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MockExtensionProcessor Class Reference

Allow overriding the default value of $this->globals so we can test merging. More...

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Public Member Functions

 __construct ( $globals=[])
- Public Member Functions inherited from ExtensionProcessor
 extractInfo ( $path, array $info, $version)
 getExtraAutoloaderPaths ( $dir, array $info)
 Get the path for additional autoloaders, e.g. More...
 getExtractedInfo ()
 getRequirements (array $info)
 Get the requirements for the provided info. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from ExtensionProcessor
 extractAttributes ( $path, array $info)
 extractConfig1 (array $info)
 Set configuration settings for manifest_version == 1. More...
 extractConfig2 (array $info, $dir)
 Set configuration settings for manifest_version == 2. More...
 extractCredits ( $path, array $info)
 extractExtensionMessagesFiles ( $dir, array $info)
 extractHooks (array $info)
 extractMessagesDirs ( $dir, array $info)
 Set message-related settings, which need to be expanded to use absolute paths. More...
 extractNamespaces (array $info)
 Register namespaces with the appropriate global settings. More...
 extractPathBasedGlobal ( $global, $dir, $paths)
 extractResourceLoaderModules ( $dir, array $info)
 storeToArray ( $path, $name, $value, &$array)
- Protected Attributes inherited from ExtensionProcessor
array $attributes = []
 Any thing else in the $info that hasn't already been processed. More...
callable[] $callbacks = []
 Things to be called once registration of these extensions are done keyed by the name of the extension that it belongs to. More...
array $credits = []
array $defines = []
 Things that should be define()'d. More...
array $extAttributes = []
 Extension attributes, keyed by name => settings. More...
array $globals
 Stuff that is going to be set to $GLOBALS. More...
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from ExtensionProcessor
static string[] $coreAttributes
 Top-level attributes that come from MW core. More...
static array $creditsAttributes
 Keys that are part of the extension credits. More...
static array $globalSettings
 Keys that should be set to $GLOBALS. More...
static array $mergeStrategies
 Mapping of global settings to their specific merge strategies. More...
static array $notAttributes
 Things that are not 'attributes', but are not in $globalSettings or $creditsAttributes. More...

Detailed Description

Allow overriding the default value of $this->globals so we can test merging.

Definition at line 738 of file ExtensionProcessorTest.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

MockExtensionProcessor::__construct (   $globals = [])

Definition at line 739 of file ExtensionProcessorTest.php.

References ExtensionProcessor\$globals, and globals.

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