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doMaintenance.php File Reference

We want to make this whole thing as seamless as possible to the end-user. More...

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 $IP = wfDetectInstallPath()
 $runner = new MaintenanceRunner()
 $self = $runner->getName()
 $success = $runner->run()
 if (!defined('MW_SETUP_CALLBACK'))
const MEDIAWIKI (! $maintClass||!class_exists( $maintClass)) true

Detailed Description

We want to make this whole thing as seamless as possible to the end-user.

Unfortunately, we can't do all of the work in the class because A) included files are not in global scope, but in the scope of their caller, and B) MediaWiki has way too many globals. So instead we'll kinda fake it, and do the requires() inline. <3 PHP

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Variable Documentation

◆ $IP

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◆ $runner

◆ $self

◆ $success

$success = $runner->run()

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◆ if

if(!defined( 'MW_SETUP_CALLBACK')) ( ! defined'MW_SETUP_CALLBACK')

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const MEDIAWIKI(! $maintClass||!class_exists($maintClass)) ( ! $maintClass||! class_exists$maintClass) true

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