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NearExpiringWANObjectCache Class Reference
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Public Attributes

const CLOCK_SKEW = 1
- Public Attributes inherited from WANObjectCache
const AGE_NEW = 60
 Never consider performing "popularity" refreshes until a key reaches this age. More...
const CHECK_KEY_TTL = self::TTL_YEAR
 Seconds to keep dependency purge keys around. More...
const DEFAULT_PURGE_CHANNEL = 'wancache-purge'
const ERR_NONE = 0
const ERR_RELAY = 4
const FLD_FLAGS = 4
const FLD_HOLDOFF = 5
const FLD_TIME = 3
const FLD_TTL = 2
const FLD_VALUE = 1
const FLD_VERSION = 0
const GRACE_TTL_NONE = 0
 Idiom for set()/getWithSetCallback() for "no post-expired grace period". More...
const HIT_RATE_HIGH = 1
 Hits/second for a refresh to be expected within the "popularity" window. More...
const HOLDOFF_NONE = 0
 Idiom for delete() for "no hold-off". More...
const HOLDOFF_TTL = 11
 Seconds to tombstone keys on delete() More...
const HOT_TTR = 900
 The time length of the "popularity" refresh window for hot keys. More...
const INTERIM_KEY_PREFIX = 'WANCache:i:'
 Seconds to keep interim value keys for tombstoned keys around. More...
const LOCK_TTL = 10
 Seconds to keep lock keys around. More...
const LOW_TTL = 30
 Default remaining TTL at which to consider pre-emptive regeneration. More...
 Max time expected to pass between delete() and DB commit finishing. More...
const MAX_READ_LAG = 7
 Max replication+snapshot lag before applying TTL_LAGGED or disallowing set() More...
 Idiom for getWithSetCallback() for "no minimum required as-of timestamp". More...
const MUTEX_KEY_PREFIX = 'WANCache:m:'
const PC_PRIMARY = 'primary:1000'
const RAMPUP_TTL = 30
 Seconds to ramp up to the "popularity" refresh chance after a key is no longer new. More...
const STALE_TTL_NONE = 0
 Idiom for set()/getWithSetCallback() for "do not augment the storage medium TTL". More...
const TIME_KEY_PREFIX = 'WANCache:t:'
const TINY_NEGATIVE = -0.000001
 Tiny negative float to use when CTL comes up >= 0 due to clock skew. More...
const TSE_NONE = -1
 Idiom for getWithSetCallback() callbacks to 'lockTSE' logic. More...
const TTL_LAGGED = 30
 Max TTL to store keys when a data sourced is lagged. More...
 Idiom for getWithSetCallback() callbacks to avoid calling set() More...
const VALUE_KEY_PREFIX = 'WANCache:v:'
const VERSION = 1
 Cache format version number. More...
const VFLD_DATA = 'WOC:d'
const VFLD_VERSION = 'WOC:v'
- Public Attributes inherited from IExpiringStore
const TTL_DAY = 86400
const TTL_HOUR = 3600
const TTL_MINUTE = 60
const TTL_MONTH = 2592000
const TTL_PROC_LONG = 30
const TTL_PROC_SHORT = 3
const TTL_SECOND = 1
const TTL_WEEK = 604800
const TTL_YEAR = 31536000

