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OOUI\TabPanelLayout Class Reference

TabPanelLayouts are used within IndexLayouts to create tab panels that users can select and display from the index's optional TabSelectWidget navigation. More...

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Public Member Functions

 __construct ( $name, array $config=[])
 getConfig (&$config)
 getName ()
 getTabItemConfig ()
 getLabel ()
 setActive ( $active)
- Public Member Functions inherited from OOUI\PanelLayout
 __construct (array $config=[])
- Public Member Functions inherited from OOUI\Element
 getTagName ()
 Get the HTML tag name.
 toggle ( $show=null)
 Toggle visibility of an element.
 getData ()
 Get element data.
 setData ( $data)
 Set element data.
 supports ( $methods)
 Check if element supports one or more methods.
 registerConfigCallback (callable $func)
 Register an additional function to call when building the config.
 toString ()
 Render element into HTML.
- Public Member Functions inherited from OOUI\Tag
 __construct ( $tag='div')
 Create element.
 hasClass ( $class)
 Check for CSS class.
 addClasses (array $classes)
 Add CSS classes.
 removeClasses (array $classes)
 Remove CSS classes.
 toggleClasses (array $classes, $toggle=null)
 Toggle CSS classes.
 getTag ()
 getAttribute ( $key)
 Get HTML attribute value.
 setAttributes (array $attributes)
 Add HTML attributes.
 setValue ( $value)
 Set value of input element ('value' attribute for most, element content for textarea).
 removeAttributes (array $keys)
 Remove HTML attributes.
 removeContent (... $content)
 Remove any items that match by reference.
 appendContent (... $content)
 Add content to the end.
 prependContent (... $content)
 Add content to the beginning.
 clearContent ()
 Remove all content.
 getElementGroup ()
 Get group element is in.
 setElementGroup ( $group)
 Set group element is in.
 setInfusable ( $infusable)
 Enable widget for client-side infusion.
 isInfusable ()
 Get client-side infusability.
 ensureInfusableId ()
 Ensure that this given Tag is infusable and has a unique id attribute.
 __toString ()
 Magic method implementation.

Protected Attributes

string $name
string HtmlSnippet null $label
bool $active
array $tabItemConfig
 Config for a {.
- Protected Attributes inherited from OOUI\PanelLayout
bool $preserveContent
- Protected Attributes inherited from OOUI\Element
mixed $data = null
 Element data.
bool $visible = true
array $ownClasses = []
 Strings of the CSS classes explicitly configured for this element (as opposed to #$classes, which contains all classes for this element).
callable[] $configCallbacks = []
- Protected Attributes inherited from OOUI\Tag
string $tag = ''
 Tag name for this instance.
array $attributes = []
array $classes = []
array $content = []
GroupElement null $elementGroup = null
bool $infusable = false
 Infusion support.

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from OOUI\Element
static warnDeprecation ( $message='')
 Emits a deprecation warning with provided message.
static getDir (Tag $element)
 Get the direction of the user interface for a given element.
static setDefaultDir ( $dir)
 Set the default direction of the user interface.
static configFromHtmlAttributes (array $attrs)
 A helper method to massage an array of HTML attributes into a format that is more likely to work with an OOUI PHP element, camel-casing attribute names and setting values of boolean ones to true.
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from OOUI\Tag
static generateElementId ()
 Generate a unique ID for element.
static resetElementId ()
 Reset the unique ID, for consistent test output.
static isSafeUrl ( $url)
 Check whether user-supplied URL is safe, that is, whether outputting it will not result in XSS vulnerability.
- Static Public Attributes inherited from OOUI\Element
static string $tagName = 'div'
 HTML tag name.
static string $defaultDir = 'ltr'
 Default text direction, used for some layout calculations.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from OOUI\Element
 getJavaScriptClassName ()
 The class name of the JavaScript version of this widget.
 getGeneratedAttributes ()

Detailed Description

TabPanelLayouts are used within IndexLayouts to create tab panels that users can select and display from the index's optional TabSelectWidget navigation.

TabPanels are usually not instantiated directly, rather extended to include the required content and functionality.

Each tab panel must have a unique symbolic name, which is passed to the constructor.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

OOUI\TabPanelLayout::__construct ( $name,
array $config = [] )
string$nameUnique symbolic name of tab panel
array$configConfiguration options
  • string|HtmlSnippet $config['label'] Label for tab panel's tab
  • array $config['tabItemConfig'] Additional config for the {
See also
TabOptionWidget} that represents this panel in an {

Member Function Documentation

◆ getConfig()

OOUI\TabPanelLayout::getConfig ( & $config)


Reimplemented from OOUI\PanelLayout.

◆ getLabel()

OOUI\TabPanelLayout::getLabel ( )

◆ getName()

OOUI\TabPanelLayout::getName ( )

◆ getTabItemConfig()

OOUI\TabPanelLayout::getTabItemConfig ( )

◆ setActive()

OOUI\TabPanelLayout::setActive ( $active)

Member Data Documentation

◆ $tabItemConfig

array OOUI\TabPanelLayout::$tabItemConfig

Config for a {.

See also

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