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ApiFormatXmlRsd Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __construct (ApiMain $main, $format)
 If $format ends with 'fm', pretty-print the output in HTML.
 getMimeType ()
 Overriding class returns the MIME type that should be sent to the client.
- Public Member Functions inherited from ApiFormatXml
 execute ()
 Evaluates the parameters, performs the requested query, and sets up the result.
 getAllowedParams ()
 Returns an array of allowed parameters (parameter name) => (default value) or (parameter name) => (array with PARAM_* constants as keys) Don't call this function directly: use getFinalParams() to allow hooks to modify parameters as needed.
 setRootElement ( $rootElemName)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ApiFormatBase
 canPrintErrors ()
 Whether this formatter can handle printing API errors.
 closePrinter ()
 Finish printing and output buffered data.
 disable ()
 Disable the formatter.
 forceDefaultParams ()
 Ignore request parameters, force a default.
 getBuffer ()
 Get the contents of the buffer.
 getFilename ()
 Return a filename for this module's output.
 getFormat ()
 Get the internal format name.
 getHelpUrls ()
 Return links to more detailed help pages about the module.
 getIsHtml ()
 Returns true when the HTML pretty-printer should be used.
 initPrinter ( $unused=false)
 Initialize the printer function and prepare the output headers.
 isDisabled ()
 Whether the printer is disabled.
 printText ( $text)
 Append text to the output buffer.
 setHttpStatus ( $code)
 Set the HTTP status code to be used for the response.
- Public Member Functions inherited from ApiBase
 __construct (ApiMain $mainModule, $moduleName, $modulePrefix='')
 getModuleManager ()
 Get the module manager, or null if this module has no sub-modules.
 getCustomPrinter ()
 If the module may only be used with a certain format module, it should override this method to return an instance of that formatter.
 shouldCheckMaxlag ()
 Indicates if this module needs maxlag to be checked.
 isReadMode ()
 Indicates whether this module requires read rights.
 isWriteMode ()
 Indicates whether this module requires write mode.
 mustBePosted ()
 Indicates whether this module must be called with a POST request.
 isDeprecated ()
 Indicates whether this module is deprecated.
 isInternal ()
 Indicates whether this module is "internal" Internal API modules are not (yet) intended for 3rd party use and may be unstable.
 needsToken ()
 Returns the token type this module requires in order to execute.
 getConditionalRequestData ( $condition)
 Returns data for HTTP conditional request mechanisms.
 getModuleName ()
 Get the name of the module being executed by this instance.
 getModulePrefix ()
 Get parameter prefix (usually two letters or an empty string).
 getMain ()
 Get the main module.
 isMain ()
 Returns true if this module is the main module ($this === $this->mMainModule), false otherwise.
 getParent ()
 Get the parent of this module.
 lacksSameOriginSecurity ()
 Returns true if the current request breaks the same-origin policy.
 getModulePath ()
 Get the path to this module.
 getModuleFromPath ( $path)
 Get a module from its module path.
 getResult ()
 Get the result object.
 getErrorFormatter ()
 getContinuationManager ()
 setContinuationManager (ApiContinuationManager $manager=null)
 dynamicParameterDocumentation ()
 Indicate if the module supports dynamically-determined parameters that cannot be included in self::getAllowedParams().
 encodeParamName ( $paramName)
 This method mangles parameter name based on the prefix supplied to the constructor.
 extractRequestParams ( $options=[])
 Using getAllowedParams(), this function makes an array of the values provided by the user, with key being the name of the variable, and value - validated value from user or default.