Protected Member Functions

 worthRefreshExpiring ( $curTTL, $lowTTL)
 Check if a key is nearing expiration and thus due for randomized regeneration. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from WANObjectCache
 determineKeyClass ( $key)
 doGetWithSetCallback ( $key, $ttl, $callback, array $opts, &$asOf=null)
 Do the actual I/O for getWithSetCallback() when needed. More...
 getCurrentTime ()
 getInterimValue ( $key, $versioned, $minTime, &$asOf)
 getProcessCache ( $group)
 isAliveOrInGracePeriod ( $curTTL, $graceTTL)
 Check if a key is fresh or in the grace window and thus due for randomized reuse. More...
 isValid ( $value, $versioned, $asOf, $minTime)
 Check whether $value is appropriately versioned and not older than $minTime (if set) More...
 makePurgeValue ( $timestamp, $holdoff)
 parsePurgeValue ( $value)
 relayDelete ( $key)
 Do the actual async bus delete of a key. More...
 relayPurge ( $key, $ttl, $holdoff)
 Do the actual async bus purge of a key. More...
 setInterimValue ( $key, $wrapped, $tempTTL)
 unwrap ( $wrapped, $now)
 Do not use this method outside WANObjectCache. More...
 worthRefreshPopular ( $asOf, $ageNew, $timeTillRefresh, $now)
 Check if a key is due for randomized regeneration due to its popularity. More...
 wrap ( $value, $ttl, $now)
 Do not use this method outside WANObjectCache. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from WANObjectCache
 __construct (array $params)
 adaptiveTTL ( $mtime, $maxTTL, $minTTL=30, $factor=0.2)
 Get a TTL that is higher for objects that have not changed recently. More...
 clearLastError ()
 Clear the "last error" registry. More...
 clearProcessCache ()
 Clear the in-process caches; useful for testing. More...
 delete ( $key, $ttl=self::HOLDOFF_TTL)
 Purge a key from all datacenters. More...
 get ( $key, &$curTTL=null, array $checkKeys=[], &$asOf=null)
 Fetch the value of a key from cache. More...
 getCheckKeyTime ( $key)
 Fetch the value of a timestamp "check" key. More...
 getLastError ()
 Get the "last error" registered; clearLastError() should be called manually. More...
 getMulti (array $keys, &$curTTLs=[], array $checkKeys=[], array &$asOfs=[])
 Fetch the value of several keys from cache. More...
 getMultiCheckKeyTime (array $keys)
 Fetch the values of each timestamp "check" key. More...
 getMultiWithSetCallback (ArrayIterator $keyedIds, $ttl, callable $callback, array $opts=[])
 Method to fetch multiple cache keys at once with regeneration. More...
 getMultiWithUnionSetCallback (ArrayIterator $keyedIds, $ttl, callable $callback, array $opts=[])
 Method to fetch/regenerate multiple cache keys at once. More...
 getQoS ( $flag)
 getWarmupKeyMisses ()
 getWithSetCallback ( $key, $ttl, $callback, array $opts=[])
 Method to fetch/regenerate cache keys. More...
 makeGlobalKey ( $class, $component=null)
 makeKey ( $class, $component=null)
 makeMultiKeys (array $entities, callable $keyFunc)
 reap ( $key, $purgeTimestamp, &$isStale=false)
 Set a key to soon expire in the local cluster if it pre-dates $purgeTimestamp. More...
 reapCheckKey ( $key, $purgeTimestamp, &$isStale=false)
 Set a "check" key to soon expire in the local cluster if it pre-dates $purgeTimestamp. More...
 resetCheckKey ( $key)
 Delete a "check" key from all datacenters, invalidating keys that use it. More...
 set ( $key, $value, $ttl=0, array $opts=[])
 Set the value of a key in cache. More...
 setLogger (LoggerInterface $logger)
 setMockTime (&$time)
 touchCheckKey ( $key, $holdoff=self::HOLDOFF_TTL)
 Purge a "check" key from all datacenters, invalidating keys that use it. More...
 useInterimHoldOffCaching ( $enabled)
 Enable or disable the use of brief caching for tombstoned keys. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from WANObjectCache
static newEmpty ()
 Get an instance that wraps EmptyBagOStuff. More...
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from WANObjectCache
static prefixCacheKeys (array $keys, $prefix)
- Protected Attributes inherited from WANObjectCache
callable null $asyncHandler
 Function that takes a WAN cache callback and runs it later. More...
BagOStuff $cache
 The local datacenter cache. More...
string $cluster
 Cache cluster name for mcrouter use. More...
int $lastRelayError = self::ERR_NONE
 ERR_* constant for the "last error" registry. More...
LoggerInterface $logger
 @bar bool Whether to use mcrouter key prefixing for routing More...
HashBagOStuff[] $processCaches = []
 Map of group PHP instance caches. More...
string $purgeChannel
 Purge channel name. More...
EventRelayer $purgeRelayer
 Bus that handles purge broadcasts. More...
string $region
 Physical region for mcrouter use. More...
StatsdDataFactoryInterface $stats
bool $useInterimHoldOffCaching = true
 Whether to use "interim" caching while keys are tombstoned. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1699 of file WANObjectCacheTest.php.

Member Function Documentation

◆ worthRefreshExpiring()

NearExpiringWANObjectCache::worthRefreshExpiring (   $curTTL,

Check if a key is nearing expiration and thus due for randomized regeneration.

This returns false if $curTTL >= $lowTTL. Otherwise, the chance of returning true increases steadily from 0% to 100% as the $curTTL moves from $lowTTL to 0 seconds. This handles widely varying levels of cache access traffic.

If $curTTL <= 0 (e.g. already expired), then this returns false.

float$curTTLApproximate TTL left on the key if present
float$lowTTLConsider a refresh when $curTTL is less than this

Reimplemented from WANObjectCache.

Definition at line 1702 of file WANObjectCacheTest.php.

Member Data Documentation


const NearExpiringWANObjectCache::CLOCK_SKEW = 1

Definition at line 1700 of file WANObjectCacheTest.php.

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