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Public Member Functions

 provideLinkHeaders ()
 providePreloadLinkHeaders ()
 provideVaryHeaders ()
 testBuildExemptModules (array $exemptStyleModules, $expect)
 provideBuildExemptModules OutputPage::buildExemptModules More...
 testGetCategories ()
 OutputPage::addCategoryLinks OutputPage::getCategories. More...
 testHandheld ()
 Tests handheld behavior OutputPage::transformCssMedia. More...
 testHaveCacheVaryCookies ()
 OutputPage::haveCacheVaryCookies. More...
 testLinkHeaders ( $headers, $result)
 provideLinkHeaders OutputPage::addLinkHeader OutputPage::getLinkHeader More...
 testMakeResourceLoaderLink ( $args, $expectedHtml)
 See ResourceLoaderClientHtmlTest for full coverage. More...
 testMetaTags ()
 OutputPage::addMeta OutputPage::getMetaTags OutputPage::getHeadLinksArray. More...
 testPreloadLinkHeaders ( $config, $result, $baseDir=null)
 providePreloadLinkHeaders OutputPage::addLogoPreloadLinkHeaders ResourceLoaderSkinModule::getLogo More...
 testPrintRequests ()
 Tests print requests OutputPage::transformCssMedia. More...
 testRobotsPolicies ()
 OutputPage::setIndexPolicy OutputPage::setFollowPolicy OutputPage::getHeadLinksArray. More...
 testScreenRequests ()
 Tests screen requests, without either query parameter set OutputPage::transformCssMedia. More...
 testTransformResourcePath ( $baseDir, $basePath, $uploadDir=null, $uploadPath=null, $path=null, $expected=null)
 provideTransformFilePath OutputPage::transformFilePath OutputPage::transformResourcePath More...
 testVaryHeaders ( $calls, $vary, $key)
 provideVaryHeaders OutputPage::addVaryHeader OutputPage::getVaryHeader OutputPage::getKeyHeader More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from MediaWikiTestCase
 __construct ( $name=null, array $data=[], $dataName='')
 __destruct ()
 addDBData ()
 Stub. More...
 addDBDataOnce ()
 Stub. More...
 dbPrefix ()
 getCliArg ( $offset)
 hideDeprecated ( $function)
 Don't throw a warning if $function is deprecated and called later. More...
 needsDB ()
 run (PHPUnit_Framework_TestResult $result=null)
 setCliArg ( $offset, $value)
 setContentLang ( $lang)
 setGroupPermissions ( $newPerms, $newKey=null, $newValue=null)
 Alters $wgGroupPermissions for the duration of the test. More...
 setupAllTestDBs ()
 Set up all test DBs. More...
 setUserLang ( $lang)
 testMediaWikiTestCaseParentSetupCalled ()
 Make sure MediaWikiTestCase extending classes have called their parent setUp method. More...
 usesTemporaryTables ()

Static Public Member Functions

static provideBuildExemptModules ()
static provideMakeResourceLoaderLink ()
static provideTransformFilePath ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from MediaWikiTestCase
static getMutableTestUser ( $groups=[])
 Convenience method for getting a mutable test user. More...
static getTestSysop ()
 Convenience method for getting an immutable admin test user. More...
static getTestUser ( $groups=[])
 Convenience method for getting an immutable test user. More...
static listTables (IMaintainableDatabase $db)
static prepareServices (Config $bootstrapConfig)
 Prepare service configuration for unit testing. More...
static setUpBeforeClass ()
static setupTestDB (Database $db, $prefix)
 Creates an empty skeleton of the wiki database by cloning its structure to equivalent tables using the given $prefix. More...
static teardownTestDB ()
 Restores MediaWiki to using the table set (table prefix) it was using before setupTestDB() was called. More...
static wfResetOutputBuffersBarrier ( $buffer)
 Used as a marker to prevent wfResetOutputBuffers from breaking PHPUnit. More...

