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CrhConverter Class Reference

Crimean Tatar (Qırımtatarca) converter routines. More...

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Public Member Functions

 __construct (Language $langobj, $maincode, $variants=[], $variantfallbacks=[], $flags=[])
- Public Member Functions inherited from LanguageConverter
 __construct (Language $langobj, $maincode, $variants=[], $variantfallbacks=[], $flags=[], $manualLevel=[])
 autoConvert ( $text, $toVariant=false)
 Dictionary-based conversion. More...
 autoConvertToAllVariants ( $text)
 Call translate() to convert text to all valid variants. More...
 convert ( $text)
 Convert text to different variants of a language. More...
 convertCategoryKey ( $key)
 Convert the sorting key for category links. More...
 convertNamespace ( $index, $variant=null)
 Get the namespace display name in the preferred variant. More...
 convertTitle ( $title)
 Auto convert a Title object to a readable string in the preferred variant. More...
 convertTo ( $text, $variant)
 Same as convert() except a extra parameter to custom variant. More...
 findVariantLink (&$link, &$nt, $ignoreOtherCond=false)
 If a language supports multiple variants, it is possible that non-existing link in one variant actually exists in another variant. More...
 getConvRuleTitle ()
 Get the title produced by the conversion rule. More...
 getDefaultVariant ()
 Get default variant. More...
 getExtraHashOptions ()
 Returns language specific hash options. More...
 getPreferredVariant ()
 Get preferred language variant. More...
 getURLVariant ()
 Get the variant specified in the URL. More...
 getVariantFallbacks ( $variant)
 In case some variant is not defined in the markup, we need to have some fallback. More...
 getVariants ()
 Get all valid variants. More...
 getVarSeparatorPattern ()
 Get the cached separator pattern for ConverterRule::parseRules() More...
 guessVariant ( $text, $variant)
 Guess if a text is written in a variant. More...
 loadDefaultTables ()
 Load default conversion tables. More...
 loadTables ( $fromCache=true)
 Load conversion tables either from the cache or the disk. More...
 markNoConversion ( $text, $noParse=false)
 Enclose a string with the "no conversion" tag. More...
 parseCachedTable ( $code, $subpage='', $recursive=true)
 Parse the conversion table stored in the cache. More...
 postLoadTables ()
 Hook for post processing after conversion tables are loaded. More...
 translate ( $text, $variant)
 Translate a string to a variant. More...
 updateConversionTable (Title $titleobj)
 Refresh the cache of conversion tables when MediaWiki:Conversiontable* is updated. More...
 validateVariant ( $variant=null)
 Validate the variant and return an appropriate strict internal variant code if one exists. More...

Public Attributes

 $breaks = '([^\w\x80-\xff])'
 $matches = preg_split( $romanRegex, $text, -1, PREG_SPLIT_OFFSET_CAPTURE )
 $mstart = 0
 $ret = ''
foreach( $matches as $m) return $ret
default $toVariant
default __pad0__: return $this->regsConverter( $text
const C_CONS = 'бвгджзйклмнпрстфхцчшщcñБВГДЖЗЙКЛМНПРСТФХЦЧШЩCÑ'
const C_CONS_LC = 'бвгджзйклмнпрстфхцчшщcñ'
const C_LC = 'абвгдеёжзийклмнопрстуфхцчшщъыьэюя'
const C_M_CONS = 'бгкмшcБГКМШC'
const L_CONS = 'bcçdfgğhjklmnñpqrsştvzBCÇDFGĞHJKLMNÑPQRSŞTVZ'
const L_CONS_LC = 'bcçdfgğhjklmnñpqrsştvz'
const L_F = 'eiöüEİÖÜ'
const L_F_UC = 'EİÖÜ'
const L_LC = 'aâbcçdefgğhıijklmnñoöpqrsştuüvyz'
const L_M_CONS = 'bcgkmpşBCGKMPŞ'
const L_N_CONS = 'çnrstzÇNRSTZ'
const L_N_CONS_LC = 'çnrstz'
const L_N_CONS_UC = 'ÇNRSTZ'
const L_VOW = 'aâeıioöuüAÂEIİOÖUÜ'
- Public Attributes inherited from LanguageConverter
 $mConvRuleTitle = false
 $mDescCodeSep = ':'
 $mDescVarSep = ';'
 $mMaxDepth = 10
ReplacementArray [] bool [] $mTables
 $mTablesLoaded = false
 $mUcfirst = false
string [] $mVariants

Private Member Functions

 regsConverter ( $text, $toVariant)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from LanguageConverter
static array $languagesWithVariants
 languages supporting variants More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from LanguageConverter
 applyManualConv ( $convRule)
 Apply manual conversion rules. More...
 getHeaderVariant ()
 Determine the language variant from the Accept-Language header. More...
 getUserVariant ()
 Determine if the user has a variant set. More...
 recursiveConvertRule ( $text, $variant, &$startPos, $depth=0)
 Recursively convert text on the inside. More...
 recursiveConvertTopLevel ( $text, $variant, $depth=0)
 Recursively convert text on the outside. More...

