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UploadFromFile Class Reference

Implements regular file uploads. More...

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Public Member Functions

 getSourceType ()
 initialize ( $name, $webRequestUpload)
 Initialize from a filename and a WebRequestUpload.
 initializeFromRequest (&$request)
 verifyUpload ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from UploadBase
 __construct ()
 checkSvgScriptCallback ( $element, $attribs, $data=null)
 checkWarnings ( $user=null)
 Check for non fatal problems with the file.
 cleanupTempFile ()
 If we've modified the upload file we need to manually remove it on exit to clean up.
 convertVerifyErrorToStatus ( $error)
 fetchFile ()
 Fetch the file.
 getFileSize ()
 Return the file size.
 getImageInfo ( $result)
 Gets image info about the file just uploaded.
 getLocalFile ()
 Return the local file and initializes if necessary.
 getRealPath ( $srcPath)
 getStashFile ()
 getTempFileSha1Base36 ()
 Get the base 36 SHA1 of the file.
 getTempPath ()
 getTitle ()
 Returns the title of the file to be uploaded.
 getVerificationErrorCode ( $error)
 initializePathInfo ( $name, $tempPath, $fileSize, $removeTempFile=false)
 isEmptyFile ()
 Return true if the file is empty.
 performUpload ( $comment, $pageText, $watch, $user, $tags=[], ?string $watchlistExpiry=null)
 Really perform the upload.
 postProcessUpload ()
 Perform extra steps after a successful upload.
 tryStashFile (User $user, $isPartial=false)
 Like stashFile(), but respects extensions' wishes to prevent the stashing.
 validateName ()
 Verify that the name is valid and, if necessary, that we can overwrite.
 verifyPermissions (Authority $performer)
 Alias for verifyTitlePermissions.
 verifyTitlePermissions (Authority $performer)
 Check whether the user can edit, upload and create the image.
 zipEntryCallback ( $entry)
 Callback for ZipDirectoryReader to detect Java class files.

Static Public Member Functions

static isValidRequest ( $request)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from UploadBase
static checkFileExtension ( $ext, $list)
 Perform case-insensitive match against a list of file extensions.
static checkFileExtensionList ( $ext, $list)
 Perform case-insensitive match against a list of file extensions.
static checkSvgExternalDTD ( $type, $publicId, $systemId)
 Verify that DTD urls referenced are only the standard dtds.
static checkSvgPICallback ( $target, $data)
 Callback to filter SVG Processing Instructions.
static checkXMLEncodingMissmatch ( $file)
 Check a whitelist of xml encodings that are known not to be interpreted differently by the server's xml parser (expat) and some common browsers.
static createFromRequest (&$request, $type=null)
 Create a form of UploadBase depending on wpSourceType and initializes it.
static detectScript ( $file, $mime, $extension)
 Heuristic for detecting files that could contain JavaScript instructions or things that may look like HTML to a browser and are thus potentially harmful.
static detectVirus ( $file)
 Generic wrapper function for a virus scanner program.
static getExistsWarning ( $file)
 Helper function that does various existence checks for a file.
static getFilenamePrefixBlacklist ()
 Get a list of blacklisted filename prefixes from [[MediaWiki:Filename-prefix-blacklist]].
static getMaxPhpUploadSize ()
 Get the PHP maximum uploaded file size, based on ini settings.
static getMaxUploadSize ( $forType=null)
 Get MediaWiki's maximum uploaded file size for given type of upload, based on $wgMaxUploadSize.
static getSessionStatus (UserIdentity $user, $statusKey)
 Get the current status of a chunked upload (used for polling)
static isAllowed (Authority $performer)
 Returns true if the user can use this upload module or else a string identifying the missing permission.
static isEnabled ()
 Returns true if uploads are enabled.
static isThrottled ( $user)
 Returns true if the user has surpassed the upload rate limit, false otherwise.
static isThumbName ( $filename)
 Helper function that checks whether the filename looks like a thumbnail.
static makeWarningsSerializable ( $warnings)
 Convert the warnings array returned by checkWarnings() to something that can be serialized.
static setSessionStatus (UserIdentity $user, $statusKey, $value)
 Set the current status of a chunked upload (used for polling)
static splitExtensions ( $filename)
 Split a file into a base name and all dot-delimited 'extensions' on the end.
static userCanReUpload (Authority $performer, File $img)
 Check if a user is the last uploader.
static verifyExtension ( $mime, $extension)
 Checks if the MIME type of the uploaded file matches the file extension.

Protected Attributes

WebRequestUpload $mUpload = null
- Protected Attributes inherited from UploadBase
string[] $mBlackListedExtensions
string null $mDesiredDestName
string null $mDestName
array null $mFileProps
int null $mFileSize
string null $mFilteredName
string null $mFinalExtension
bool null $mJavaDetected
LocalFile null $mLocalFile
bool null $mRemoveTempFile
string null $mSourceType
UploadStashFile null $mStashFile
string false $mSVGNSError
string null $mTempPath
 Local file system path to the file to upload (or a local copy)
Title bool null $mTitle = false
int $mTitleError = 0
TempFSFile null $tempFileObj
 Wrapper to handle deleting the temp file.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from UploadBase
const EMPTY_FILE = 3
const FILE_TOO_LARGE = 12
const HOOK_ABORTED = 11
const OK = 0
const SUCCESS = 0
- Protected Member Functions inherited from UploadBase
 detectScriptInSvg ( $filename, $partial)
 doStashFile (User $user=null)
 Implementation for stashFile() and tryStashFile().
 runUploadStashFileHook (User $user)
 setTempFile ( $tempPath, $fileSize=null)
 verifyFile ()
 Verifies that it's ok to include the uploaded file.
 verifyMimeType ( $mime)
 Verify the MIME type.
 verifyPartialFile ()
 A verification routine suitable for partial files.
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from UploadBase
static $safeXmlEncodings

Detailed Description

Implements regular file uploads.

Bryan Tong Minh

Definition at line 30 of file UploadFromFile.php.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getSourceType()

UploadFromFile::getSourceType ( )

Reimplemented from UploadBase.

Definition at line 74 of file UploadFromFile.php.

Referenced by verifyUpload().

◆ initialize()

UploadFromFile::initialize ( $name,
$webRequestUpload )

Initialize from a filename and a WebRequestUpload.


Definition at line 55 of file UploadFromFile.php.

References UploadBase\initializePathInfo().

Referenced by initializeFromRequest().

◆ initializeFromRequest()

UploadFromFile::initializeFromRequest ( & $request)

Reimplemented from UploadBase.

Definition at line 39 of file UploadFromFile.php.

References initialize().

◆ isValidRequest()

static UploadFromFile::isValidRequest ( $request)

Reimplemented from UploadBase.

Definition at line 65 of file UploadFromFile.php.

◆ verifyUpload()

UploadFromFile::verifyUpload ( )

Reimplemented from UploadBase.

Definition at line 81 of file UploadFromFile.php.

References UploadBase\FILE_TOO_LARGE, getSourceType(), and UploadBase\isEmptyFile().

Referenced by UploadFromChunks\concatenateChunks().

Member Data Documentation

◆ $mUpload

WebRequestUpload UploadFromFile::$mUpload = null

Definition at line 34 of file UploadFromFile.php.

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