Release check list

List of steps to conduct to release a new version of Quibble:

  • Determine the new version number

  • Amend CHANGELOG.rst to replace ‘master’ with the new version and date

  • Verify CHANGELOG.rst has entries for commits since last version. Can be manually checked against: git log master..<previous tag>

  • Check the rendered changelog, notably links to Phabricator tasks:

    tox -e doc && xdg-open doc/build/html/changelog.html
  • git add, commit, send to review

  • Verify the CI job that runs all tests does work properly. That at least cover the most basic functionalities.

  • Get the change merged and then:

  • git pull

  • export QUIBBLE_RELEASE_VERSION="<version>"

  • git tag -s $QUIBBLE_VERSION -m "Signed $QUIBBLE_VERSION release"

  • git push origin <version>

  • In #wikimedia-releng log the new tag and the commit. Optionally poke all tasks from previous version to the new version (git log|grep Bug:):

    !log Tag Quibble <version> @ <sha1> # T1234 T5666 ...
  • Send announcement to

Then begin a new cycle:

  • Amend CHANGELOG.rst and insert an entry for master.

  • git add, commit, send to review, get it merged