A bidirectional parser between wikitext and HTML5
Wikimedia\Parsoid\Ext\Pre\Pre Class Reference

The <pre> extension tag shadows the html pre tag, but has different semantics. More...

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Public Member Functions

 getConfig ()
 Return information about this extension module.FIXME: Add more expected fields or create a class for this FIXME: The 'name' is expected to be the same as the name defined at the top level of extension.json.


 sourceToDom (ParsoidExtensionAPI $extApi, string $txt, array $extArgs)
 Convert an extension tag's content to DOM.
string$srcExtension tag content
array$extArgsExtension tag arguments The extension tag arguments should be treated as opaque objects and any necessary inspection should be handled through the API.
DocumentFragment|false|null DocumentFragment if returning some parsed content false to fallback to the default handler for the content null to drop the instance completely

- Public Member Functions inherited from Wikimedia\Parsoid\Ext\ExtensionTagHandler
 lintHandler (ParsoidExtensionAPI $extApi, Element $rootNode, callable $defaultHandler)
 Lint handler for this extension. More...
 domToWikitext (ParsoidExtensionAPI $extApi, Element $node, bool $wrapperUnmodified)
 Serialize a DOM node created by this extension to wikitext. More...
 modifyArgDict (ParsoidExtensionAPI $extApi, object $argDict)
 Some extensions require the ability to modify the argument dictionary. More...
 diffHandler (ParsoidExtensionAPI $extApi, callable $domDiff, Element $origNode, Element $editedNode)
 XXX: Experimental. More...

Detailed Description

The <pre> extension tag shadows the html pre tag, but has different semantics.

It treats anything inside it as plaintext.

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