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The web entry point for serving non-public images to logged-in users. More...

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const MW_ENTRY_POINT 'img_auth'

Detailed Description

The web entry point for serving non-public images to logged-in users.

To use this, see

  • Set $wgUploadDirectory to a non-public directory (not web accessible)
  • Set $wgUploadPath to point to this file

Optional Parameters

  • Set $wgImgAuthDetails = true if you want the reason the access was denied messages to be displayed instead of just the 403 error (doesn't work on IE anyway), otherwise it will only appear in error logs

    For security reasons, you usually don't want your user to know why access was denied, just that it was. If you want to change this, you can set $wgImgAuthDetails to 'true' in localsettings.php and it will give the user the reason why access was denied.

Your server needs to support REQUEST_URI or PATH_INFO; CGI-based configurations sometimes don't.

See also
MediaWiki\FileRepo\AuthenticatedFileEntryPoint The implementation.

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const MW_ENTRY_POINT 'img_auth'

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