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Wikibase\Lib\Modules\MediaWikiConfigValueProvider Interface Reference

Provider to pass information to mw.config. More...

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Public Member Functions

 getKey ()
 getValue ()

Detailed Description

Provider to pass information to mw.config.

Adrian Heine
Thiemo Kreuz
Jonas Kress

Member Function Documentation

◆ getKey()

Wikibase\Lib\Modules\MediaWikiConfigValueProvider::getKey ( )

◆ getValue()

Wikibase\Lib\Modules\MediaWikiConfigValueProvider::getValue ( )
mixed Non-complex value for use in mw.config.set, typically a string or (nested) array of strings.

Implemented in Wikibase\Lib\Modules\SettingsValueProvider, and Wikibase\Client\DataBridge\DataBridgeConfigValueProvider.

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