extension to run Lua 5.1 code from PHP
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LuaSandboxFunction Class Reference

Represents a Lua function, allowing it to be called from PHP. More...

Public Member Functions

 call ()
 Call a Lua function.
 dump ()
 Dump the function as a binary blob.

Detailed Description

Represents a Lua function, allowing it to be called from PHP.

A LuaSandboxFunction may be obtained as a return value from Lua, as a parameter passed to a callback from Lua, or by using LuaSandbox::wrapPhpFunction(), LuaSandbox::loadString(), or LuaSandbox::loadBinary().

Member Function Documentation

◆ call()

LuaSandboxFunction::call ( )

Call a Lua function.

Errors considered to be the fault of the PHP code will result in the function returning false and E_WARNING being raised, for example, a resource type being used as an argument. Lua errors will result in a LuaSandboxRuntimeError exception being thrown.

PHP and Lua types are converted as follows:

  • PHP null is Lua nil, and vice versa
  • PHP integers and floats are converted to Lua numbers. Infinity and NAN are supported.
  • Lua numbers without a fractional part between approximately -2**53 and 2**53 are converted to PHP integers, with others being converted to PHP floats.
  • PHP booleans are Lua booleans, and vice versa.
  • PHP strings are Lua strings, and vice versa.
  • Lua functions are PHP LuaSandboxFunction objects, and vice versa. General PHP callables are not supported.
  • PHP arrays are converted to Lua tables, and vice versa.
    • Note that Lua typically indexes arrays from 1, while PHP indexes arrays from 0. No adjustment is made for these differing conventions.
    • Self-referential arrays are not supported in either direction.
    • PHP references are dereferenced.
    • Lua __pairs and __ipairs are processed. __index is ignored.
    • When converting from PHP to Lua, integer keys between -2**53 and 2**53 are represented as Lua numbers. All other keys are represented as Lua strings.
    • When converting from Lua to PHP, keys other than strings and numbers will result in an error, as will collisions when converting numbers to strings or vice versa (since PHP considers things like $a[0] and $a["0"] as being equivalent).
  • All other types are unsupported and will raise an error/exception, including general PHP objects and Lua userdata and thread types.

Lua functions inherently return a list of results. So on success, this method returns an array containing all of the values returned by Lua, with integer keys starting from zero. Lua may return no results, in which case an empty array is returned.

mixed$args,...Arguments passed to the function.
array|false Return values from the function.

◆ dump()

LuaSandboxFunction::dump ( )

Dump the function as a binary blob.

string To be passed to LuaSandbox::loadBinary()

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