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SkinApi Class Reference

SkinTemplate class for API output. More...

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Public Member Functions

 buildSidebar ()
 getDefaultModules ()
 getLanguages ()
 getNewtalks ()
 getSiteNotice ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SkinTemplate
 formatLanguageName ( $name)
 Format language name for use in sidebar interlanguage links list. More...
 getLanguages ()
 Generates array of language links for the current page. More...
 getPersonalToolsList ()
 Get the HTML for the p-personal list. More...
 getStructuredPersonalTools ()
 Get personal tools for the user. More...
 makeArticleUrlDetails ( $name, $urlaction='')
 makePersonalToolsList ( $personalTools=null, $options=[])
 Get the HTML for the personal tools list. More...
 makeTalkUrlDetails ( $name, $urlaction='')
 outputPage ()
 Initialize various variables and generate the template. More...
 printOrError ( $str)
 Output the string, or print error message if it's an error object of the appropriate type. More...
 setupTemplate ( $classname)
 Create the template engine object; we feed it a bunch of data and eventually it spits out some HTML. More...
 tabAction ( $title, $message, $selected, $query='', $checkEdit=false)
 Builds an array with tab definition. More...
 useCombinedLoginLink ()
 Output a boolean indicating if buildPersonalUrls should output separate login and create account links or output a combined link By default we simply return a global config setting that affects most skins This is setup as a method so that like with $wgLogo and getLogo() a skin can override this setting and always output one or the other if it has a reason it can't output one of the two modes. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Skin
 __construct ( $skinname=null)
 aboutLink ()
 Gets the link to the wiki's about page. More...
 addToBodyAttributes ( $out, &$bodyAttrs)
 This will be called by OutputPage::headElement when it is creating the "<body>" tag, skins can override it if they have a need to add in any body attributes or classes of their own. More...
 addToSidebar (&$bar, $message)
 Add content from a sidebar system message Currently only used for MediaWiki:Sidebar (but may be used by Extensions) More...
 addToSidebarPlain (&$bar, $text)
 Add content from plain text. More...
 bottomScripts ()
 This gets called shortly before the "</body>" tag. More...
 buildSidebar ()
 Build an array that represents the sidebar(s), the navigation bar among them. More...
 disclaimerLink ()
 Gets the link to the wiki's general disclaimers page. More...
 doEditSectionLink (Title $nt, $section, $tooltip, Language $lang)
 Create a section edit link. More...
 drawCategoryBrowser ( $tree)
 Render the array as a series of links. More...
 editUrlOptions ()
 Return URL options for the 'edit page' link. More...
 escapeSearchLink ()
 footerLink ( $desc, $page)
 Returns an HTML link for use in the footer. More...
 getCategories ()
 getCategoryLinks ()
 getCopyright ( $type='detect')
 getCopyrightIcon ()
 getDefaultModules ()
 Defines the ResourceLoader modules that should be added to the skin It is recommended that skins wishing to override call parent::getDefaultModules() and substitute out any modules they wish to change by using a key to look them up. More...
 getHtmlElementAttributes ()
 Return values for <html> element. More...
 getLogo ()
 URL to the logo. More...
 getNewtalks ()
 Gets new talk page messages for the current user and returns an appropriate alert message (or an empty string if there are no messages) More...
 getPageClasses ( $title)
 TODO: document. More...
 getPoweredBy ()
 Gets the powered by MediaWiki icon. More...
 getRelevantTitle ()
 Return the "relevant" title. More...
 getRelevantUser ()
 Return the "relevant" user. More...
 getRevisionId ()
 Get the current revision ID. More...
 getSearchLink ()
 getSiteNotice ()
 Get the site notice. More...
 getSkinName ()
 getSkinStylePath ( $name)
 Return a fully resolved style path URL to images or styles stored in the current skin's folder. More...
 getUndeleteLink ()
 initPage (OutputPage $out)
 isRevisionCurrent ()
 Whether the revision displayed is the latest revision of the page. More...
 logoText ( $align='')
 mainPageLink ()
 Gets the link to the wiki's main page. More...
 makeFooterIcon ( $icon, $withImage='withImage')
 Renders a $wgFooterIcons icon according to the method's arguments. More...
 outputPage ()
 Outputs the HTML generated by other functions. More...
 printSource ()
 Text with the permalink to the source page, usually shown on the footer of a printed page. More...
 privacyLink ()
 Gets the link to the wiki's privacy policy page. More...
 setRelevantTitle ( $t)
 Set the "relevant" title. More...
 setRelevantUser ( $u)
 Set the "relevant" user. More...
 setupSkinUserCss (OutputPage $out)
 Hook point for adding style modules to OutputPage. More...
 shouldPreloadLogo ()
 Whether the logo should be preloaded with an HTTP link header or not. More...
 showEmailUser ( $id)
 subPageSubtitle ( $out=null)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ContextSource
 canUseWikiPage ()
 Check whether a WikiPage object can be get with getWikiPage(). More...
 exportSession ()
 Export the resolved user IP, HTTP headers, user ID, and session ID. More...
 getConfig ()
 getContext ()
 Get the base IContextSource object. More...
 getLanguage ()
 getOutput ()
 getRequest ()
 getSkin ()
 getStats ()
 getTiming ()
 getTitle ()
 getUser ()
 getWikiPage ()
 Get the WikiPage object. More...
 msg ( $key,... $params)
 Get a Message object with context set Parameters are the same as wfMessage() More...
 setContext (IContextSource $context)

