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Ancient Greek (Ἀρχαία ἑλληνικὴ) More...

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Detailed Description

Ancient Greek (Ἀρχαία ἑλληνικὴ)

Definition in file MessagesGrc.php.

Variable Documentation

◆ $dateFormats

Initial value:
= [
'mdy time' => 'H:i',
'mdy date' => 'xg j, Y',
'mdy both' => 'H:i, xg j, Y',
'dmy time' => 'H:i',
'dmy date' => 'j xg Y',
'dmy both' => 'H:i, j xg Y',
'ymd time' => 'H:i',
'ymd date' => 'Y xg j',
'ymd both' => 'H:i, Y xg j',

Definition at line 8 of file MessagesGrc.php.