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MediaWiki\Hook\EditFilterMergedContentHook Interface Reference

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Public Member Functions

 onEditFilterMergedContent ( $context, $content, $status, $summary, $user, $minoredit)
 Use this hook for a post-section-merge edit filter.

Detailed Description

Stable to implement.

Definition at line 14 of file EditFilterMergedContentHook.php.

Member Function Documentation

◆ onEditFilterMergedContent()

MediaWiki\Hook\EditFilterMergedContentHook::onEditFilterMergedContent (   $context,

Use this hook for a post-section-merge edit filter.

This may be triggered by the EditPage or any other facility that modifies page content. Use the $status object to indicate whether the edit should be allowed and to provide a reason for disallowing it. $status->apiHookResult can be set to an array to be returned by api.php action=edit. This is used to deliver captchas.

Content$contentContent of the edit box
Status$statusStatus object to represent errors, etc.
string$summaryEdit summary for page
User$userUser whois performing the edit
bool$minoreditWhether the edit was marked as minor by the user.
bool|void True or no return value to continue or false to abort the edit. Returning true if $status->isOK() returns false means "don't save but continue user interaction", e.g. show the edit form.

Implemented in MediaWiki\HookContainer\HookRunner.

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