Public Attributes

const SCREEN_MEDIA_QUERY = 'screen and (min-width: 982px)'
const SCREEN_ONLY_MEDIA_QUERY = 'only screen and (min-width: 982px)'
- Public Attributes inherited from MediaWikiTestCase
const DB_PREFIX = 'unittest_'
 Table name prefixes. More...
const ORA_DB_PREFIX = 'ut_'

Protected Member Functions

 assertTransformCssMediaCase ( $args)
 Tests a particular case of transformCssMedia, using the given input, globals, expected return, and message. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from MediaWikiTestCase
 addTmpFiles ( $files)
 arrayWrap (array $elements)
 Utility method taking an array of elements and wrapping each element in its own array. More...
 assertArrayEquals (array $expected, array $actual, $ordered=false, $named=false)
 Assert that two arrays are equal. More...
 assertFileContains ( $fileName, $actualData, $createIfMissing=true, $msg='')
 Check whether file contains given data. More...
 assertHTMLEquals ( $expected, $actual, $msg='')
 Put each HTML element on its own line and then equals() the results. More...
 assertSelect ( $table, $fields, $condition, array $expectedRows, array $options=[], array $join_conds=[])
 Asserts that the given database query yields the rows given by $expectedRows. More...
 assertType ( $type, $actual, $message='')
 Asserts the type of the provided value. More...
 assertTypeOrValue ( $type, $actual, $value=false, $message='')
 Asserts that the provided variable is of the specified internal type or equals the $value argument. More...
 checkDbIsSupported ()
 checkPHPExtension ( $extName)
 Check if $extName is a loaded PHP extension, will skip the test whenever it is not loaded. More...
 getDefaultWikitextNS ()
 Returns the ID of a namespace that defaults to Wikitext. More...
 getNewTempDirectory ()
 obtains a new temporary directory More...
 getNewTempFile ()
 Obtains a new temporary file name. More...
 getSchemaOverrides (IMaintainableDatabase $db)
 Stub. More...
 insertPage ( $pageName, $text='Sample page for unit test.', $namespace=null)
 Insert a new page. More...
 isWikitextNS ( $ns)
 Returns true if the given namespace defaults to Wikitext according to $wgNamespaceContentModels. More...
 markTestSkippedIfNoDiff3 ()
 Check, if $wgDiff3 is set and ready to merge Will mark the calling test as skipped, if not ready. More...
 mergeMwGlobalArrayValue ( $name, $values)
 Merges the given values into a MW global array variable. More...
 objectAssociativeSort (array &$array)
 Does an associative sort that works for objects. More...
 overrideMwServices (Config $configOverrides=null, array $services=[])
 Stashes the global instance of MediaWikiServices, and installs a new one, allowing test cases to override settings and services. More...
 setLogger ( $channel, LoggerInterface $logger)
 Sets the logger for a specified channel, for the duration of the test. More...
 setMwGlobals ( $pairs, $value=null)
 Sets a global, maintaining a stashed version of the previous global to be restored in tearDown. More...
 setService ( $name, $object)
 Sets a service, maintaining a stashed version of the previous service to be restored in tearDown. More...
 setTemporaryHook ( $hookName, $handler)
 Create a temporary hook handler which will be reset by tearDown. More...
 setUp ()
 stashMwGlobals ( $globalKeys)
 Stashes the global, will be restored in tearDown() More...
 tearDown ()

Private Member Functions

 newInstance ( $config=[])

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from MediaWikiTestCase
static TestUser[] $users
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from MediaWikiTestCase
static getExternalStoreDatabaseConnections ()
 Gets master database connections for all of the ExternalStoreDB stores configured in $wgDefaultExternalStore. More...
static isUsingExternalStoreDB ()
 Check whether ExternalStoreDB is being used. More...
static resetGlobalServices (Config $bootstrapConfig=null)
 Reset global services, and install testing environment. More...
static setupDatabaseWithTestPrefix (IMaintainableDatabase $db, $prefix)
 Setups a database with the given prefix. More...
static setupExternalStoreTestDBs ( $testPrefix)
 Clones the External Store database(s) for testing. More...
static stripStringKeys (&$r)
 Utility function for eliminating all string keys from an array. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from MediaWikiTestCase
Database $db
 Primary database. More...
array $supportedDBs
array $tablesUsed = []

Detailed Description

Matthew Flaschen

Database Output

factor tests in this class into providers and test methods

Definition at line 14 of file OutputPageTest.php.

Member Function Documentation

◆ assertTransformCssMediaCase()

OutputPageTest::assertTransformCssMediaCase (   $args)

Tests a particular case of transformCssMedia, using the given input, globals, expected return, and message.

