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cache Directory Reference


directory  localisation


file  BacklinkCache.php [code]
 Class for fetching backlink lists, approximate backlink counts and partitions.
file  CacheDependency.php [code]
 Data caching with dependencies.
file  CacheHelper.php [code]
 Cache of various elements in a single cache entry.
file  FileCacheBase.php [code]
 Data storage in the file system.
file  GenderCache.php [code]
 Caches user genders when needed to use correct namespace aliases.
file  HTMLFileCache.php [code]
 Page view caching in the file system.
file  LinkBatch.php [code]
 Batch query to determine page existence.
file  LinkCache.php [code]
 Page existence cache.
file  MessageBlobStore.php [code]
 Message blobs storage used by ResourceLoader.
file  MessageCache.php [code]
 Localisation messages cache.
file  ResourceFileCache.php [code]
 ResourceLoader request result caching in the file system.
file  UserCache.php [code]
 Caches current user names and other info based on user IDs.