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Public Member Functions

 testApiTestGroup ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from MediaWikiTestCase
 __call ( $func, $args)
 __construct ( $name=null, array $data=array(), $dataName='')
 addDBData ()
 Stub. More...
 dbPrefix ()
 getCliArg ( $offset)
 hideDeprecated ( $function)
 Don't throw a warning if $function is deprecated and called later. More...
 needsDB ()
 run (PHPUnit_Framework_TestResult $result=null)
 setCliArg ( $offset, $value)
 testMediaWikiTestCaseParentSetupCalled ()
 Make sure MediaWikiTestCase extending classes have called their parent setUp method. More...
 usesTemporaryTables ()

Protected Member Functions

 doApiRequest (array $params, array $session=null, $appendModule=false, User $user=null)
 Does the API request and returns the result. More...
 doApiRequestWithToken (array $params, array $session=null, User $user=null)
 Add an edit token to the API request This is cheating a bit – we grab a token in the correct format and then add it to the pseudo-session and to the request, without actually requesting a "real" edit token. More...
 doLogin ( $user='sysop')
 editPage ( $pageName, $text, $summary='', $defaultNs=NS_MAIN)
 Edits or creates a page/revision. More...
 getTokenList ( $user, $session=null)
 setUp ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from MediaWikiTestCase
 arrayWrap (array $elements)
 Utility method taking an array of elements and wrapping each element in it's own array. More...
 assertArrayEquals (array $expected, array $actual, $ordered=false, $named=false)
 Assert that two arrays are equal. More...
 assertException ( $code, $expected='Exception', $message='')
 Asserts that an exception of the specified type occurs when running the provided code. More...
 assertHTMLEquals ( $expected, $actual, $msg='')
 Put each HTML element on its own line and then equals() the results. More...
 assertSelect ( $table, $fields, $condition, array $expectedRows)
 Asserts that the given database query yields the rows given by $expectedRows. More...
 assertType ( $type, $actual, $message='')
 Asserts the type of the provided value. More...
 assertTypeOrValue ( $type, $actual, $value=false, $message='')
 Asserts that the provided variable is of the specified internal type or equals the $value argument. More...
 assertValidHtmlDocument ( $html)
 Asserts that the given string is valid HTML document. More...
 assertValidHtmlSnippet ( $html)
 Asserts that the given string is a valid HTML snippet. More...
 checkDbIsSupported ()
 checkHasDiff3 ()
 Check, if $wgDiff3 is set and ready to merge Will mark the calling test as skipped, if not ready. More...
 checkHasGzip ()
 Check whether we have the 'gzip' commandline utility, will skip the test whenever "gzip -V" fails. More...
 checkPHPExtension ( $extName)
 Check if $extName is a loaded PHP extension, will skip the test whenever it is not loaded. More...
 getDefaultWikitextNS ()
 Returns the ID of a namespace that defaults to Wikitext. More...
 getNewTempDirectory ()
 obtains a new temporary directory More...
 getNewTempFile ()
 Obtains a new temporary file name. More...
 isWikitextNS ( $ns)
 Returns true if the given namespace defaults to Wikitext according to $wgNamespaceContentModels. More...
 mergeMwGlobalArrayValue ( $name, $values)
 Merges the given values into a MW global array variable. More...
 objectAssociativeSort (array &$array)
 Does an associative sort that works for objects. More...
 setMwGlobals ( $pairs, $value=null)
 stashMwGlobals ( $globalKeys)
 Stashes the global, will be restored in tearDown() More...
 tearDown ()

Protected Attributes

ApiTestContext $apiContext
- Protected Attributes inherited from MediaWikiTestCase
DatabaseBase $db
array $supportedDBs
array $tablesUsed = array()

Static Protected Attributes

static $apiUrl

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from MediaWikiTestCase
static listTables ( $db)
static setupTestDB (DatabaseBase $db, $prefix)
 Creates an empty skeleton of the wiki database by cloning its structure to equivalent tables using the given $prefix. More...
static teardownTestDB ()
 Restores MediaWiki to using the table set (table prefix) it was using before setupTestDB() was called. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from MediaWikiTestCase
const DB_PREFIX = 'unittest_'
 Table name prefixes. More...
const ORA_DB_PREFIX = 'ut_'
- Static Public Attributes inherited from MediaWikiTestCase
static $users
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from MediaWikiTestCase
static stripStringKeys (&$r)
 Utility function for eliminating all string keys from an array. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 3 of file ApiTestCase.php.

