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ProtectedTitlesPager Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __construct (SpecialProtectedtitles $form, LinkBatchFactory $linkBatchFactory, ILoadBalancer $loadBalancer, $conds, $type, $level, $namespace, $sizetype, $size)
 formatRow ( $row)
 Returns an HTML string representing the result row $row.
 getIndexField ()
 Returns the name of the index field.
 getQueryInfo ()
 getTitle ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from AlphabeticPager
 getNavigationBar ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from IndexPager
 __construct (IContextSource $context=null, LinkRenderer $linkRenderer=null)
 doQuery ()
 Do the query, using information from the object context.
 getBody ()
 Get the formatted result list.
 getDatabase ()
 Get the Database object in use.
 getDefaultQuery ()
 Get an array of query parameters that should be put into self-links.
 getLimit ()
 Get the current limit.
 getModuleStyles ()
 ResourceLoader modules that must be loaded to provide correct styling for this pager.
 getNavigationBuilder ()
 getNumRows ()
 Get the number of rows in the result set.
 getOffsetQuery ()
 Get the current offset for the URL query parameter.
 getPagingQueries ()
 Get a URL query array for the prev, next, first and last links.
 getResult ()
 getResultOffset ()
 reallyDoQuery ( $offset, $limit, $order)
 Do a query with specified parameters, rather than using the object context.
 setIncludeOffset ( $include)
 Set whether a row matching exactly the offset should be also included in the result or not.
 setLimit ( $limit)
 Set the limit from an other source than the request.
 setOffset ( $offset)
 Set the offset from an other source than the request.
- Public Member Functions inherited from ContextSource
 canUseWikiPage ()
 Check whether a WikiPage object can be get with getWikiPage().
 exportSession ()
 Export the resolved user IP, HTTP headers, user ID, and session ID.
 getActionName ()
 Get the action name for the current web request.
 getAuthority ()
 getConfig ()
 getContext ()
 Get the base IContextSource object.
 getCsrfTokenSet ()
 Get a repository to obtain and match CSRF tokens.
 getLanguage ()
 getOutput ()
 getRequest ()
 getSkin ()
 getStats ()
 getTiming ()
 getUser ()
 getWikiPage ()
 Get the WikiPage object.
 msg ( $key,... $params)
 Get a Message object with context set Parameters are the same as wfMessage()
 setContext (IContextSource $context)

Public Attributes

array $mConds
SpecialProtectedtitles $mForm
- Public Attributes inherited from IndexPager
IDatabase $mDb
bool $mDefaultDirection
 $mDefaultDirection gives the direction to use when sorting results: DIR_ASCENDING or DIR_DESCENDING.
int $mDefaultLimit = 50
 The default entry limit choosen for clients.
bool $mIsBackwards
bool $mIsFirst
 True if the current result set is the first one.
bool $mIsLast
int $mLimit
 The maximum number of entries to show.
int[] $mLimitsShown = [ 20, 50, 100, 250, 500 ]
 List of default entry limit options to be presented to clients.
mixed $mOffset
 The starting point to enumerate entries.
stdClass bool null $mPastTheEndRow
 Extra row fetched at the end to see if the end was reached.
bool $mQueryDone = false
 Whether the listing query completed.
WebRequest $mRequest
IResultWrapper $mResult
 Result object for the query.
const DIR_ASCENDING = false
 Backwards-compatible constant for $mDefaultDirection field (do not change)
const DIR_DESCENDING = true
 Backwards-compatible constant for $mDefaultDirection field (do not change)
const QUERY_ASCENDING = true
 Backwards-compatible constant for reallyDoQuery() (do not change)
const QUERY_DESCENDING = false
 Backwards-compatible constant for reallyDoQuery() (do not change)

