MediaWiki Wikibase extension
Wikibase\Repo Namespace Reference

Root namespace for Repo extension code. More...


 Repo implementations of MediaWiki's Action API
 Repo integration with MediaWiki's Content mechanism
 Code relating to dumping Repo entities.
 Interfaces and Implementations for editing Wikibase entities.
 Repo handling of MediaWiki's Hooks
 Various random 'Interactors' that do 'things' (ill defined)
 Repo integration with MediaWiki's maintenance scripts
 'Notifications' of Repo changes to Client sites
 ParserOutput integration for pages that are entities.
 Entity search on a Repo.
 Repo integration with MediaWiki's Special pages
 Root namespace for Repo extension test code.


class  ArrayValueCollector
class  BabelUserLanguageLookup
 Service for looking up the languages understood by a user. More...
class  BuilderBasedDataTypeValidatorFactory
 A factory providing ValueValidators based on factory callbacks. More...
class  CachingCommonsMediaFileNameLookup
 Caching service that looks up normalized file names from Wikimedia Commons. More...
class  ClaimSummaryBuilder
 EditSummary-Builder for claim operations. More...
class  CopyrightMessageBuilder
class  DataTypeSelector
 Data provider for the property type (a.k.a. More...
interface  DataTypeValidatorFactory
 A factory providing ValueValidators based on DataType id. More...
class  DispatchingEntityTypeStatementGrouper
class  EntityIdHtmlLinkFormatterFactory
 A factory for generating EntityIdFormatter returning HTML. More...
class  EntityIdLabelFormatterFactory
 A factory for generating EntityIdHtmlLinkFormatters. More...
class  EntityTypesConfigFeddyPropsAugmenter
 Service that modifies entity type definitions for federated properties. More...
class  FingerprintSearchTextGenerator
class  GenericEventDispatcher
 Dispatches a notification to a set of watchers. More...
class  ItemDisambiguation
 Class representing the disambiguation of a list of WikibaseItems. More...
class  ItemSearchTextGenerator
class  LocalizedTextProviderFactory
class  MediaWikiLanguageDirectionalityLookup
 Service for looking up language directionalities based on MediaWiki's Language class. More...
class  MediaWikiLocalizedTextProvider
 A LocalizedTextProvider wrapping MediaWiki's message system. More...
class  OutputPageJsConfigBuilder
 Handles adding user-specific or other js config to OutputPage. More...
class  PropertyDataTypeChanger
 Class for changing a property's data type. More...
class  PropertyInfoBuilder
 Class to build the information about a property. More...
class  PropertyServices
class  PurgeEntityDataJob
 Job to purge Special:EntityData URLs from the HTTP cache after a page was deleted. More...
class  RangeTraversable
 Lazy and potentially infinite version of PHPs native range() function (without $step support). More...
class  RepoHooks
 File defining the hook handlers for the Wikibase extension. More...
class  SiteLinkGlobalIdentifiersProvider
class  SiteLinkTargetProvider
class  SnakFactory
 Factory for creating new snaks. More...
class  StatementGrouperBuilder
 Factory for a StatementGrouper. More...
class  StatementRankSerializer
 Serializer and Deserializer for Statement Ranks. More...
class  SummaryFormatter
 Formatter for Summary objects. More...
class  ValidatorBuilders
 Defines validators for the basic well known data types supported by Wikibase. More...
class  ValueParserFactory
 Builds ValueParser objects. More...
class  WikibasePingback
 Send information about this Wikibase instance to TODO. More...
class  WikibaseRepo
 Top level factory for the WikibaseRepo extension. More...

Detailed Description

Root namespace for Repo extension code.