Member Function Documentation

◆ doApiRequest()

ApiTestCase::doApiRequest ( array  $params,
array  $session = null,
  $appendModule = false,
User  $user = null 

Does the API request and returns the result.

The returned value is an array containing

  • the result data (array)
  • the request (WebRequest)
  • the session data of the request (array)
  • if $appendModule is true, the Api module $module
array | null$session
User | null$user

Reimplemented in UploadFromUrlTest.

Definition at line 74 of file ApiTestCase.php.

References $params, $user, $wgUser, array(), RequestContext\getMain(), and global.

Referenced by ApiQueryTestBase\check(), doApiRequestWithToken(), doLogin(), getTokenList(), ApiQueryContinueTestBase\query(), ApiLoginTest\testApiLoginBadPass(), ApiLoginTest\testApiLoginGoodPass(), ApiLoginTest\testApiLoginNoName(), ApiBlockTest\testBlockingActionWithNoToken(), ApiQueryAllPagesTest\testBug25702(), ApiQueryRevisionsTest\testContentComesWithContentModelAndFormat(), ApiCreateAccountTest\testExistingUser(), ApiWatchTest\testGetRollbackToken(), ApiCreateAccountTest\testInvalidEmail(), ApiUploadTest\testLogin(), ApiBlockTest\testMakeNormalBlock(), ApiCreateAccountTest\testNoName(), ApiCreateAccountTest\testNoPassword(), ApiParseTest\testParseNonexistentPage(), ApiPurgeTest\testPurgeMainPage(), ApiLoginTest\testRunLogin(), ApiQueryTest\testTitlesAreRejectedIfInvalid(), ApiQueryTest\testTitlesGetNormalized(), ApiUploadTest\testUploadRequiresToken(), ApiCreateAccountTest\testValid(), ApiWatchTest\testWatchClear(), ApiWatchTest\testWatchEdit(), ApiWatchTest\testWatchProtect(), ApiWatchTest\testWatchRollback(), and ApiUnblockTest\testWithNoToken().

◆ doApiRequestWithToken()

ApiTestCase::doApiRequestWithToken ( array  $params,
array  $session = null,
User  $user = null 

Add an edit token to the API request This is cheating a bit – we grab a token in the correct format and then add it to the pseudo-session and to the request, without actually requesting a "real" edit token.

$paramsArray: key-value API params
$sessionArray|null: session array
$userUser|null A User object for the context
mixed result of the API call
Exceptionin case wsToken is not set in the session

Definition at line 122 of file ApiTestCase.php.

References $params, $user, doApiRequest(), User\EDIT_TOKEN_SUFFIX, and global.

Referenced by ApiEditPageTest\testEdit(), ApiEditPageTest\testEditAppend(), ApiEditPageTest\testEditConflict(), ApiEditPageTest\testEditConflict_bug41990(), ApiEditPageTest\testEditConflict_redirect(), ApiEditPageTest\testEditNewSection(), ApiEditPageTest\testEditSection(), ApiEditPageTest\testNonTextEdit(), ApiUploadTest\testUpload(), ApiUploadTest\testUploadChunks(), ApiUploadTest\testUploadMissingParams(), ApiUploadTest\testUploadSameContent(), ApiUploadTest\testUploadSameFileName(), ApiUploadTest\testUploadStash(), and ApiUploadTest\testUploadZeroLength().

◆ doLogin()

◆ editPage()

ApiTestCase::editPage (   $pageName,
  $summary = '',
  $defaultNs = NS_MAIN 

Edits or creates a page/revision.

$pageNamestring page title
$textstring content of the page
$summarystring optional summary string for the revision
$defaultNsint optional namespace id
array as returned by WikiPage::doEditContent()

Definition at line 51 of file ApiTestCase.php.

References $summary, $title, WikiPage\factory(), ContentHandler\makeContent(), and Title\newFromText().

Referenced by ApiQueryContinue2Test\addDBData(), ApiQueryContinueTest\addDBData(), ApiQueryBasicTest\addDBData(), and ApiQueryBasicTest\testGeneratorRedirects().

◆ getTokenList()

ApiTestCase::getTokenList (   $user,
  $session = null 

◆ setUp()

◆ testApiTestGroup()

ApiTestCase::testApiTestGroup ( )

Definition at line 179 of file ApiTestCase.php.

Member Data Documentation

◆ $apiContext

ApiTestContext ApiTestCase::$apiContext

Definition at line 8 of file ApiTestCase.php.

◆ $apiUrl


Definition at line 4 of file ApiTestCase.php.

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