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SpecialUncategorizedTemplates Class Reference

Special page lists all uncategorised pages in the template namespace. More...

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Public Member Functions

 __construct (NamespaceInfo $namespaceInfo, ILoadBalancer $loadBalancer, LinkBatchFactory $linkBatchFactory, LanguageConverterFactory $languageConverterFactory)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SpecialUncategorizedPages
 execute ( $par)
 This is the actual workhorse.
 getQueryInfo ()
 Subclasses return an SQL query here, formatted as an array with the following keys: tables => Table(s) for passing to Database::select() fields => Field(s) for passing to Database::select(), may be * conds => WHERE conditions options => options join_conds => JOIN conditions.
 isExpensive ()
 Should this query page only be updated offline on large wikis?
 isSyndicated ()
 Sometimes we don't want to build rss / atom feeds.
- Public Member Functions inherited from PageQueryPage
 formatResult ( $skin, $row)
 Format the result as a simple link to the page.
 preprocessResults ( $db, $res)
 Run a LinkBatch to pre-cache LinkCache information, like page existence and information for stub color and redirect hints.
- Public Member Functions inherited from QueryPage
 delete (LinkTarget $title)
 Remove a cached result.
 deleteAllCachedData ()
 Remove all cached value This is needed when the page is no longer using the cache.
 doQuery ( $offset=false, $limit=false)
 Somewhat deprecated, you probably want to be using execute()
 fetchFromCache ( $limit, $offset=false)
 Fetch the query results from the query cache.
 getCachedTimestamp ()
 isCacheable ()
 Is the output of this query cacheable? Non-cacheable expensive pages will be disabled in miser mode and will not have their results written to the querycache table.
 isCached ()
 Whether or not the output of the page in question is retrieved from the database cache.
 reallyDoQuery ( $limit, $offset=false)
 Run the query and return the result.
 recache ( $limit, $ignoreErrors=true)
 Clear the cache and save new results.
 usesTimestamps ()
 Does this query return timestamps rather than integers in its 'value' field? If true, this class will convert 'value' to a UNIX timestamp for caching.
- Public Member Functions inherited from SpecialPage
 __construct ( $name='', $restriction='', $listed=true, $function=false, $file='', $includable=false)
 Default constructor for special pages Derivative classes should call this from their constructor Note that if the user does not have the required level, an error message will be displayed by the default execute() method, without the global function ever being called.
 addHelpLink ( $to, $overrideBaseUrl=false)
 Adds help link with an icon via page indicators.
 checkPermissions ()
 Checks if userCanExecute, and if not throws a PermissionsError.
 checkReadOnly ()
 If the wiki is currently in readonly mode, throws a ReadOnlyError.
 doesWrites ()
 Indicates whether this special page may perform database writes.
 getAssociatedNavigationLinks ()
 Return an array of strings representing page titles that are discoverable to end users via UI.
 getAuthority ()
 Shortcut to get the Authority executing this instance.
 getConfig ()
 Shortcut to get main config object.
 getContentLanguage ()
 Shortcut to get content language.
 getContext ()
 Gets the context this SpecialPage is executed in.
 getDescription ()
 Returns the name that goes in the \<h1\> in the special page itself, and also the name that will be listed in Special:Specialpages.
 getFinalGroupName ()
 Get the group that the special page belongs in on Special:SpecialPage Use this method, instead of getGroupName to allow customization of the group name from the wiki side.
 getFullTitle ()
 Return the full title, including $par.
 getLanguage ()
 Shortcut to get user's language.
 getLinkRenderer ()
 getLocalName ()
 Get the localised name of the special page.
 getName ()
 Get the name of this Special Page.
 getOutput ()
 Get the OutputPage being used for this instance.
 getPageTitle ( $subpage=false)
 Get a self-referential title object.
 getRequest ()
 Get the WebRequest being used for this instance.
 getRestriction ()
 Get the permission that a user must have to execute this page.
 getShortDescription (string $path='')
 Similar to getDescription but takes into account sub pages and designed for display in tabs.
 getSkin ()
 Shortcut to get the skin being used for this instance.
 getUser ()
 Shortcut to get the User executing this instance.
 including ( $x=null)
 Whether the special page is being evaluated via transclusion.
 isIncludable ()
 Whether it's allowed to transclude the special page via {{Special:Foo/params}}.
 isListed ()
 Whether this special page is listed in Special:SpecialPages.
 isRestricted ()
 Can be overridden by subclasses with more complicated permissions schemes.
 listed ( $x=null)
 Get or set whether this special page is listed in Special:SpecialPages.
 maxIncludeCacheTime ()
 How long to cache page when it is being included.
 msg ( $key,... $params)
 Wrapper around wfMessage that sets the current context.
 prefixSearchSubpages ( $search, $limit, $offset)
 Return an array of subpages beginning with $search that this special page will accept.
 requireLogin ( $reasonMsg='exception-nologin-text', $titleMsg='exception-nologin')
 If the user is not logged in, throws UserNotLoggedIn error.
 requireNamedUser ( $reasonMsg='exception-nologin-text', $titleMsg='exception-nologin')
 If the user is not logged in or is a temporary user, throws UserNotLoggedIn.
 run ( $subPage)
 Entry point.
 setContentLanguage (Language $contentLanguage)
 Set content language.
 setContext ( $context)
 Sets the context this SpecialPage is executed in.
 setHookContainer (HookContainer $hookContainer)
 setLinkRenderer (LinkRenderer $linkRenderer)
 setListed ( $listed)
 Set whether this page is listed in Special:Specialpages, at run-time.
 setSpecialPageFactory (SpecialPageFactory $specialPageFactory)
 userCanExecute (User $user)
 Checks if the given user (identified by an object) can execute this special page (as defined by $mRestriction).

