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WikiCategoryPage Class Reference

Special handling for representing category pages. More...

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Public Member Functions

 doPurge ()
 Update category counts on purge (T85696)
 hasViewableContent ()
 Don't return a 404 for categories in use.
 isExpectedUnusedCategory ()
 Checks if a category is expected to be an unused category.
 isHidden ()
 Checks if a category is hidden.
- Public Member Functions inherited from WikiPage
 __clone ()
 Makes sure that the mTitle object is cloned to the newly cloned WikiPage.
 __construct (PageIdentity $pageIdentity)
 __toString ()
 Returns an informative human readable unique representation of the page identity, for use as a cache key and for logging and debugging.

 __wakeup ()
 Ensure consistency when unserializing.
 canExist ()
 checkFlags ( $flags)
 Check flags and add EDIT_NEW or EDIT_UPDATE to them as needed.
 checkTouched ()
 Loads page_touched and returns a value indicating if it should be used.
 clear ()
 Clear the object.
 clearPreparedEdit ()
 Clear the mPreparedEdit cache field, as may be needed by mutable content types.
 doDeleteArticleBatched ( $reason, $suppress, UserIdentity $deleter, $tags, $logsubtype, $immediate=false, $webRequestId=null)
 Back-end article deletion.
 doDeleteArticleReal ( $reason, UserIdentity $deleter, $suppress=false, $u1=null, &$error='', $u2=null, $tags=[], $logsubtype='delete', $immediate=false)
 Back-end article deletion Deletes the article with database consistency, writes logs, purges caches.
 doDeleteUpdates ( $id, Content $content=null, RevisionRecord $revRecord=null, UserIdentity $user=null)
 Do some database updates after deletion.
 doEditUpdates (RevisionRecord $revisionRecord, UserIdentity $user, array $options=[])
 Do standard deferred updates after page edit.
 doSecondaryDataUpdates (array $options=[])
 Do secondary data updates (such as updating link tables).
 doUpdateRestrictions (array $limit, array $expiry, &$cascade, $reason, UserIdentity $user, $tags=[])
 Update the article's restriction field, and leave a log entry.
 doUserEditContent (Content $content, Authority $performer, $summary, $flags=0, $originalRevId=false, $tags=[], $undidRevId=0)
 Change an existing article or create a new article.
 doViewUpdates (Authority $performer, $oldid=0, RevisionRecord $oldRev=null)
 Do standard deferred updates after page view (existing or missing page)
 exists ()
 followRedirect ()
 Get the Title object or URL this page redirects to.
 getActionOverrides ()
 getAutoDeleteReason (&$hasHistory=false)
 Auto-generates a deletion reason.
 getCategories ()
 Returns a list of categories this page is a member of.
 getComment ( $audience=RevisionRecord::FOR_PUBLIC, Authority $performer=null)
 getContent ( $audience=RevisionRecord::FOR_PUBLIC, Authority $performer=null)
 Get the content of the current revision.
 getContentHandler ()
 Returns the ContentHandler instance to be used to deal with the content of this WikiPage.
 getContentModel ()
 Returns the page's content model id (see the CONTENT_MODEL_XXX constants).
 getContributors ()
 Get a list of users who have edited this article, not including the user who made the most recent revision, which you can get from $article->getUser() if you want it.
 getCreator ( $audience=RevisionRecord::FOR_PUBLIC, Authority $performer=null)
 Get the User object of the user who created the page.
 getCurrentUpdate ()
 Get the state of an ongoing update, shortly before or just after it is saved to the database.
 getDBkey ()
 Get the page title in DB key form.This should always return a valid DB key.

 getDeletionUpdates ( $rev=null)
 Returns a list of updates to be performed when this page is deleted.
 getHiddenCategories ()
 Returns a list of hidden categories this page is a member of.
 getId ( $wikiId=self::LOCAL)
 getLanguage ()
 getLatest ( $wikiId=self::LOCAL)
 Get the page_latest field.
 getLinksTimestamp ()
 Get the page_links_updated field.
 getMinorEdit ()
 Returns true if last revision was marked as "minor edit".
 getMutableCacheKeys (WANObjectCache $cache)
 getNamespace ()
 Returns the page's namespace number.The value returned by this method should represent a valid namespace, but this cannot be guaranteed in all cases.

