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CoreMagicVariables Class Reference

Expansions of core magic variables, used by the parser. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static expand (Parser $parser, string $id, ConvertibleTimestamp $ts, ServiceOptions $svcOptions, LoggerInterface $logger)
 Expand the magic variable given by $index.

Detailed Description

Expansions of core magic variables, used by the parser.

Access: internal

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Member Function Documentation

◆ expand()

static CoreMagicVariables::expand ( Parser  $parser,
string  $id,
ConvertibleTimestamp  $ts,
ServiceOptions  $svcOptions,
LoggerInterface  $logger 

Expand the magic variable given by $index.

Access: internal
string$idThe name of the variable, and equivalently, the magic word ID which was used to match the variable
ConvertibleTimestamp$tsTimestamp to use when expanding magic variable
ServiceOptions$svcOptionsService options for the parser
string|null The expanded value, or null to indicate the given index wasn't a known magic variable.

Definition at line 83 of file CoreMagicVariables.php.

References Parser\getOutput().

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