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SkinFallback Class Reference

SkinTemplate class for the fallback skin. More...

Inherits SkinMustache.

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Public Member Functions

 getTemplateData ()
 Adds an html-fallback-warning template to inform system administrators that their mediawiki skin is incorrectly setup.
 initPage (OutputPage $out)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SkinMustache
 generateHTML ()
 Subclasses not wishing to use the QuickTemplate render method can rewrite this method, for example to use TemplateParser::processTemplate.
string of complete skin HTML to output to the page. This varies based on the skin option bodyOnly (see Skin::getOptions):
  • If true, HTML includes <!DOCTYPE> and opening and closing html tags
  • If false, HTML is the contents of the body tag.
Render the associated template.
- Public Member Functions inherited from SkinTemplate
 getCategoryLinks ()
 Extends category links with Skin::getAfterPortlet functionality.
 getStructuredPersonalTools ()
 Get personal tools for the user.
 makePersonalToolsList ( $personalTools=null, $options=[])
 Get the HTML for the personal tools list.
 makeSearchButton ( $mode, $attrs=[])
 makeSearchInput ( $attrs=[])
 outputPage ()
 Initialize various variables and generate the template.
 tabAction ( $title, $message, $selected, $query='', $checkEdit=false)
 Builds an array with tab definition.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Skin
 __construct ( $options=null)
 addToSidebar (&$bar, $message)
 Add content from a sidebar system message Currently only used for MediaWiki:Sidebar (but may be used by Extensions)
 addToSidebarPlain (&$bar, $text)
 Add content from plain text.
 buildSidebar ()
 Build an array that represents the sidebar(s), the navigation bar among them.
 doEditSectionLink (Title $nt, $section, $sectionTitle, Language $lang)
 Create a section edit link.
 editUrlOptions ()
 Return URL options for the 'edit page' link.
 getAfterPortlet (string $name)
 Allows extensions to hook into known portlets and add stuff to them.
 getCategories ()
 getCopyright ()
 getDefaultModules ()
 Defines the ResourceLoader modules that should be added to the skin It is recommended that skins wishing to override call parent::getDefaultModules() and substitute out any modules they wish to change by using a key to look them up.
 getFooterIcons ()
 Get template representation of the footer.
 getHtmlElementAttributes ()
 Return values for <html> element.
 getLanguages ()
 Generates array of language links for the current page.
 getNewtalks ()
 Gets new talk page messages for the current user and returns an appropriate alert message (or an empty string if there are no messages)
 getOptions ()
 Get current skin's options.
 getPageClasses ( $title)
 TODO: document.
 getPersonalToolsForMakeListItem ( $urls, $applyClassesToListItems=false)
 Create an array of personal tools items from the data in the quicktemplate stored by SkinTemplate.
 getRelevantTitle ()
 Return the "relevant" title.
 getRelevantUser ()
 Return the "relevant" user.
 getSiteNotice ()
 getSkinName ()
 getUndeleteLink ()
 isResponsive ()
 Indicates if this skin is responsive.
 logoText ( $align='')
 makeFooterIcon ( $icon, $withImage='withImage')
 Renders a $wgFooterIcons icon according to the method's arguments.
 makeLink ( $key, $item, $linkOptions=[])
 Makes a link, usually used by makeListItem to generate a link for an item in a list used in navigation lists, portlets, portals, sidebars, etc...
 makeListItem ( $key, $item, $options=[])
 Generates a list item for a navigation, portlet, portal, sidebar... list.
 makeToolbox ( $navUrls, $feedUrls)
 Create an array of common toolbox items from the data in the quicktemplate stored by SkinTemplate.
 mapInterwikiToLanguage ( $code)
 Allows correcting the language of interlanguage links which, mostly due to legacy reasons, do not always match the standards compliant language tag.
 prepareSubtitle (bool $withContainer=true)
 Prepare the subtitle of the page for output in the skin if one has been set.
 printSource ()
 Text with the permalink to the source page, usually shown on the footer of a printed page.
 setRelevantTitle ( $t)
 setRelevantUser (?UserIdentity $u)
 showEmailUser ( $id)
 supportsMenu (string $menu)
 Does the skin support the named menu? e.g.
- Public Member Functions inherited from MediaWiki\Context\ContextSource
 canUseWikiPage ()
 Check whether a WikiPage object can be get with getWikiPage().
 exportSession ()
 Export the resolved user IP, HTTP headers, user ID, and session ID.
 getActionName ()
 Get the action name for the current web request.
 getAuthority ()
 getConfig ()
 getContext ()
 Get the base IContextSource object.
 getCsrfTokenSet ()
 Get a repository to obtain and match CSRF tokens.
 getLanguage ()
 getLanguageCode ()
 getOutput ()
 getRequest ()
 getSkin ()
 getTiming ()
 getTitle ()
 getUser ()
 getWikiPage ()
 Get the WikiPage object.
 msg ( $key,... $params)
 Get a Message object with context set Parameters are the same as wfMessage()
 setContext (IContextSource $context)

Public Attributes

 $skinname = 'fallback'
- Public Attributes inherited from SkinTemplate
bool $loggedin
 TODO: Rename this to $isRegistered (but that's a breaking change)
string $template
 For QuickTemplate, the name of the subclass which will actually fill the template.