 getPageIsRedirectField ()
 Get the value of the page_is_redirect field in the DB.
 getParserOutput (?ParserOptions $parserOptions=null, $oldid=null, $noCache=false)
 Get a ParserOutput for the given ParserOptions and revision ID.
 getRedirectTarget ()
 If this page is a redirect, get its target.
 getRedirectURL ( $rt)
 Get the Title object or URL to use for a redirect.
 getRevisionRecord ()
 Get the latest revision.
 getSourceURL ()
 Get the source URL for the content on this page, typically the canonical URL, but may be a remote link if the content comes from another site.
 getTimestamp ()
 getTitle ()
 Get the title object of the article.
 getTouched ()
 Get the page_touched field.
 getUser ( $audience=RevisionRecord::FOR_PUBLIC, Authority $performer=null)
 getUserText ( $audience=RevisionRecord::FOR_PUBLIC, Authority $performer=null)
 getWikiDisplayName ()
 The display name for the site this content come from.
 getWikiId ()
 insertNullProtectionRevision (string $revCommentMsg, array $limit, array $expiry, bool $cascade, string $reason, UserIdentity $user)
 Insert a new null revision for this page.
 insertOn ( $dbw, $pageId=null)
 Insert a new empty page record for this article.
 insertRedirect ()
 Insert an entry for this page into the redirect table if the content is a redirect.
 insertRedirectEntry (LinkTarget $rt, $oldLatest=null)
 Insert or update the redirect table entry for this page to indicate it redirects to $rt.
 isBatchedDelete ( $safetyMargin=0)
 Determines if deletion of this page would be batched (executed over time by the job queue) or not (completed in the same request as the delete call).
 isCountable ( $editInfo=false)
 Determine whether a page would be suitable for being counted as an article in the site_stats table based on the title & its content.
 isLocal ()
 Whether this content displayed on this page comes from the local database.
 isNew ()
 Tests if the page is new (only has one revision).
 isRedirect ()
 Is the page a redirect, according to secondary tracking tables? If this is true, getRedirectTarget() will return a Title.
 isSamePageAs (PageReference $other)
 Checks whether the given PageReference refers to the same page as this PageReference.Two PageReference instances are considered to refer to the same page if they belong to the same wiki, and have the same namespace and DB key.

 loadFromRow ( $data, $from)
 Load the object from a database row.
 loadPageData ( $from='fromdb')
 Load the object from a given source by title.
 lockAndGetLatest ()
 Lock the page row for this title+id and return page_latest (or 0)
 makeParserOptions ( $context)
 Get parser options suitable for rendering the primary article wikitext.
 newPageUpdater ( $performer, RevisionSlotsUpdate $forUpdate=null)
 Returns a PageUpdater for creating new revisions on this page (or creating the page).
 pageDataFromId ( $dbr, $id, $options=[])
 Fetch a page record matching the requested ID.
 pageDataFromTitle ( $dbr, $title, $options=[])
 Fetch a page record matching the Title object's namespace and title using a sanitized title string.
 prepareContentForEdit (Content $content, ?RevisionRecord $revision, UserIdentity $user, $serialFormat=null, $useStash=true)
 Prepare content which is about to be saved.
 protectDescription (array $limit, array $expiry)
 Builds the description to serve as comment for the edit.
 protectDescriptionLog (array $limit, array $expiry)
 Builds the description to serve as comment for the log entry.
 replaceSectionAtRev ( $sectionId, Content $sectionContent, $sectionTitle='', $baseRevId=null)
 replaceSectionContent ( $sectionId, Content $sectionContent, $sectionTitle='', $edittime=null)
 setTimestamp ( $ts)
 Set the page timestamp (use only to avoid DB queries)
 shouldCheckParserCache (ParserOptions $parserOptions, $oldId)
 Should the parser cache be used?
 supportsSections ()
 Returns true if this page's content model supports sections.
 toPageRecord ()
 Returns the page represented by this WikiPage as a PageStoreRecord.
 triggerOpportunisticLinksUpdate (ParserOutput $parserOutput)
 Opportunistically enqueue link update jobs after a fresh parser output was generated.
 updateCategoryCounts (array $added, array $deleted, $id=0)
 Update all the appropriate counts in the category table, given that we've added the categories $added and deleted the categories $deleted.
 updateParserCache (array $options=[])
 Update the parser cache.
 updateRedirectOn ( $dbw, $redirectTitle, $lastRevIsRedirect=null)
 Add row to the redirect table if this is a redirect, remove otherwise.
 updateRevisionOn ( $dbw, RevisionRecord $revision, $lastRevision=null, $lastRevIsRedirect=null)
 Update the page record to point to a newly saved revision.
 wasLoadedFrom ( $from)
 Checks whether the page data was loaded using the given database access mode (or better).
- Public Member Functions inherited from MediaWiki\DAO\WikiAwareEntity
 assertWiki ( $wikiId)
 Throws if $wikiId is different from the return value of getWikiId().

