Quibble changelog


0.0.45 (2020-09-18)

  • Fix database dumping –dump-db-postrun. T239396 Antoine Musso

  • Load mediawiki/services/parsoid as an extension. T227352 C. Scott Ananian

  • Remove hardcoded MediaWiki settings which were kept to support MediaWiki before 1.30 and cleanup settings that are now the default. Timo Tijhof

  • Add support to point to an existing webserver instead of relying on the internally PHP built-in web server. Can be enabled with –web-server=external. The web host and port are configurable by passing the URL to –web-url. T225218 Adam Wight

  • Report python version. Adam Wight


  • Define python modules dependencies in setup.cfg instead of requirements.txt. T235118 Antoine Musso

  • Updated releasing documentation (RELEASING.rst). Antoine Musso


  • Delay database initialization until it is actually started. Adam Wight

  • General cleanups in QuibbleCmd.build_execution_plan grouping all variables at the top of the method, using variables to avoid repeating methods calls. Adam Wight

  • Manage database and web backends outside of commands. They are now in an ExitStack() context manager which is entered just before executing the plan. T225218 Adam Wight


  • Migrate the internal testsuite from Nose to pytest Antoine Musso T254610

  • Add high level tests for building the execution plan which would have helped caught two reverts we did in 0.0.44. See tests/plans/ which can then be run using: tox -e unit – tests/tests_plans.py. Antoine Musso T211702

  • Add an entry point for CI to run Quibble: utils/ci-fullrun.sh. T235118 Antoine Musso

  • Run tests in CI with python 3.5, 3.6, 3.7 and describe all tox virtualenv. The unit virtualenv has been renamed py3-unit. Antoine Musso

0.0.44 (2020-06-04)


  • Output mysql/mariadb and postgresql version Reedy

  • Do not create log directory when building the plan Antoine Musso

  • Revert “Remove deprecated dump-autoload” Adam Wight

  • Revert “Wipe repo with non-git commands” Antoine Musso

  • Revert “Clone only the target project at first” Antoine Musso

  • Revert “Drop –dry-run parameter” Antoine Musso

0.0.43 (2020-05-05)


  • Remove deprecated dump-autoload Adam Wight T181940

  • Wipe repo with non-git commands Adam Wight T211702

0.0.42 (2020-04-16)


  • Exclude phpunit group Standalone from the Database run James D. Forrester

  • Clone only the target project at first Adam Wight T211702

  • Docker: Migrate local docker to buster/php73/node10 James D. Forrester


  • Remove redundant logging Adam Wight

  • Extract git_clean into a function Adam Wight

  • Drop redundant “Command” suffix Adam Wight

  • Map mediawiki/services/parsoid to /workspace/src/services/parsoid C. Scott Ananian

  • Extract execution decorator Adam Wight

  • Provide GitClean as a command Adam Wight

  • Logspam: Set Flow’s default content format to wikitext Kosta Harlan

0.0.41 (2020-04-08)


  • Prefer ‘npm ci’ instead of ‘npm prune’ + ‘npm install’ Timo Tijhof T234738

  • Add phpunit-standalone, for phpunit –group Standalone James D. Forrester T225068


  • RELEASING: Drop reference to now-shut qa mailing list James D. Forrester

  • Split default_stages out into known_stages James D. Forrester

0.0.40 (2020-01-08)


  • Disable color codes around log level words in CI Timo Tijhof T236222

  • Update Quibble to use api-testing npm package Clara Andrew-Wani T236680

  • phpunit: Drop –debug-tests command, killed off in PHPUnit 8 James D. Forrester T192167


  • Chronometer emits folding markers Adam Wight T220586

  • Drop HHVM support Adam Wight T236019

  • Drop –dry-run parameter Adam Wight

0.0.39 (2019-10-18)


  • Enable MediaWiki REST API for testing (/rest.php). Clara Andrew-Wani T235564


  • Ensure consistency between $wgServer and MW_SERVER environment variable. Antoine Musso T235023

0.0.38 (2019-10-09)