 requireOnlyOneParameter ( $params,... $required)
 Die if none or more than one of a certain set of parameters is set and not false.
 requireMaxOneParameter ( $params,... $required)
 Die if more than one of a certain set of parameters is set and not false.
 requireAtLeastOneParameter ( $params,... $required)
 Die if none of a certain set of parameters is set and not false.
 requirePostedParameters ( $params, $prefix='prefix')
 Die if any of the specified parameters were found in the query part of the URL rather than the post body.
 getTitleOrPageId ( $params, $load=false)
 Get a WikiPage object from a title or pageid param, if possible.
 getTitleFromTitleOrPageId ( $params)
 Get a Title object from a title or pageid param, if possible.
 handleParamNormalization ( $paramName, $value, $rawValue)
 Handle when a parameter was Unicode-normalized.
 validateToken ( $token, array $params)
 Validate the supplied token.
 getWatchlistUser ( $params)
 Gets the user for whom to get the watchlist.
 errorArrayToStatus (array $errors, User $user=null)
 Turn an array of message keys or key+param arrays into a Status.
 addBlockInfoToStatus (StatusValue $status, Authority $user=null)
 Add block info to block messages in a Status.
 addWarning ( $msg, $code=null, $data=null)
 Add a warning for this module.
 addDeprecation ( $msg, $feature, $data=[])
 Add a deprecation warning for this module.
 addError ( $msg, $code=null, $data=null)
 Add an error for this module without aborting.
 addMessagesFromStatus (StatusValue $status, $types=[ 'warning', 'error'], array $filter=[])
 Add warnings and/or errors from a Status.
 dieWithError ( $msg, $code=null, $data=null, $httpCode=0)
 Abort execution with an error.
 dieWithException (Throwable $exception, array $options=[])
 Abort execution with an error derived from a throwable.
 dieBlocked (Block $block)
 Throw an ApiUsageException, which will (if uncaught) call the main module's error handler and die with an error message including block info.
 dieStatus (StatusValue $status)
 Throw an ApiUsageException based on the Status object.
 dieReadOnly ()
 Helper function for readonly errors.
 checkUserRightsAny ( $rights, $user=null)
 Helper function for permission-denied errors.
 checkTitleUserPermissions ( $pageIdentity, $actions, array $options=[])
 Helper function for permission-denied errors.
 dieWithErrorOrDebug ( $msg, $code=null, $data=null, $httpCode=null)
 Will only set a warning instead of failing if the global $wgDebugAPI is set to true.
 logFeatureUsage ( $feature)
 Write logging information for API features to a debug log, for usage analysis.
 getFinalSummary ()
 Get final module summary.
 getFinalDescription ()
 Get final module description, after hooks have had a chance to tweak it as needed.
 getFinalParams ( $flags=0)
 Get final list of parameters, after hooks have had a chance to tweak it as needed.
 getFinalParamDescription ()
 Get final parameter descriptions, after hooks have had a chance to tweak it as needed.
 modifyHelp (array &$help, array $options, array &$tocData)
 Called from ApiHelp before the pieces are joined together and returned.
- Public Member Functions inherited from ContextSource
 canUseWikiPage ()
 Check whether a WikiPage object can be get with getWikiPage().
 exportSession ()
 Export the resolved user IP, HTTP headers, user ID, and session ID.
 getActionName ()
 Get the action name for the current web request.
 getAuthority ()
 getConfig ()
 getContext ()
 Get the base IContextSource object.
 getCsrfTokenSet ()
 Get a repository to obtain and match CSRF tokens.
 getLanguage ()
 getOutput ()
 getRequest ()
 getSkin ()
 getStats ()
 getTiming ()
 getTitle ()
 getUser ()
 getWikiPage ()
 Get the WikiPage object.
 msg ( $key,... $params)
 Get a Message object with context set Parameters are the same as wfMessage()
 setContext (IContextSource $context)

