Object-Oriented User Interface
OOUI\MessageWidget Class Reference

Notice widget. More...

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Public Member Functions

 __construct (array $config=[])
 getConfig (&$config)
 setInline ( $inline)
 Set the inline state of the widget. More...
 setType ( $type)
 Set the widget type. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from OOUI\Widget
 isDisabled ()
 Check if the widget is disabled. More...
 setDisabled ( $disabled)
 Set the disabled state of the widget. More...
 getInputId ()
 Get an ID of a labelable node which is part of this widget, if any, to be used for <label for> value. More...
 setLabelledBy ( $id)
 Set the element with the given ID as a label for this widget. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from OOUI\Element
 getTagName ()
 Get the HTML tag name. More...
 toggle ( $show=null)
 Toggle visibility of an element. More...
 getData ()
 Get element data. More...
 setData ( $data)
 Set element data. More...
 supports ( $methods)
 Check if element supports one or more methods. More...
 registerConfigCallback (callable $func)
 Register an additional function to call when building the config. More...
 toString ()
 Render element into HTML. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from OOUI\Tag
 __construct ( $tag='div')
 Create element. More...
 hasClass ( $class)
 Check for CSS class. More...
 addClasses (array $classes)
 Add CSS classes. More...
 removeClasses (array $classes)
 Remove CSS classes. More...
 toggleClasses (array $classes, $toggle=null)
 Toggle CSS classes. More...
 getTag ()
 getAttribute ( $key)
 Get HTML attribute value. More...
 setAttributes (array $attributes)
 Add HTML attributes. More...
 setValue ( $value)
 Set value of input element ('value' attribute for most, element content for textarea). More...
 removeAttributes (array $keys)
 Remove HTML attributes. More...
 removeContent (... $content)
 Remove any items that match by reference. More...
 appendContent (... $content)
 Add content to the end. More...
 prependContent (... $content)
 Add content to the beginning. More...
 clearContent ()
 Remove all content. More...
 getElementGroup ()
 Get group element is in. More...
 setElementGroup ( $group)
 Set group element is in. More...
 setInfusable ( $infusable)
 Enable widget for client-side infusion. More...
 isInfusable ()
 Get client-side infusability. More...
 ensureInfusableId ()
 Ensure that this given Tag is infusable and has a unique id attribute. More...
 __toString ()
 Magic method implementation. More...

Protected Attributes

bool $inline
 Defines whether the widget is inline.
string $type
 Defines the displayed message type.
ButtonWidget null $closeButton = null
array $iconMap
 Map legal types to their OOUI icon. More...
string $defaultType = 'notice'
 Default type for the widget.
- Protected Attributes inherited from OOUI\Widget
bool $disabled = false
 Disabled. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from OOUI\Element
mixed $data = null
 Element data.
bool $visible = true
array $ownClasses = []
 Strings of the CSS classes explicitly configured for this element (as opposed to $classes, which contains all classes for this element).
callable[] $configCallbacks = []
- Protected Attributes inherited from OOUI\Tag
string $tag = ''
 Tag name for this instance. More...
array $attributes = []
 Attributes. More...
array $classes = []
 Classes. More...
array $content = []
 Content. More...
GroupElement null $elementGroup = null
 Group. More...
bool $infusable = false
 Infusion support. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from OOUI\Element
static warnDeprecation ( $message='')
 Emits a deprecation warning with provided message. More...
static getDir (Tag $element)
 Get the direction of the user interface for a given element. More...
static setDefaultDir ( $dir)
 Set the default direction of the user interface. More...
static configFromHtmlAttributes (array $attrs)
 A helper method to massage an array of HTML attributes into a format that is more likely to work with an OOUI PHP element, camel-casing attribute names and setting values of boolean ones to true. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from OOUI\Tag
static generateElementId ()
 Generate a unique ID for element. More...
static isSafeUrl ( $url)
 Check whether user-supplied URL is safe, that is, whether outputting it will not result in XSS vulnerability. More...
- Static Public Attributes inherited from OOUI\Element
static string $tagName = 'div'
 HTML tag name. More...
static string $defaultDir = 'ltr'
 Default text direction, used for some layout calculations. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from OOUI\Element
 getJavaScriptClassName ()
 The class name of the JavaScript version of this widget. More...
 getGeneratedAttributes ()

Detailed Description

Notice widget.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

OOUI\MessageWidget::__construct ( array  $config = [])
array$configConfiguration options

Reimplemented from OOUI\Widget.

Member Function Documentation

◆ setInline()

OOUI\MessageWidget::setInline (   $inline)

Set the inline state of the widget.

bool$inlineWidget is inline

◆ setType()

OOUI\MessageWidget::setType (   $type)

Set the widget type.

The given type must belong to the list of legal types set by $this->iconMap

string$typeGiven type

Member Data Documentation

◆ $iconMap

array OOUI\MessageWidget::$iconMap
Initial value:
= [
'notice' => 'infoFilled',
'error' => 'error',
'warning' => 'alert',
'success' => 'check',

Map legal types to their OOUI icon.

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