Detailed Description

Crimean Tatar (Qırımtatarca) converter routines.

Definition at line 31 of file LanguageCrh.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

CrhConverter::__construct ( Language  $langobj,
  $variants = [],
  $variantfallbacks = [],
  $flags = [] 

Definition at line 66 of file LanguageCrh.php.

Member Function Documentation

◆ regsConverter()

CrhConverter::regsConverter (   $text,

Definition at line 255 of file LanguageCrh.php.

Member Data Documentation

◆ $breaks

CrhConverter::$breaks = '([^\w\x80-\xff])'

Definition at line 227 of file LanguageCrh.php.

◆ $matches

CrhConverter::$matches = preg_split( $romanRegex, $text, -1, PREG_SPLIT_OFFSET_CAPTURE )

Definition at line 233 of file LanguageCrh.php.

◆ $mCyrillicToLatin


Definition at line 80 of file LanguageCrh.php.

◆ $mstart

CrhConverter::$mstart = 0

Definition at line 234 of file LanguageCrh.php.

◆ $ret [1/2]

CrhConverter::$ret = ''

Definition at line 235 of file LanguageCrh.php.

◆ $ret [2/2]

foreach ($matches as $m) return CrhConverter::$ret

Definition at line 236 of file LanguageCrh.php.

◆ $romanRegex

Initial value:
= '/^' . $roman . '$|^(' . $roman . $breaks . ')+|(' . $breaks . $roman . ')+$|' .
$breaks . '(' . $roman . $breaks . ')+/'

Definition at line 230 of file LanguageCrh.php.

◆ $toVariant

default CrhConverter::$toVariant

Definition at line 251 of file LanguageCrh.php.

◆ __pad0__

default CrhConverter::__pad0__

Definition at line 251 of file LanguageCrh.php.


const CrhConverter::C_CONS = 'бвгджзйклмнпрстфхцчшщcñБВГДЖЗЙКЛМНПРСТФХЦЧШЩCÑ'

Definition at line 42 of file LanguageCrh.php.


const CrhConverter::C_CONS_LC = 'бвгджзйклмнпрстфхцчшщcñ'

Definition at line 38 of file LanguageCrh.php.



Definition at line 37 of file LanguageCrh.php.

◆ C_LC

const CrhConverter::C_LC = 'абвгдеёжзийклмнопрстуфхцчшщъыьэюя'

Definition at line 36 of file LanguageCrh.php.


const CrhConverter::C_M_CONS = 'бгкмшcБГКМШC'

Definition at line 39 of file LanguageCrh.php.

◆ C_UC


Definition at line 35 of file LanguageCrh.php.


const CrhConverter::L_CONS = 'bcçdfgğhjklmnñpqrsştvzBCÇDFGĞHJKLMNÑPQRSŞTVZ'

Definition at line 53 of file LanguageCrh.php.


const CrhConverter::L_CONS_LC = 'bcçdfgğhjklmnñpqrsştvz'

Definition at line 52 of file LanguageCrh.php.



Definition at line 51 of file LanguageCrh.php.

◆ L_F

const CrhConverter::L_F = 'eiöüEİÖÜ'

Definition at line 57 of file LanguageCrh.php.

◆ L_F_UC

const CrhConverter::L_F_UC = 'EİÖÜ'

Definition at line 56 of file LanguageCrh.php.

◆ L_LC

const CrhConverter::L_LC = 'aâbcçdefgğhıijklmnñoöpqrsştuüvyz'

Definition at line 46 of file LanguageCrh.php.


const CrhConverter::L_M_CONS = 'bcgkmpşBCGKMPŞ'

Definition at line 50 of file LanguageCrh.php.


const CrhConverter::L_N_CONS = 'çnrstzÇNRSTZ'

Definition at line 49 of file LanguageCrh.php.


const CrhConverter::L_N_CONS_LC = 'çnrstz'

Definition at line 48 of file LanguageCrh.php.


const CrhConverter::L_N_CONS_UC = 'ÇNRSTZ'

Definition at line 47 of file LanguageCrh.php.

◆ L_UC


Definition at line 45 of file LanguageCrh.php.


const CrhConverter::L_VOW = 'aâeıioöuüAÂEIİOÖUÜ'

Definition at line 55 of file LanguageCrh.php.


const CrhConverter::L_VOW_UC = 'AÂEIİOÖUÜ'

Definition at line 54 of file LanguageCrh.php.

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