Public Attributes

 $skinname = 'apioutput'
 $template = SkinApiTemplate::class
- Public Attributes inherited from SkinTemplate
string $skinname = 'monobook'
 Name of our skin, it probably needs to be all lower case. More...
string $template = QuickTemplate::class
 For QuickTemplate, the name of the subclass which will actually fill the template. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from Skin
string $stylename = null
 Stylesheets set to use. More...

Protected Member Functions

 buildContentNavigationUrls ()
 buildNavUrls ()
 buildPersonalUrls ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SkinTemplate
 buildContentNavigationUrls ()
 a structured array of links usually used for the tabs in a skin More...
 buildNavUrls ()
 build array of common navigation links More...
 buildPersonalUrls ()
 build array of urls for personal toolbar More...
 getNameSpaceKey ()
 Generate strings used for xml 'id' names. More...
 prepareQuickTemplate ()
 initialize various variables and generate the template More...
 setupTemplateForOutput ()
 wrapHTML ( $title, $html)
 Wrap the body text with language information and identifiable element. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Skin
 afterContentHook ()
 This runs a hook to allow extensions placing their stuff after content and article metadata (e.g. More...
 generateDebugHTML ()
 Generate debug data HTML for displaying at the bottom of the main content area. More...
 lastModified ()
 Get the timestamp of the latest revision, formatted in user language. More...
 preloadExistence ()
 Preload the existence of three commonly-requested pages in a single query. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Skin
static checkTitle (&$title, $name)
 make sure we have some title to operate on More...
static getAllowedSkins ()
 Fetch the list of user-selectable skins in regards to $wgSkipSkins. More...
static getDynamicStylesheetQuery ()
 Get the query to generate a dynamic stylesheet. More...
static getSkinNameMessages ()
 Fetch the skinname messages for available skins. More...
static getSkinNames ()
 Fetch the set of available skins. More...
static makeI18nUrl ( $name, $urlaction='')
static makeInternalOrExternalUrl ( $name)
 If url string starts with http, consider as external URL, else internal. More...
static makeKnownUrlDetails ( $name, $urlaction='')
 Make URL details where the article exists (or at least it's convenient to think so) More...
static makeMainPageUrl ( $urlaction='')
static makeNSUrl ( $name, $urlaction='', $namespace=NS_MAIN)
 this can be passed the NS number as defined in Language.php More...
static makeSpecialUrl ( $name, $urlaction='', $proto=null)
 Make a URL for a Special Page using the given query and protocol. More...
static makeSpecialUrlSubpage ( $name, $subpage, $urlaction='')
static makeUrl ( $name, $urlaction='')
static makeUrlDetails ( $name, $urlaction='')
 these return an array with the 'href' and boolean 'exists' More...
static makeVariablesScript ( $data, $nonce=null)
static normalizeKey ( $key)
 Normalize a skin preference value to a form that can be loaded. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from Skin
 $mRelevantTitle = null
 $mRelevantUser = null
string null $skinname = null

Detailed Description

SkinTemplate class for API output.


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Member Function Documentation

◆ buildContentNavigationUrls()

SkinApi::buildContentNavigationUrls ( )

Definition at line 65 of file SkinApi.php.

◆ buildNavUrls()

SkinApi::buildNavUrls ( )

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◆ buildPersonalUrls()

SkinApi::buildPersonalUrls ( )

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◆ buildSidebar()

SkinApi::buildSidebar ( )

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◆ getDefaultModules()

SkinApi::getDefaultModules ( )

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References $modules.

◆ getLanguages()

SkinApi::getLanguages ( )

Definition at line 57 of file SkinApi.php.

◆ getNewtalks()

SkinApi::getNewtalks ( )

Definition at line 49 of file SkinApi.php.

◆ getSiteNotice()

SkinApi::getSiteNotice ( )

Definition at line 53 of file SkinApi.php.

Member Data Documentation

◆ $skinname

SkinApi::$skinname = 'apioutput'

Definition at line 32 of file SkinApi.php.

◆ $template

SkinApi::$template = SkinApiTemplate::class

Definition at line 33 of file SkinApi.php.

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