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LoginHelper Class Reference

Helper functions for the login form that need to be shared with other special pages (such as CentralAuth's SpecialCentralLogin). More...

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Public Member Functions

 __construct (IContextSource $context)
 showReturnToPage ( $type, $returnTo='', $returnToQuery='', $stickHTTPS=false, $returnToAnchor='')
 Show a return link or redirect to it.
- Public Member Functions inherited from ContextSource
 canUseWikiPage ()
 Check whether a WikiPage object can be get with getWikiPage().
 exportSession ()
 Export the resolved user IP, HTTP headers, user ID, and session ID.
 getActionName ()
 Get the action name for the current web request.
 getAuthority ()
 getConfig ()
 getContext ()
 Get the base IContextSource object.
 getCsrfTokenSet ()
 Get a repository to obtain and match CSRF tokens.
 getLanguage ()
 getOutput ()
 getRequest ()
 getSkin ()
 getStats ()
 getTiming ()
 getTitle ()
 getUser ()
 getWikiPage ()
 Get the WikiPage object.
 msg ( $key,... $params)
 Get a Message object with context set Parameters are the same as wfMessage()
 setContext (IContextSource $context)

Static Public Member Functions

static getValidErrorMessages ()
 Returns an array of all valid error messages.

Static Public Attributes

static string[] $validErrorMessages
 Valid error and warning messages.

Detailed Description

Helper functions for the login form that need to be shared with other special pages (such as CentralAuth's SpecialCentralLogin).


Definition at line 11 of file LoginHelper.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

LoginHelper::__construct ( IContextSource $context)

Definition at line 52 of file LoginHelper.php.

References ContextSource\setContext().

Member Function Documentation

◆ getValidErrorMessages()

static LoginHelper::getValidErrorMessages ( )

Returns an array of all valid error messages.

See also

Definition at line 42 of file LoginHelper.php.

References $validErrorMessages.

Referenced by LoginSignupSpecialPage\load(), and UserNotLoggedIn\report().

◆ showReturnToPage()

LoginHelper::showReturnToPage ( $type,
$returnTo = '',
$returnToQuery = '',
$stickHTTPS = false,
$returnToAnchor = '' )

Show a return link or redirect to it.

Extensions can change where the link should point or inject content into the page (which will change it from redirect to link mode).

string$typeOne of the following:
  • error: display a return to link ignoring $wgRedirectOnLogin
  • success: display a return to link using $wgRedirectOnLogin if needed
  • successredirect: send an HTTP redirect using $wgRedirectOnLogin if needed
  • signup: used during signup, functionally identical to 'success'
string$returnToTitle of page to return to. Overriden by $wgRedirectOnLogin when that is set (and $type is not 'error').
array | string$returnToQueryQuery parameters to return to.
bool$stickHTTPSKeep redirect link on HTTPS. Ignored (treated as true) if $wgForceHTTPS is true.
string$returnToAnchorA string to append to the URL, presumed to be either a fragment including the leading hash or an empty string.

Definition at line 74 of file LoginHelper.php.

References $type, ContextSource\getConfig(), ContextSource\getOutput(), PROTO_HTTP, PROTO_HTTPS, PROTO_RELATIVE, and wfCgiToArray().

Member Data Documentation

◆ $validErrorMessages

string [] LoginHelper::$validErrorMessages
Initial value:
= [

Valid error and warning messages.

Special:Userlogin can show an error or warning message on the form when coming from another page. This is done via the ?error= or ?warning= GET parameters.

This array is the list of valid message keys. Further keys can be added by the LoginFormValidErrorMessages hook. All other values will be ignored.

Definition at line 26 of file LoginHelper.php.

Referenced by getValidErrorMessages().

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