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MediaWiki\Page\ExistingPageRecord Interface Reference

Data record representing a page that currently exists as an editable page on a wiki. More...

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Public Member Functions

 exists ()
 Always true.
- Public Member Functions inherited from MediaWiki\Page\PageRecord
 getLanguage ()
 The page's language, if explicitly recorded.
 getLatest ( $wikiId=self::LOCAL)
 The ID of the page's latest revision.
 getTouched ()
 Timestamp at which the page was last flagged for rerendering.
 isNew ()
 False if the page has had more than one edit.
 isRedirect ()
 True if the page is a redirect.
- Public Member Functions inherited from MediaWiki\Page\ProperPageIdentity
 canExist ()
 Always true.
 getDBkey ()
 Get the page title in DB key form.
 getId ( $wikiId=self::LOCAL)
 Returns the page ID.
 getWikiId ()
 Get the ID of the wiki this page belongs to.
- Public Member Functions inherited from MediaWiki\Page\PageReference
 __toString ()
 Returns an informative human readable unique representation of the page identity, for use as a cache key and for logging and debugging.
 getNamespace ()
 Returns the page's namespace number.
 isSamePageAs (PageReference $other)
 Checks whether the given PageReference refers to the same page as this PageReference.
- Public Member Functions inherited from MediaWiki\DAO\WikiAwareEntity
 assertWiki ( $wikiId)
 Throws if $wikiId is different from the return value of getWikiId().

Detailed Description

Data record representing a page that currently exists as an editable page on a wiki.

This is intended to become an alias for PageRecord, once PageRecord is guaranteed to be immutable and to represent existing pages.
Stability: stable
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Member Function Documentation

◆ exists()

MediaWiki\Page\ExistingPageRecord::exists ( )

Always true.


Implements MediaWiki\Page\PageIdentity.

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