Dependencies requires the following technologies

  • Python 3, preferable 3.7 or later

    • cumin python class if chosen as the transfer system

  • Transferpy development requires Python 3.7 or later.

  • A remote execution system (ssh, paramiko, salt, etc.). If none are available, there is a LocalExecution class, but it will only allow to run commands locally (local transfers)

    • For cumin, must be installed on a cumin* host to be able to execute remote commands

  • Netcat (nc)

  • pigz for compression

  • tar for archiving before streaming

  • openssl for encryption

  • du, df to calculate used and available disk size

  • bash to pipe the different unix commands

  • wmf-mariadb package and an instance running for –type=xtrabackup

  • xtrabackup (mariabackup) installed locally on the mariadb hosts for –type=xtrabackup

  • mysql client if replication wants to be stopped

  • iptables to manage the firewall hole during transfer

  • netstat to find the used ports.

  • tee to help parallel checksum

  • mkdir, rmdir and rm to create and remove temporary files (eg: create lock directory).

  • fuser to find the pid related to a port (Currently not using this feature)

Debian package

Note: expect the user to have root privileges without the sudo prefix.