Wish list and know issues

  • The encryption impacts very negatively in performance, and it is not forward-secret. A low penalty alternative with forward secrecy should be used instead.

  • Sizes are calculated with du, which is known to produce different results on different host even if the copy has been accurate. This is why the size check gives only a warning if it shows a difference on source and target hosts. A different, more reliable method could be used, but may take more resources.

  • Configurable compression by using other algorithms depending on the data (e.g. lz if compression speed is not the limiting factor, etc.)

  • Multicast, torrent or other solution should be setup to allow parallel transmission of data to multiple hosts in an efficient manner (In progress).

  • In general, more flexibility (e.g. level of parallelism, etc.) as long as it uses by default or autodetects saner defaults to not increase too much the difficulty of usage.

  • Firewall port opening should be optional

  • It should also wait until port is fully opened (polling), instead of just waiting 3 seconds

  • kill_job function in CuminExecution kill the subprocess in the transferpy running machine. Instead, it should kill the actual process in the remote machine.