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from WikiPage
static convertSelectType ( $type)
 Convert 'fromdb', 'fromdbmaster' and 'forupdate' to READ_* constants.
static factory (PageIdentity $pageIdentity)
 Create a WikiPage object of the appropriate class for the given PageIdentity.
static getQueryInfo ()
 Return the tables, fields, and join conditions to be selected to create a new page object.
static hasDifferencesOutsideMainSlot (RevisionRecord $a, RevisionRecord $b)
 Helper method for checking whether two revisions have differences that go beyond the main slot.
static makeParserOptionsFromTitleAndModel (PageReference $pageRef, string $contentModel, $context)
 Create canonical parser options for a given title and content model.
static newFromID ( $id, $from='fromdb')
 Constructor from a page id.
static newFromRow ( $row, $from='fromdb')
 Constructor from a database row.
static onArticleCreate (Title $title)
 The onArticle*() functions are supposed to be a kind of hooks which should be called whenever any of the specified actions are done.
static onArticleDelete (Title $title)
 Clears caches when article is deleted.
static onArticleEdit (Title $title, RevisionRecord $revRecord=null, $slotsChanged=null)
 Purge caches on page update etc.
- Public Attributes inherited from IDBAccessObject
const READ_NONE = -1
 Constants for object loading bitfield flags (higher => higher QoS)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from WikiPage
 clearCacheFields ()
 Clear the object cache fields.
 formatExpiry ( $expiry)
 loadLastEdit ()
 Loads everything except the text This isn't necessary for all uses, so it's only done if needed.
 pageData ( $dbr, $conditions, $options=[])
 Fetch a page record with the given conditions.
- Protected Attributes inherited from WikiPage
bool $mDataLoaded = false
int $mDataLoadedFrom = self::READ_NONE
 One of the READ_* constants.
int null $mId = null
string null $mLanguage = null
int false $mLatest = false
 False means "not loaded".
string $mLinksUpdated = '19700101000000'
PreparedEdit false $mPreparedEdit = false
 Map of cache fields (text, parser output, ect) for a proposed/new edit.
Title null $mRedirectTarget = null
 The cache of the redirect target.
string $mTimestamp = ''
 Timestamp of the current revision or empty string if not loaded.
Title $mTitle
string $mTouched = '19700101000000'

Detailed Description

Special handling for representing category pages.

Definition at line 26 of file WikiCategoryPage.php.

Member Function Documentation

◆ doPurge()

WikiCategoryPage::doPurge ( )

Update category counts on purge (T85696)


Reimplemented from WikiPage.

Definition at line 86 of file WikiCategoryPage.php.

References $mTitle, and $title.

◆ hasViewableContent()

WikiCategoryPage::hasViewableContent ( )

Don't return a 404 for categories in use.

In use defined as: either the actual page exists or the category currently has members.


Reimplemented from WikiPage.

Definition at line 35 of file WikiCategoryPage.php.

◆ isExpectedUnusedCategory()

WikiCategoryPage::isExpectedUnusedCategory ( )

Checks if a category is expected to be an unused category.


Definition at line 72 of file WikiCategoryPage.php.

References getTitle().

◆ isHidden()

WikiCategoryPage::isHidden ( )

Checks if a category is hidden.


Definition at line 57 of file WikiCategoryPage.php.

References getTitle().

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