oojs 7.0.1



OOjs is a JavaScript library for working with objects.

Key features include inheritance, mixins and utilities for working with objects.

/* Example */
function Animal() {}
function Magic() {}
function Unicorn() {
    Animal.call( this );
    Magic.call( this );
OO.inheritClass( Unicorn, Animal );
OO.mixinClass( Unicorn, Magic );

Quick start

This library is available as an npm package! Install it right away:

npm install oojs

Or clone the repo, git clone https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/oojs/core.

Browser support

We officially support these browsers, aligned with MediaWiki's compatibility guideline:

  • Firefox: last three years (Firefox 78+, 2020)
  • Chrome: last three years (Chrome 80+, 2020)
  • Edge: last three years (Edge 80+, 2020)
  • Opera: last thee years (Opera 67+, 2020)
  • iOS: 11.3+

OOjs requires a modern ES2015 (ECMAScript 6) environment. To support older browsers with ECMAScript 5 engines (such as IE 11), use the last OOjs 6.x release.

Bug tracker

Found a bug? Please report it in the issue tracker!