ( $sock, $len)
 Read the specified number of bytes from a stream.
 _fwrite ( $sock, $buf)
 Write to a stream.
 _handle_error ( $sock, $msg)
 Handle an I/O error.
 _hashfunc ( $key)
 Creates a hash integer based on the $key.
 _incrdecr ( $cmd, $key, $amt=1)
 Perform increment/decriment on $key.
 _load_items ( $sock, &$ret, &$casToken=null)
 Load items into $ret from $sock.
 _set ( $cmd, $key, $val, $exp, $casToken=null)
 Performs the requested storage operation to the memcache server.
 add ( $key, $val, $exp=0)
 Adds a key/value to the memcache server if one isn't already set with that key.
 cas ( $casToken, $key, $value, $exp=0)
 Sets a key to a given value in the memcache if the current value still corresponds to a known, given value.
 decr ( $key, $amt=1)
 Decrease a value stored on the memcache server.
 delete ( $key, $time=0)
 Deletes a key from the server, optionally after $time.
 disconnect_all ()
 Disconnects all connected sockets.
 enable_compress ( $enable)
 Enable / Disable compression.
 forget_dead_hosts ()
 Forget about all of the dead hosts.
 get ( $key, &$casToken=null)
 Retrieves the value associated with the key from the memcache server.
 get_multi ( $keys)
 Get multiple keys from the server(s)
 get_sock ( $key)
 incr ( $key, $amt=1)
 Increments $key (optionally) by $amt.
 lock ( $key, $timeout=0)
 replace ( $key, $value, $exp=0)
 Overwrites an existing value for key; only works if key is already set.
 run_command ( $sock, $cmd)
 Passes through $cmd to the memcache server connected by $sock; returns output as an array (null array if no output)
 set ( $key, $value, $exp=0)
 Unconditionally sets a key to a given value in the memcache.
 set_compress_threshold ( $thresh)
 Set the compression threshold.
 set_debug ( $dbg)
 Set the debug flag.
 set_servers ( $list)
 Set the server list to distribute key gets and puts between.
 set_timeout ( $seconds, $microseconds)
 Sets the timeout for new connections.
 sock_to_host ( $host)
 Returns the socket for the host.
 touch ( $key, $time=0)
 Changes the TTL on a key from the server to $time.
 unlock ( $key)
- Public Attributes inherited from MemcachedClient
int $_active
int $_bucketcount
 Total # of bit buckets we have.
array $_buckets
 Our bit buckets.
array $_cache_sock
 Cached Sockets that are connected.
bool $_compress_enable
 Do we want to use compression?
int $_compress_threshold
 At how many bytes should we compress?
 Number of connection attempts for each server.
 Connect timeout in seconds.
bool $_debug
 Current debug status; 0 - none to 9 - profiling.
bool $_have_zlib
 Is compression available?
array $_host_dead
 Dead hosts, assoc array, 'host'=>'unixtime when ok to check again'.
bool $_persistent
 Are we using persistent links?
array $_servers
 Array containing ip:port or array(ip:port, weight)
string $_single_sock
 If only using one server; contains ip:port to connect to.
int $_timeout_microseconds
 Stream timeout in microseconds.
int $_timeout_seconds
 Stream timeout in seconds.
array $stats
 Command statistics.
const COMPRESSED = 2
 Flag: indicates data is compressed.
 Minimum savings to store data compressed.
const INTVAL = 4
 Flag: indicates data is an integer.
const SERIALIZED = 1
 Flag: indicates data is serialized.

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