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UploadFromFile Class Reference

Implements regular file uploads. More...

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Public Member Functions

 getSourceType ()
 initialize ( $name, $webRequestUpload)
 Initialize from a filename and a WebRequestUpload.
 initializeFromRequest (&$request)
 verifyUpload ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from UploadBase
 __construct ()
 checkSvgScriptCallback ( $element, $attribs, $data=null)
 checkWarnings ()
 Check for non fatal problems with the file.
 cleanupTempFile ()
 If we've modified the upload file we need to manually remove it on exit to clean up.
 convertVerifyErrorToStatus ( $error)
 fetchFile ()
 Fetch the file.
 getFileSize ()
 Return the file size.
 getImageInfo ( $result)
 Gets image info about the file just uploaded.
 getLocalFile ()
 Return the local file and initializes if necessary.
 getRealPath ( $srcPath)
 getStashFile ()
 getTempFileSha1Base36 ()
 Get the base 36 SHA1 of the file.
 getTempPath ()
 getTitle ()
 Returns the title of the file to be uploaded.
 getVerificationErrorCode ( $error)
 initializePathInfo ( $name, $tempPath, $fileSize, $removeTempFile=false)
 Initialize the path information.
 isEmptyFile ()
 Return true if the file is empty.
 performUpload ( $comment, $pageText, $watch, $user, $tags=[])
 Really perform the upload.
 postProcessUpload ()
 Perform extra steps after a successful upload.
 stashFile (User $user=null)
 If the user does not supply all necessary information in the first upload form submission (either by accident or by design) then we may want to stash the file temporarily, get more information, and publish the file later.
 stashFileGetKey ()
 Stash a file in a temporary directory, returning a key which can be used to find the file again.
 stashSession ()
 alias for stashFileGetKey, for backwards compatibility
 tryStashFile (User $user, $isPartial=false)
 Like stashFile(), but respects extensions' wishes to prevent the stashing.
 validateName ()
 Verify that the name is valid and, if necessary, that we can overwrite.
 verifyPermissions ( $user)
 Alias for verifyTitlePermissions.
 verifyTitlePermissions ( $user)
 Check whether the user can edit, upload and create the image.
 zipEntryCallback ( $entry)
 Callback for ZipDirectoryReader to detect Java class files.

Static Public Member Functions

static isValidRequest ( $request)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from UploadBase
static checkFileExtension ( $ext, $list)
 Perform case-insensitive match against a list of file extensions.
static checkFileExtensionList ( $ext, $list)
 Perform case-insensitive match against a list of file extensions.
static checkSvgExternalDTD ( $type, $publicId, $systemId)
 Verify that DTD urls referenced are only the standard dtds.
static checkSvgPICallback ( $target, $data)
 Callback to filter SVG Processing Instructions.
static checkXMLEncodingMissmatch ( $file)
 Check a whitelist of xml encodings that are known not to be interpreted differently by the server's xml parser (expat) and some common browsers.
static createFromRequest (&$request, $type=null)
 Create a form of UploadBase depending on wpSourceType and initializes it.
static detectScript ( $file, $mime, $extension)
 Heuristic for detecting files that could contain JavaScript instructions or things that may look like HTML to a browser and are thus potentially harmful.
static detectVirus ( $file)
 Generic wrapper function for a virus scanner program.
static getExistsWarning ( $file)
 Helper function that does various existence checks for a file.
static getFilenamePrefixBlacklist ()
 Get a list of blacklisted filename prefixes from [[MediaWiki:Filename-prefix-blacklist]].
static getMaxPhpUploadSize ()
 Get the PHP maximum uploaded file size, based on ini settings.
static getMaxUploadSize ( $forType=null)
 Get the MediaWiki maximum uploaded file size for given type of upload, based on $wgMaxUploadSize.
static getSessionStatus (User $user, $statusKey)
 Get the current status of a chunked upload (used for polling)
static isAllowed ( $user)
 Returns true if the user can use this upload module or else a string identifying the missing permission.
static isEnabled ()
 Returns true if uploads are enabled.
static isThrottled ( $user)
 Returns true if the user has surpassed the upload rate limit, false otherwise.
static isThumbName ( $filename)
 Helper function that checks whether the filename looks like a thumbnail.
static setSessionStatus (User $user, $statusKey, $value)
 Set the current status of a chunked upload (used for polling)
static splitExtensions ( $filename)
 Split a file into a base name and all dot-delimited 'extensions' on the end.
static userCanReUpload (User $user, File $img)
 Check if a user is the last uploader.
static verifyExtension ( $mime, $extension)
 Checks if the MIME type of the uploaded file matches the file extension.

Protected Attributes

WebRequestUpload $mUpload = null
- Protected Attributes inherited from UploadBase
string $mTempPath
 Local file system path to the file to upload (or a local copy)
 $mTitle = false
 $mTitleError = 0
TempFSFile null $tempFileObj
 Wrapper to handle deleting the temp file.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from UploadBase
const EMPTY_FILE = 3
const FILE_TOO_LARGE = 12
const HOOK_ABORTED = 11
const OK = 0
const SUCCESS = 0
- Protected Member Functions inherited from UploadBase
 detectScriptInSvg ( $filename, $partial)
 doStashFile (User $user=null)
 Implementation for stashFile() and tryStashFile().
 runUploadStashFileHook (User $user)
 setTempFile ( $tempPath, $fileSize=null)
 verifyFile ()
 Verifies that it's ok to include the uploaded file.
 verifyMimeType ( $mime)
 Verify the MIME type.
 verifyPartialFile ()
 A verification routine suitable for partial files.
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from UploadBase
static $safeXmlEncodings

Detailed Description

Implements regular file uploads.

Bryan Tong Minh

Definition at line 30 of file UploadFromFile.php.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getSourceType()

UploadFromFile::getSourceType ( )

Reimplemented from UploadBase.

Definition at line 73 of file UploadFromFile.php.

Referenced by verifyUpload().

◆ initialize()

UploadFromFile::initialize (   $name,

Initialize from a filename and a WebRequestUpload.


Definition at line 54 of file UploadFromFile.php.

References $name, and UploadBase\initializePathInfo().

Referenced by initializeFromRequest().

◆ initializeFromRequest()

UploadFromFile::initializeFromRequest ( $request)

Reimplemented from UploadBase.

Definition at line 39 of file UploadFromFile.php.

References $request, and initialize().

◆ isValidRequest()

static UploadFromFile::isValidRequest (   $request)

Reimplemented from UploadBase.

Definition at line 64 of file UploadFromFile.php.

◆ verifyUpload()

UploadFromFile::verifyUpload ( )

Reimplemented from UploadBase.

Definition at line 80 of file UploadFromFile.php.

References UploadBase\FILE_TOO_LARGE, getSourceType(), and UploadBase\isEmptyFile().

Referenced by UploadFromChunks\concatenateChunks().

Member Data Documentation

◆ $mUpload

WebRequestUpload UploadFromFile::$mUpload = null

Definition at line 34 of file UploadFromFile.php.

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