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from QueryPage
static getDisabledQueryPages (Config $config)
 Get a list of query pages disabled and with it's run mode.
static getPages ()
 Get a list of query page classes and their associated special pages, for periodic updates.
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SpecialPage
static getSafeTitleFor ( $name, $subpage=false)
 Get a localised Title object for a page name with a possibly unvalidated subpage.
static getTitleFor ( $name, $subpage=false, $fragment='')
 Get a localised Title object for a specified special page name If you don't need a full Title object, consider using TitleValue through getTitleValueFor() below.
static getTitleValueFor ( $name, $subpage=false, $fragment='')
 Get a localised TitleValue object for a specified special page name.
static newSearchPage (User $user)
 Get the users preferred search page.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SpecialUncategorizedPages
 getGroupName ()
 Under which header this special page is listed in Special:SpecialPages See messages 'specialpages-group-*' for valid names This method defaults to group 'other'.
 getOrderFields ()
 Subclasses return an array of fields to order by here.
 sortDescending ()
 Override to sort by increasing values.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from PageQueryPage
 getLanguageConverter ()
 setLanguageConverter (ILanguageConverter $languageConverter)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from QueryPage
 closeList ()
 executeLBFromResultWrapper (IResultWrapper $res, $ns=null)
 Creates a new LinkBatch object, adds all pages from the passed result wrapper (MUST include title and optional the namespace field) and executes the batch.
 getCacheOrderFields ()
 Return the order fields for fetchFromCache.
 getDBLimit ( $uiLimit, $uiOffset)
 What is limit to fetch from DB.
 getDBLoadBalancer ()
 getLimitOffset ()
 Returns limit and offset, as returned by $this->getRequest()->getLimitOffsetForUser().
 getLinkBatchFactory ()
 getMaxResults ()
 Get max number of results we can return in miser mode.
 getPageHeader ()
 The content returned by this function will be output before any result.
 getRecacheDB ()
 Get a DB connection to be used for slow recache queries.
 getSQL ()
 For back-compat, subclasses may return a raw SQL query here, as a string.
 linkParameters ()
 If using extra form wheely-dealies, return a set of parameters here as an associative array.
 openList ( $offset)
 outputResults ( $out, $skin, $dbr, $res, $num, $offset)
 Format and output report results using the given information plus OutputPage.
 setDBLoadBalancer (ILoadBalancer $loadBalancer)
 setLinkBatchFactory (LinkBatchFactory $linkBatchFactory)
 setListoutput ( $bool)
 A mutator for $this->listoutput;.
 showEmptyText ()
 Outputs some kind of an informative message (via OutputPage) to let the user know that the query returned nothing and thus there's nothing to show.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SpecialPage
 addFeedLinks ( $params)
 Adds RSS/atom links.
 afterExecute ( $subPage)
 Gets called after.
 beforeExecute ( $subPage)
 Gets called before.
 buildPrevNextNavigation ( $offset, $limit, array $query=[], $atend=false, $subpage=false)
