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1 <?php
27 class LanguageAr extends Language {
37  public function normalize( $s ) {
38  $s = parent::normalize( $s );
39  $s = $this->transformUsingPairFile( MediaWiki\Languages\Data\NormalizeAr::class, $s );
40  return $s;
41  }
42 }
Arabic (العربية) specific code.
Definition: LanguageAr.php:27
normalize( $s)
Replace Arabic presentation forms with their standard equivalents (T11413).
Definition: LanguageAr.php:37
Base class for language-specific code.
Definition: Language.php:61
transformUsingPairFile(string $dataClass, string $input)
Transform a string using serialized data stored in the given file (which must be in the serialized su...
Definition: Language.php:2812
The MediaWiki class is the helper class for the index.php entry point.
Definition: MediaWiki.php:50