MediaWiki REL1_39
MediaWiki\Rest Namespace Reference


namespace  BasicAccess
namespace  Handler
 Copyright (C) 2011-2020 Wikimedia Foundation and others.
namespace  HeaderParser
namespace  Hook
namespace  PathTemplateMatcher
namespace  Reporter
namespace  Validator


class  ConditionalHeaderUtil
interface  CopyableStreamInterface
 An interface for a stream with a copyToStream() function. More...
class  CorsUtils
class  EntryPoint
class  Handler
 Base class for REST route handlers. More...
class  HeaderContainer
 This is a container for storing headers. More...
class  HttpException
 This is the base exception class for non-fatal exceptions thrown from REST handlers. More...
class  JsonEncodingException
class  LocalizedHttpException
class  RedirectException
 This is an exception class that extends HttpException and will generate a redirect when handled. More...
class  RequestBase
 Shared code between RequestData and RequestFromGlobals. More...
class  RequestData
 This is a Request class that allows data to be injected, for the purposes of testing or internal requests. More...
class  RequestFromGlobals
 This is a request class that gets data directly from the superglobals and other global PHP state, notably php://input. More...
interface  RequestInterface
 A request interface similar to PSR-7's ServerRequestInterface. More...
class  Response
class  ResponseException
 This is an exception class that wraps a Response and extends HttpException. More...
class  ResponseFactory
 Generates standardized response objects. More...
interface  ResponseInterface
 An interface similar to PSR-7's ResponseInterface, the primary difference being that it is mutable. More...
class  Router
 The REST router is responsible for gathering handler configuration, matching an input path and HTTP method against the defined routes, and constructing and executing the relevant handler for a request. More...
class  SimpleHandler
class  Stream
class  StringStream
 A stream class which uses a string as the underlying storage. More...