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SkinTemplate
static makeSearchButtonInternal ( $mode, $searchData, $attrs=[])
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Skin
static getPortletLinkOptions (RL\Context $context)
 Returns skin options for portlet links, used by addPortletLink.
static getVersion ()
 Get the current major version of Skin.
static makeInternalOrExternalUrl ( $name)
 If url string starts with http, consider as external URL, else internal.
static makeMainPageUrl ( $urlaction='')
static makeSpecialUrl ( $name, $urlaction='', $proto=null)
 Make a URL for a Special Page using the given query and protocol.
static makeSpecialUrlSubpage ( $name, $subpage, $urlaction='')
static normalizeKey (string $key)
 Normalize a skin preference value to a form that can be loaded.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SkinMustache
 doEditSectionLinksHTML (array $links, Language $lang)
Stability: stable
to override by skins

 getTemplateParser ()
 Get the template parser, it will be lazily created if not already set.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SkinTemplate
 buildContentNavigationUrls ()
 Wrapper for private buildContentNavigationUrlsInternal.
 buildCreateAccountData ( $returnto)
 Build "Create Account" link data.
 buildLoginData ( $returnto, $useCombinedLoginLink)
 Build "Login" link.
 buildLogoutLinkData ()
 Build data required for "Logout" link.
 buildPersonalPageItem ( $id='pt-userpage')
 Build a user page link data.
 buildPersonalUrls (bool $includeNotifications=true)
 Build array of urls for personal toolbar.
 injectLegacyMenusIntoPersonalTools (array $contentNavigation)
 Insert legacy menu items from content navigation into the personal toolbar.
 prepareQuickTemplate ()
 initialize various variables and generate the template
 runOnSkinTemplateNavigationHooks (SkinTemplate $skin, &$content_navigation)
 Run hooks relating to navigation menu data.
 setupTemplate ( $classname)
 Create the template engine object; we feed it a bunch of data and eventually it spits out some HTML.
 setupTemplateContext ()
 Setup class properties that are necessary prior to calling setupTemplateForOutput.
 setupTemplateForOutput ()
 useCombinedLoginLink ()
 Returns if a combined login/signup link will be used.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Skin
 afterContentHook ()
 This runs a hook to allow extensions placing their stuff after content and article metadata (e.g.
 buildFeedUrls ()
 Build data structure representing syndication links.
 buildNavUrls ()
 Build array of common navigation links.
 getComponent (string $name)
 getIndicatorsData ( $indicators)
 Return an array of indicator data.
 getJsConfigVars ()
 Returns array of config variables that should be added only to this skin for use in JavaScript.
 getPortletData (string $name, array $items)
 getUserLanguageAttributes ()
 Get user language attribute links array.
 prepareUndeleteLink ()
 Prepare undelete link for output in page.
 prepareUserLanguageAttributes ()
 Prepare user language attribute links.
 wrapHTML ( $title, $html)
 Wrap the body text with language information and identifiable element.
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from Skin
static makeKnownUrlDetails ( $name, $urlaction='')
 Make URL details where the article exists (or at least it's convenient to think so)
static makeUrlDetails ( $name, $urlaction='')
 these return an array with the 'href' and boolean 'exists'
- Protected Attributes inherited from Skin
 $mRelevantTitle = null
array $options = []
 Skin options passed into constructor.
string null $skinname = null
 The current major version of the skin specification.

Detailed Description

SkinTemplate class for the fallback skin.

Definition at line 17 of file SkinFallback.php.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getTemplateData()

SkinFallback::getTemplateData ( )

Adds an html-fallback-warning template to inform system administrators that their mediawiki skin is incorrectly setup.

It's recommended that skin developers do not add further to date here and instead work on improving SkinMustache::getTemplateData where necessary to improve flexibility of the data for all skin developers.

Stability: stable
to extend. Subclasses may extend this method to add additional template data.
Access: internal
this method should never be called outside Skin and its subclasses as it can be computationally expensive and typically has side effects on the Skin instance, through execution of hooks.

The data keys should be valid English words. Compound words should be hyphenated except if they are normally written as one word. Each key should be prefixed with a type hint, this may be enforced by the class PHPUnit test.Plain strings are prefixed with 'html-', plain arrays with 'array-' and complex array data with 'data-'. 'is-' and 'has-' prefixes can be used for boolean variables. Messages are prefixed with 'msg-', followed by their message key. All messages specified in the skin option 'messages' will be available under 'msg-MESSAGE-NAME'.

array Data for a mustache template
array Data specific for a mustache template. See parent function for common data.


Reimplemented from SkinMustache.

Definition at line 117 of file SkinFallback.php.

References MediaWiki\Context\ContextSource\getConfig().

◆ initPage()

SkinFallback::initPage ( OutputPage $out)

Reimplemented from Skin.

Definition at line 23 of file SkinFallback.php.

References MediaWiki\Output\OutputPage\disableClientCache().

Member Data Documentation

◆ $skinname

SkinFallback::$skinname = 'fallback'

Definition at line 18 of file SkinFallback.php.

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