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RCCacheEntry Class Reference
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Static Public Member Functions

static newFromParent ( $rc)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from RecentChange
static getChangeTypes ()
 Get an array of all change types. More...
static getEngine ( $uri, $params=[])
static getQueryInfo ()
 Return the tables, fields, and join conditions to be selected to create a new recentchanges object. More...
static isInRCLifespan ( $timestamp, $tolerance=0)
 Check whether the given timestamp is new enough to have a RC row with a given tolerance as the recentchanges table might not be cleared out regularly (so older entries might exist) or rows which will be deleted soon shouldn't be included. More...
static markPatrolled ( $change, $auto=false, $tags=null)
 Mark a given change as patrolled. More...
static newForCategorization ( $timestamp, Title $categoryTitle, User $user=null, $comment, Title $pageTitle, $oldRevId, $newRevId, $lastTimestamp, $bot, $ip='', $deleted=0, $added=null)
 Constructs a RecentChange object for the given categorization This does not call save() on the object and thus does not write to the db. More...
static newFromConds ( $conds, $fname=__METHOD__, $dbType=DB_REPLICA)
 Find the first recent change matching some specific conditions. More...
static newFromId ( $rcid)
 Obtain the recent change with a given rc_id value. More...
static newFromRow ( $row)
static newLogEntry ( $timestamp, &$title, &$user, $actionComment, $ip, $type, $action, $target, $logComment, $params, $newId=0, $actionCommentIRC='', $revId=0, $isPatrollable=false)
static notifyEdit ( $timestamp, &$title, $minor, &$user, $comment, $oldId, $lastTimestamp, $bot, $ip='', $oldSize=0, $newSize=0, $newId=0, $patrol=0, $tags=[])
 Makes an entry in the database corresponding to an edit. More...
static notifyLog ( $timestamp, &$title, &$user, $actionComment, $ip, $type, $action, $target, $logComment, $params, $newId=0, $actionCommentIRC='')
static notifyNew ( $timestamp, &$title, $minor, &$user, $comment, $bot, $ip='', $size=0, $newId=0, $patrol=0, $tags=[])
 Makes an entry in the database corresponding to page creation Note: the title object must be loaded with the new id using resetArticleID() More...
static parseFromRCType ( $rcType)
 Parsing RC_* constants to human-readable test. More...
static parseToRCType ( $type)
 Parsing text to RC_* constants. More...
static selectFields ()
 Return the list of recentchanges fields that should be selected to create a new recentchanges object. More...

Public Attributes

- Public Attributes inherited from RecentChange
int $counter = -1
 Line number of recent change. More...
 $mAttribs = []
 $mExtra = []
Title $mTitle = false
 $numberofWatchingusers = 0
const SRC_CATEGORIZE = 'mw.categorize'
const SRC_EDIT = 'mw.edit'
const SRC_EXTERNAL = 'mw.external'
const SRC_LOG = 'mw.log'
const SRC_NEW = ''

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from RecentChange
 addTags ( $tags)
 Tags to append to the recent change, and associated revision/log. More...
 diffLinkTrail ( $forceCur)
 Gets the end part of the diff URL associated with this object Blank if no diff link should be displayed. More...
 doMarkPatrolled (User $user, $auto=false, $tags=null)
 Mark this RecentChange as patrolled. More...
 getAttribute ( $name)
 Get an attribute value. More...
 getAttributes ()
 getCharacterDifference ( $old=0, $new=0)
 Returns the change size (HTML). More...
 getParam ( $name)
 Get a parameter value. More...
 getPerformer ()
 Get the User object of the person who performed this change. More...
getTitle ()
 loadFromRow ( $row)
 Initialises the members of this object from a mysql row object. More...
 notifyRCFeeds (array $feeds=null)
 Notify all the feeds about the change. More...
 parseParams ()
 Parses and returns the rc_params attribute. More...
 reallyMarkPatrolled ()
 Mark this RecentChange patrolled, without error checking. More...
 save ( $noudp=false)
 Writes the data in this object to the database. More...
 setAttribs ( $attribs)
 setExtra ( $extra)

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

◆ newFromParent()

static RCCacheEntry::newFromParent (   $rc)

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Referenced by RCCacheEntryFactory\newFromRecentChange().

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