Static Public Member Functions

static recXmlPrint ( $name, $value, $indent, $attributes=[])
 This method takes an array and converts it to XML.
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ApiBase
static makeMessage ( $msg, IContextSource $context, array $params=null)
 Create a Message from a string or array.
static clearCacheForTest ()
 Reset static caches of database state.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from ApiBase
const PARAM_RANGE_ENFORCE = 'api-param-range-enforce'
 (boolean) Inverse of IntegerDef::PARAM_IGNORE_RANGE
const PARAM_DFLT = ParamValidator::PARAM_DEFAULT
const PARAM_TYPE = ParamValidator::PARAM_TYPE
const PARAM_MAX = IntegerDef::PARAM_MAX
const PARAM_MAX2 = IntegerDef::PARAM_MAX2
const PARAM_MIN = IntegerDef::PARAM_MIN
const PARAM_ALL = ParamValidator::PARAM_ALL
const PARAM_HELP_MSG = 'api-param-help-msg'
 (string|array|Message) Specify an alternative i18n documentation message for this parameter.
const PARAM_HELP_MSG_APPEND = 'api-param-help-msg-append'
 ((string|array|Message)[]) Specify additional i18n messages to append to the normal message for this parameter.
const PARAM_HELP_MSG_INFO = 'api-param-help-msg-info'
 (array) Specify additional information tags for the parameter.
const PARAM_VALUE_LINKS = 'api-param-value-links'
 Deprecated and unused.
const PARAM_HELP_MSG_PER_VALUE = 'api-param-help-msg-per-value'
 ((string|array|Message)[]) When PARAM_TYPE is an array, this is an array mapping those values to $msg for ApiBase::makeMessage().
const PARAM_TEMPLATE_VARS = 'param-template-vars'
 (array) Indicate that this is a templated parameter, and specify replacements.
 (string|array|Message) Specify an alternative i18n documentation message for this parameter.
const LIMIT_BIG1 = 500
 Fast query, standard limit.
const LIMIT_BIG2 = 5000
 Fast query, apihighlimits limit.
const LIMIT_SML1 = 50
 Slow query, standard limit.
const LIMIT_SML2 = 500
 Slow query, apihighlimits limit.
 getAllowedParams() flag: When set, the result could take longer to generate, but should be more thorough.
- Static Public Attributes inherited from ApiFormatXml
static $namespace = ''
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ApiFormatXml
 addXslt ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ApiFormatBase
 getExamplesMessages ()
 Returns usage examples for this module.
 getIsWrappedHtml ()
 Returns true when the special wrapped mode is enabled.
 getParameterFromSettings ( $paramName, $paramSettings, $parseLimit)
 Overridden to honor $this->forceDefaultParams(), if applicable Using the settings determine the value for the given parameter.
string$nameParameter name
array | mixed$settingsDefault value or an array of settings using PARAM_* constants.
bool$parseLimitWhether to parse and validate 'limit' parameters
mixed Parameter value
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ApiBase
 getWebUITokenSalt (array $params)
 Fetch the salt used in the Web UI corresponding to this module.
 getDB ()
 Gets a default replica DB connection object.
 getPermissionManager ()
 Obtain a PermissionManager instance that subclasses may use in their authorization checks.
 getHookContainer ()
 Get a HookContainer, for running extension hooks or for hook metadata.
 getHookRunner ()
 Get an ApiHookRunner for running core API hooks.
 getParameter ( $paramName, $parseLimit=true)
 Get a value for the given parameter.
 useTransactionalTimeLimit ()
 Call wfTransactionalTimeLimit() if this request was POSTed.
 filterIDs ( $fields, array $ids)
 Filter out-of-range values from a list of positive integer IDs.
 dieContinueUsageIf ( $condition)
 Die with the 'badcontinue' error.
 getSummaryMessage ()
 Return the summary message.
 getExtendedDescription ()
 Return the extended help text message.
 getHelpFlags ()
 Generates the list of flags for the help screen and for action=paraminfo.
 getModuleSourceInfo ()
 Returns information about the source of this module, if known.
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from ApiBase
static dieDebug ( $method, $message)
 Internal code errors should be reported with this method.
- Protected Attributes inherited from ApiFormatBase
 $mForceDefaultParams = false

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

ApiFormatXmlRsd::__construct ( ApiMain $main,
$format )

If $format ends with 'fm', pretty-print the output in HTML.

string$formatFormat name

Reimplemented from ApiFormatBase.

Definition at line 28 of file ApiFormatXmlRsd.php.

References ApiFormatXml\setRootElement().

Member Function Documentation

◆ getMimeType()

ApiFormatXmlRsd::getMimeType ( )

Overriding class returns the MIME type that should be sent to the client.

When getIsHtml() returns true, the return value here is used for syntax highlighting but the client sees text/html.


Reimplemented from ApiFormatXml.

Definition at line 33 of file ApiFormatXmlRsd.php.

◆ recXmlPrint()

static ApiFormatXmlRsd::recXmlPrint ( $name,
$attributes = [] )

This method takes an array and converts it to XML.

string | null$nameTag name
mixed$valueTag value (attributes/content/subelements)
int | null$indentIndentation
array$attributesAdditional attributes

Reimplemented from ApiFormatXml.

Definition at line 37 of file ApiFormatXmlRsd.php.

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