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SqliteUpdater Class Reference

Class for handling updates to Sqlite databases. More...

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Protected Member Functions

 getCoreUpdateList ()
 Get an array of updates to perform on the database.
 sqliteInitialIndexes ()
 sqliteSetupSearchindex ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from DatabaseUpdater
 __construct (Database &$db, $shared, Maintenance $maintenance=null)
 addField ( $table, $field, $patch, $fullpath=false)
 Add a new field to an existing table.
 addIndex ( $table, $index, $patch, $fullpath=false)
 Add a new index to an existing table.
 addTable ( $name, $patch, $fullpath=false)
 Add a new table to the database.
 applyPatch ( $path, $isFullPath=false, $msg=null)
 Applies a SQL patch.
 canUseNewUpdatelog ()
 Updatelog was changed in 1.17 to have a ul_value column so we can record more information about what kind of updates we've done (that's what this class does).
 checkStats ()
 Check the site_stats table is not properly populated.
 disableContentHandlerUseDB ()
 Turns off content handler fields during parts of the upgrade where they aren't available.
 doActiveUsersInit ()
 Sets the number of active users in the site_stats table.
 doCollationUpdate ()
 Update CategoryLinks collation.
 doEnableProfiling ()
 Enable profiling table when it's turned on.
 doLogSearchPopulation ()
 Migrate log params to new table and index for searching.
 doLogUsertextPopulation ()
 Populates the log_user_text field in the logging table.
 doMigrateUserOptions ()
 Migrates user options from the user table blob to user_properties.
 doTable ( $name)
 Returns whether updates should be executed on the database table $name.
 doUpdateTranscacheField ()
 Updates the timestamps in the transcache table.
 dropField ( $table, $field, $patch, $fullpath=false)
 Drop a field from an existing table.
 dropIndex ( $table, $index, $patch, $fullpath=false)
 Drop an index from an existing table.
 enableContentHandlerUseDB ()
 Turns content handler fields back on.
 getExtensionUpdates ()
 Get the list of extension-defined updates.
 getOldGlobalUpdates ()
 Before 1.17, we used to handle updates via stuff like $wgExtNewTables/Fields/Indexes.
 rebuildLocalisationCache ()
 Rebuilds the localisation cache.
 renameIndex ( $table, $oldIndex, $newIndex, $skipBothIndexExistWarning, $patch, $fullpath=false)
 Rename an index from an existing table.
 setAppliedUpdates ( $version, $updates=[])

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from DatabaseUpdater
 addExtensionField ( $tableName, $columnName, $sqlPath)
 addExtensionIndex ( $tableName, $indexName, $sqlPath)
 addExtensionTable ( $tableName, $sqlPath)
 Convenience wrapper for addExtensionUpdate() when adding a new table (which is the most common usage of updaters in an extension)
 addExtensionUpdate (array $update)
 Add a new update coming from an extension.
 addPostDatabaseUpdateMaintenance ( $class)
 Add a maintenance script to be run after the database updates are complete.
 appendLine ( $line)
 Append a line to the open filehandle.
 copyFile ( $filename)
 Append an SQL fragment to the open file handle.
 doUpdates ( $what=[ 'core', 'extensions', 'stats'])
 Do all the updates.
 dropExtensionField ( $tableName, $columnName, $sqlPath)
 dropExtensionIndex ( $tableName, $indexName, $sqlPath)
 Drop an index from an extension table.
 dropExtensionTable ( $tableName, $sqlPath)
 dropTable ( $table, $patch=false, $fullpath=false)
 If the specified table exists, drop it, or execute the patch if one is provided.
 getDB ()
 Get a database connection to run updates.
 getPostDatabaseUpdateMaintenance ()
 getSchemaVars ()
 Get appropriate schema variables in the current database connection.
 insertUpdateRow ( $key, $val=null)
 Helper function: Add a key to the updatelog table Obviously, only use this for updates that occur after the updatelog table was created!
 modifyExtensionField ( $tableName, $fieldName, $sqlPath)
 modifyField ( $table, $field, $patch, $fullpath=false)
 Modify an existing field.
 output ( $str)
 Output some text.
 patchPath (IDatabase $db, $patch)
 Get the full path of a patch file.
 purgeCache ()
 Purge the objectcache table.
 renameExtensionIndex ( $tableName, $oldIndexName, $newIndexName, $sqlPath, $skipBothIndexExistWarning=false)
 Rename an index on an extension table.
 setFileAccess ()
 Set any .htaccess files or equivilent for storage repos.
 tableExists ( $tableName)
 updateRowExists ( $key)
 Helper function: check if the given key is present in the updatelog table.
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from DatabaseUpdater
static newForDB (Database $db, $shared=false, $maintenance=null)
- Protected Attributes inherited from DatabaseUpdater
Database $db
 Handle to the database subclass.
array $extensionUpdates = []
 List of extension-provided database updates.
resource $fileHandle = null
 File handle for SQL output.
 $holdContentHandlerUseDB = true
 Hold the value of $wgContentHandlerUseDB during the upgrade.
string[] $postDatabaseUpdateMaintenance
 Scripts to run after database update Should be a subclass of LoggedUpdateMaintenance.
 $shared = false
bool $skipSchema = false
 Flag specifying whether or not to skip schema (e.g.
array $updates = []
 Array of updates to perform on the database.
array $updatesSkipped = []
 Array of updates that were skipped.
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from DatabaseUpdater
static $updateCounter = 0

Detailed Description

Class for handling updates to Sqlite databases.


Definition at line 30 of file SqliteUpdater.php.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getCoreUpdateList()

SqliteUpdater::getCoreUpdateList ( )

Get an array of updates to perform on the database.

Should return a multi-dimensional array. The main key is the MediaWiki version (1.12, 1.13...) with the values being arrays of updates, identical to how did it (for now)


Reimplemented from DatabaseUpdater.

Definition at line 32 of file SqliteUpdater.php.

◆ sqliteInitialIndexes()

SqliteUpdater::sqliteInitialIndexes ( )

◆ sqliteSetupSearchindex()

SqliteUpdater::sqliteSetupSearchindex ( )

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