Asserts that $expectedReturn is returned.

options['printableQuery'] - value of query string for printable, or omitted for none options['handheldQuery'] - value of query string for handheld, or omitted for none options['media'] - passed into the method under the same name options['expectedReturn'] - expected return value options['message'] - PHPUnit message for assertion

array$argsKey-value array of arguments as shown above

Definition at line 74 of file OutputPageTest.php.

References $args, MediaWikiTestCase\setMwGlobals(), and OutputPage\transformCssMedia().

Referenced by testHandheld(), testPrintRequests(), and testScreenRequests().

◆ newInstance()

OutputPageTest::newInstance (   $config = [])

Definition at line 670 of file OutputPageTest.php.

References $context.

Referenced by testLinkHeaders(), testMetaTags(), testPreloadLinkHeaders(), and testRobotsPolicies().

◆ provideBuildExemptModules()

static OutputPageTest::provideBuildExemptModules ( )

Definition at line 347 of file OutputPageTest.php.

◆ provideLinkHeaders()

OutputPageTest::provideLinkHeaders ( )

Definition at line 574 of file OutputPageTest.php.

References false.

◆ provideMakeResourceLoaderLink()

static OutputPageTest::provideMakeResourceLoaderLink ( )

◆ providePreloadLinkHeaders()

OutputPageTest::providePreloadLinkHeaders ( )

Definition at line 606 of file OutputPageTest.php.

◆ provideTransformFilePath()

static OutputPageTest::provideTransformFilePath ( )

Definition at line 183 of file OutputPageTest.php.

◆ provideVaryHeaders()

OutputPageTest::provideVaryHeaders ( )

Definition at line 453 of file OutputPageTest.php.

◆ testBuildExemptModules()

OutputPageTest::testBuildExemptModules ( array  $exemptStyleModules,

◆ testGetCategories()

OutputPageTest::testGetCategories ( )

◆ testHandheld()

OutputPageTest::testHandheld ( )

Tests handheld behavior OutputPage::transformCssMedia.

Definition at line 167 of file OutputPageTest.php.

References assertTransformCssMediaCase().

◆ testHaveCacheVaryCookies()

OutputPageTest::testHaveCacheVaryCookies ( )


Definition at line 510 of file OutputPageTest.php.

References $context, and $request.

◆ testLinkHeaders()

OutputPageTest::testLinkHeaders (   $headers,

provideLinkHeaders OutputPage::addLinkHeader OutputPage::getLinkHeader

Definition at line 564 of file OutputPageTest.php.

References $header, as, and newInstance().

◆ testMakeResourceLoaderLink()

OutputPageTest::testMakeResourceLoaderLink (   $args,

See ResourceLoaderClientHtmlTest for full coverage.

provideMakeResourceLoaderLink OutputPage::makeResourceLoaderLink

Definition at line 309 of file OutputPageTest.php.

References $args, $out, class, SkinFactory\getDefaultInstance(), and MediaWikiTestCase\setMwGlobals().

◆ testMetaTags()

OutputPageTest::testMetaTags ( )

◆ testPreloadLinkHeaders()

OutputPageTest::testPreloadLinkHeaders (   $config,
  $baseDir = null 

◆ testPrintRequests()

OutputPageTest::testPrintRequests ( )

Tests print requests OutputPage::transformCssMedia.

Definition at line 97 of file OutputPageTest.php.

References assertTransformCssMediaCase().

◆ testRobotsPolicies()

OutputPageTest::testRobotsPolicies ( )

◆ testScreenRequests()

OutputPageTest::testScreenRequests ( )

Tests screen requests, without either query parameter set OutputPage::transformCssMedia.

Definition at line 131 of file OutputPageTest.php.

References assertTransformCssMediaCase().

◆ testTransformResourcePath()

OutputPageTest::testTransformResourcePath (   $baseDir,
  $uploadDir = null,
  $uploadPath = null,
  $path = null,
  $expected = null 

◆ testVaryHeaders()

OutputPageTest::testVaryHeaders (   $calls,

provideVaryHeaders OutputPage::addVaryHeader OutputPage::getVaryHeader OutputPage::getKeyHeader

Definition at line 435 of file OutputPageTest.php.

References as, and class.

Member Data Documentation


const OutputPageTest::SCREEN_MEDIA_QUERY = 'screen and (min-width: 982px)'

Definition at line 15 of file OutputPageTest.php.


const OutputPageTest::SCREEN_ONLY_MEDIA_QUERY = 'only screen and (min-width: 982px)'

Definition at line 16 of file OutputPageTest.php.

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