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TransformParameterError Class Reference

Shortcut class for parameter validation errors. More...

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Public Member Functions

 __construct ( $params)
 getHttpStatusCode ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from MediaTransformError
 __construct ( $msg, $width, $height,... $args)
 getHtmlMsg ()
 getMsg ()
 isError ()
 This will be overridden to return true in error classes.
 toHtml ( $options=[])
 Fetch HTML for this transform output.
 toText ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from MediaTransformOutput
 fileIsSource ()
 Check if the output thumbnail is the same as the source.
 getDescLinkAttribs ( $title=null, $params=[])
 getExtension ()
 Get the final extension of the thumbnail.
 getFile ()
 getHeight ()
 getLocalCopyPath ()
 Get the path of a file system copy of the thumbnail.
 getStoragePath ()
 getUrl ()
 getWidth ()
 hasFile ()
 Check if an output thumbnail file actually exists.
 setStoragePath ( $storagePath)
 streamFile ( $headers=[])
 Stream the file if there were no errors.
 streamFileWithStatus ( $headers=[])
 Stream the file if there were no errors.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from MediaTransformOutput
array $responsiveUrls = []
 Associative array mapping optional supplementary image files from pixel density (eg 1.5 or 2) to additional URLs.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from MediaTransformOutput
 linkWrap ( $linkAttribs, $contents)
 Wrap some XHTML text in an anchor tag with the given attributes or, fallback to a span in the absence thereof.
- Protected Attributes inherited from MediaTransformOutput
File $file
int $height
 Image height.
string false $lang
 Language code, false if not set.
string false $page
string null false $path
 Filesystem path to the thumb.
string false $storagePath = false
 Permanent storage path.
string false $url
 URL path to the thumb.
int $width
 Image width.

Detailed Description

Shortcut class for parameter validation errors.

Stability: newable

Definition at line 30 of file TransformParameterError.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

TransformParameterError::__construct ( $params)
Stability: stable
to call

Definition at line 37 of file TransformParameterError.php.

References wfMessage().

Member Function Documentation

◆ getHttpStatusCode()

TransformParameterError::getHttpStatusCode ( )
Stability: stable
to override

Reimplemented from MediaTransformError.

Definition at line 45 of file TransformParameterError.php.

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