MediaWiki Wikibase extension
Wikibase\Repo\Hooks Namespace Reference

Repo handling of MediaWiki's Hooks More...




class  ArticleRevisionVisibilitySetHookHandler
 Hook handler that propagates changes to the visibility of an article's revisions to clients, through a job. More...
class  DeleteDispatcher
 Hook for dispatching DeleteDispatchNotificationJob on repo which in turn will fetch archived revisions and dispatch deletion jobs on the clients. More...
class  DifferenceEngineViewHeaderHookHandler
 Hook for prefetching and handling federated properties before links are rendered. More...
class  EntityDataPurger
class  FederatedPropertiesSpecialPageHookHandler
class  FederatedPropertiesWikibaseRepoEntityTypesHookHandler
class  HtmlPageLinkRendererEndHookHandler
 Handler for the HtmlPageLinkRendererEnd hook, used to change the default link text of links to wikibase Entity pages to the respective entity's label. More...
class  InfoActionHookHandler
class  LabelPrefetchHookHandler
 Hook handlers for triggering prefetching of labels. More...
class  OutputPageBeforeHTMLHookHandler
 Handler for the "OutputPageBeforeHTML" hook. More...
class  OutputPageEntityIdReader
 Allows retrieving an EntityId based on a previously propagated OutputPage. More...
class  OutputPageJsConfigHookHandler
class  PageHistoryPagerHookHandler
 Hook handler for prefetching on history pages. More...
class  ShowSearchHitHandler
 Handler to format entities in the search results. More...
class  SidebarBeforeOutputHookHandler

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Repo handling of MediaWiki's Hooks