 Generate (prev x| next x) (20|50|100...) type links for paging.
 checkLoginSecurityLevel ( $level=null)
 Verifies that the user meets the security level, possibly reauthenticating them in the process.
 displayRestrictionError ()
 Output an error message telling the user what access level they have to have.
 getAuthManager ()
 getCacheTTL ()
 getHookContainer ()
 getHookRunner ()
 getLoginSecurityLevel ()
 Tells if the special page does something security-sensitive and needs extra defense against a stolen account (e.g.
 getRobotPolicy ()
 Return the robot policy.
 getSpecialPageFactory ()
 getSubpagesForPrefixSearch ()
 Return an array of subpages that this special page will accept for prefix searches.
 outputHeader ( $summaryMessageKey='')
 Outputs a summary message on top of special pages Per default the message key is the canonical name of the special page May be overridden, i.e.
 prefixSearchString ( $search, $limit, $offset, SearchEngineFactory $searchEngineFactory=null)
 Perform a regular substring search for prefixSearchSubpages.
 setAuthManager (AuthManager $authManager)
 Set the injected AuthManager from the special page constructor.
 setHeaders ()
 Sets headers - this should be called from the execute() method of all derived classes!
 setReauthPostData (array $data)
 Record preserved POST data after a reauthentication.
 useTransactionalTimeLimit ()
 Call wfTransactionalTimeLimit() if this request was POSTed.
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from SpecialPage
static prefixSearchArray ( $search, $limit, array $subpages, $offset)
 Helper function for implementations of prefixSearchSubpages() that filter the values in memory (as opposed to making a query).
- Protected Attributes inherited from SpecialUncategorizedPages
int false $requestedNamespace = false
- Protected Attributes inherited from QueryPage
string null false $cachedTimestamp = null
int $limit = 0
bool $listoutput = false
 Whether or not we want plain listoutput rather than an ordered list.
int $numRows
 The number of rows returned by the query.
int $offset = 0
 The offset and limit in use, as passed to the query() function.
bool $shownavigation = true
 Whether to show prev/next links.
- Protected Attributes inherited from SpecialPage
IContextSource $mContext
 Current request context.
bool $mIncludable
 Whether the special page can be included in an article.
bool $mIncluding
 Whether or not this special page is being included from an article.
string $mName
 The canonical name of this special page Also used for the default.
string $mRestriction
 Minimum user level required to access this page, or "" for anyone.

Detailed Description

Special page lists all uncategorised pages in the template namespace.

Definition at line 35 of file SpecialUncategorizedTemplates.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

SpecialUncategorizedTemplates::__construct ( NamespaceInfo $namespaceInfo,
ILoadBalancer $loadBalancer,
LinkBatchFactory $linkBatchFactory,
LanguageConverterFactory $languageConverterFactory )

Reimplemented from SpecialUncategorizedPages.

Definition at line 43 of file SpecialUncategorizedTemplates.php.

References NS_TEMPLATE.

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