Bug fix

  • Set $wgServer to instead of localhost to be consistent with the server name testsuite receive via MW_SERVER. Else session is lost when a user get redirected after logging to localhost when the session has been created via Antoine Musso T235023

0.0.37 (2019-10-09)

Bug fix

  • Fix missing quibble/mediawiki/local_settings.php

0.0.36 (2019-10-08)


  • Set $wgServer when installing. Antoine Musso T233140

  • Display the time it took for a stage to complete. Adam Wight

  • Log version of external commands we rely on (composer, npm, php..) Adam Wight T181942

  • Allow appending values to MediaWiki generated LocalSettings.php, now renamed to LocalSettings-installer.php and included. That allows us to easily insert settings either before or after the original settings file. Daniel Kinzler and Adam Wight

  • Set $wgSecretKey to an arbitrary value, overriding the one set by the MediaWiki installer. Lets one run jobs via Special::RunJobs. Daniel Kinzler T230340

  • Set $wgEnableUploads = true, overriding the value set by the MediaWiki installer. Adam Wight T190829 and T199939

Bug fixes

  • Exit on git clone failure. Antoine Musso T233143


  • Migrate the Python module to use setup.cfg. Add pypi metadata. Use setuptools_scm to determine the version. Antoine Musso

  • Determine application version using setuptools_scm. Antoine Musso

  • Use lazy formattiing for logging calls. Antoine Musso

  • Release check list documented in RELEASING.rst. Antoine Musso

0.0.35 (2019-09-17)


  • Set cache directory ($wgCacheDirectory). Notably switches LocalisationCache from database to cdb files making tests faster. Amir Sarabadani T225730

Bug fixes

  • Fix default logdir that had double workspace prefixes. Adam Wight

  • Deduplicate projects which caused Selenium tests for a repository having them to be run twice. Adam Wight T231862

  • Disable php output buffering in DevWebServer which aligns it with production usage and makes Fresnel performance reports more real. Amir Sarabadani T219694


  • Reduce side-effects and make code easier to understand. Adam Wight T231862

0.0.34 (2019-07-25)

Bug fixes

  • --packages-source=vendor caused selenium-test to fail since vendor.git lacks a package.json. Antoine Musso T229020

0.0.33 (2019-07-25)


  • Options to clone requirements from extension registration informations. When passing --resolve-requires, Quibble will parse extension registration files (extension.json and skin.json) to find dependencies that needs to be cloned.

    With the addition of --fail-on-extra-requires, Quibble would fail when the list of repositories cloned with --resolve-requires does not match the repositories passed to the command line. Can be used to ensure an integration job has the propeer set of dependencies hardcoded in.

    Antoine Musso T193824

  • npm install now uses --prefer--offline to skip staleness checks for packages already present in the local cache (npm documentation).

  • Support running PHPUnit unit tests. The phpunit-unit stage runs MediaWiki PHPUnit tests which do not require a MediaWiki installation. Kosta Harlan T87781

  • Run node based Selenium tests in each repo. Adam Wight T199116

0.0.32 (2019-06-24)


  • Default to use 4 git workers when cloning repositories. Can be changed via --git-parallel. Antoine Musso T211701

  • Separate planning and execution phases. The commands to run have been extracted to standalone classes, the commands to run are now appended to a list to build an execution plan which is later executed. The execution plan can be inspected withouth execution by using --dry-run. Adam Wight T223752

  • --skip-install skips MediaWiki installation entirely. Can be used for example to run a statistical analysis. Kosta Harlan

Bug fixes

  • Better argument handling, several options accepted multiple values (nargs='*') which could result in unexpected behaviors such as a project to clone to be considered as a stage to build. The proper way was to use a double dash (--) to delimitate between options and arguments, but that is often forgotten. Instead:

    • --run and --skip are now comma separated values.

    • --commands is deprecated in favor of passing multiple --command (short aliased with -c).

    Antoine Musso T218357


  • EXT_DEPENDENCIES and SKIN_DEPENDENCIES are deprecated and Quibble emits a warnings when one of those environement variables is set. The repositories should be passed as command line arguments. Antoine Musso T220199

0.0.31 and earlier

See git changelog.