Protected Member Functions

 getStartBody ()
 Hook into getBody(), allows text to be inserted at the start.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from IndexPager
 buildPrevNextNavigation (Title $title, $offset, $limit, array $query=[], $atend=false)
 Generate (prev x| next x) (20|50|100...) type links for paging.
 buildQueryInfo ( $offset, $limit, $order)
 Build variables to use by the database wrapper.
 doBatchLookups ()
 Called from getBody(), before getStartBody() is called and after doQuery() was called.
 extractResultInfo ( $isFirst, $limit, IResultWrapper $res)
 Extract some useful data from the result object for use by the navigation bar, put it into $this.
 getDefaultDirections ()
 Return the default sorting direction: DIR_ASCENDING or DIR_DESCENDING.
 getEmptyBody ()
 Hook into getBody(), for the bit between the start and the end when there are no rows.
 getEndBody ()
 Hook into getBody() for the end of the list.
 getExtraSortFields ()
 Returns the names of secondary columns to order by in addition to the column in getIndexField().
 getFooter ()
 Classes can extend to output a footer at the bottom of the pager list.
 getLimitLinks ()
 getLinkRenderer ()
 getPagingLinks ( $linkTexts, $disabledTexts=[])
 Get paging links.
 getRow ( $row)
 Get the HTML of a pager row.
 getSqlComment ()
 Get some text to go in brackets in the "function name" part of the SQL comment.
 isNavigationBarShown ()
 Returns whether to show the "navigation bar".
 makeLink ( $text, array $query=null, $type=null)
 Make a self-link.
 preprocessResults ( $result)
 Pre-process results; useful for performing batch existence checks, etc.

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from IndexPager
static oppositeOrder ( $order)
- Protected Attributes inherited from IndexPager
array $mDefaultQuery
string[] $mExtraSortFields
 An array of secondary columns to order by.
array $mFirstShown
bool $mIncludeOffset = false
 Whether to include the offset in the query.
string string[] $mIndexField
 The index to actually be used for ordering.
array $mLastShown
string $mNavigationBar
string null $mOrderType
 For pages that support multiple types of ordering, which one to use.
array $mPastTheEndIndex

Detailed Description

Definition at line 28 of file ProtectedTitlesPager.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

ProtectedTitlesPager::__construct ( SpecialProtectedtitles $form,
LinkBatchFactory $linkBatchFactory,
ILoadBalancer $loadBalancer,
$size )
string | null$type
string | null$level
int | null$namespace
string | null$sizetype
int | null$size

Definition at line 60 of file ProtectedTitlesPager.php.

References Wikimedia\Rdbms\ILoadBalancer\getConnectionRef(), and SpecialPage\getContext().

Member Function Documentation

◆ formatRow()

ProtectedTitlesPager::formatRow ( $row)

Returns an HTML string representing the result row $row.

Rows will be concatenated and returned by getBody()

array | stdClass$rowDatabase row

Reimplemented from IndexPager.

Definition at line 102 of file ProtectedTitlesPager.php.

◆ getIndexField()

ProtectedTitlesPager::getIndexField ( )

Returns the name of the index field.

If the pager supports multiple orders, it may return an array of 'querykey' => 'indexfield' pairs, so that a request with &order=querykey will use indexfield to sort. In this case, the first returned key is the default.

Needless to say, it's really not a good idea to use a non-unique index for this! That won't page right.

The pager may paginate on multiple fields in combination. If paginating on multiple fields, they should be unique in combination (e.g. when paginating on user and timestamp, rows may have the same user, rows may have the same timestamp, but rows should all have a different combination of user and timestamp).


  • Always paginate on the user field: 'user'
  • Paginate on either the user or the timestamp field (default to user): [ 'name' => 'user', 'time' => 'timestamp', ]
  • Always paginate on the combination of user and timestamp: [ [ 'user', 'timestamp' ] ]
  • Paginate on the user then timestamp, or the timestamp then user: [ 'nametime' => [ 'user', 'timestamp' ], 'timename' => [ 'timestamp', 'user' ], ]

Reimplemented from IndexPager.

Definition at line 130 of file ProtectedTitlesPager.php.

◆ getQueryInfo()

ProtectedTitlesPager::getQueryInfo ( )

Reimplemented from IndexPager.

Definition at line 109 of file ProtectedTitlesPager.php.

References $dbr, $mConds, and IndexPager\getDatabase().

◆ getStartBody()

ProtectedTitlesPager::getStartBody ( )

Hook into getBody(), allows text to be inserted at the start.

This will be called even if there are no rows in the result set.


Reimplemented from IndexPager.

Definition at line 81 of file ProtectedTitlesPager.php.

◆ getTitle()

ProtectedTitlesPager::getTitle ( )

Reimplemented from ContextSource.

Definition at line 98 of file ProtectedTitlesPager.php.

Member Data Documentation

◆ $mConds

array ProtectedTitlesPager::$mConds

Definition at line 38 of file ProtectedTitlesPager.php.

Referenced by getQueryInfo().

◆ $mForm

SpecialProtectedtitles ProtectedTitlesPager::$mForm

Definition at line 33 of file ProtectedTitlesPager.php.

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