MediaWiki  1.28.1
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1 <?php
28 class CoreTagHooks {
33  public static function register( $parser ) {
34  global $wgRawHtml;
35  $parser->setHook( 'pre', [ __CLASS__, 'pre' ] );
36  $parser->setHook( 'nowiki', [ __CLASS__, 'nowiki' ] );
37  $parser->setHook( 'gallery', [ __CLASS__, 'gallery' ] );
38  $parser->setHook( 'indicator', [ __CLASS__, 'indicator' ] );
39  if ( $wgRawHtml ) {
40  $parser->setHook( 'html', [ __CLASS__, 'html' ] );
41  }
42  }
54  public static function pre( $text, $attribs, $parser ) {
55  // Backwards-compatibility hack
56  $content = StringUtils::delimiterReplace( '<nowiki>', '</nowiki>', '$1', $text, 'i' );
59  // We need to let both '"' and '&' through,
60  // for strip markers and entities respectively.
61  $content = str_replace(
62  [ '>', '<' ],
63  [ '&gt;', '&lt;' ],
64  $content
65  );
66  return Html::rawElement( 'pre', $attribs, $content );
67  }
84  public static function html( $content, $attributes, $parser ) {
85  global $wgRawHtml;
86  if ( $wgRawHtml ) {
87  if ( $parser->getOptions()->getAllowUnsafeRawHtml() ) {
88  return [ $content, 'markerType' => 'nowiki' ];
89  } else {
90  // In a system message where raw html is
91  // not allowed (but it is allowed in other
92  // contexts).
93  return Html::rawElement(
94  'span',
95  [ 'class' => 'error' ],
96  // Using ->text() not ->parse() as
97  // a paranoia measure against a loop.
98  wfMessage( 'rawhtml-notallowed' )->escaped()
99  );
100  }
101  } else {
102  throw new MWException( '<html> extension tag encountered unexpectedly' );
103  }
104  }
118  public static function nowiki( $content, $attributes, $parser ) {
119  $content = strtr( $content, [
120  // lang converter
121  '-{' => '-&#123;',
122  '}-' => '&#125;-',
123  // html tags
124  '<' => '&lt;',
125  '>' => '&gt;'
126  // Note: Both '"' and '&' are not converted.
127  // This allows strip markers and entities through.
128  ] );
129  return [ $content, 'markerType' => 'nowiki' ];
130  }
147  public static function gallery( $content, $attributes, $parser ) {
148  return $parser->renderImageGallery( $content, $attributes );
149  }
162  public static function indicator( $content, array $attributes, Parser $parser, PPFrame $frame ) {
163  if ( !isset( $attributes['name'] ) || trim( $attributes['name'] ) === '' ) {
164  return '<span class="error">' .
165  wfMessage( 'invalid-indicator-name' )->inContentLanguage()->parse() .
166  '</span>';
167  }
169  $parser->getOutput()->setIndicator(
170  trim( $attributes['name'] ),
172  );
174  return '';
175  }
176 }
the array() calling protocol came about after MediaWiki 1.4rc1.
static pre($text, $attribs, $parser)
Core parser tag hook function for 'pre'.
static rawElement($element, $attribs=[], $contents= '')
Returns an HTML element in a string.
Definition: Html.php:209
when a variable name is used in a it is silently declared as a new local masking the global
Definition: design.txt:93
magic word & $parser
Definition: hooks.txt:2487
static validateTagAttributes($attribs, $element)
Take an array of attribute names and values and normalize or discard illegal values for the given ele...
Definition: Sanitizer.php:748
static delimiterReplace($startDelim, $endDelim, $replace, $subject, $flags= '')
Perform an operation equivalent to preg_replace() with flags.
static stripOuterParagraph($html)
Strip outer.
Definition: Parser.php:6031
either a unescaped string or a HtmlArmor object after in associative array form externallinks including delete and has completed for all link tables whether this was an auto creation default is conds Array Extra conditions for the No matching items in log is displayed if loglist is empty msgKey Array If you want a nice box with a set this to the key of the message First element is the message additional optional elements are parameters for the key that are processed with wfMessage() -> params() ->parseAsBlock()-offset Set to overwrite offset parameter in $wgRequest set to ''to unsetoffset-wrap String Wrap the message in html(usually something like"&lt
static indicator($content, array $attributes, Parser $parser, PPFrame $frame)
XML-style tag for page status indicators: icons (or short text snippets) usually displayed in the top...
static gallery($content, $attributes, $parser)
Core parser tag hook function for 'gallery'.
null means default in associative array with keys and values unescaped Should be merged with default with a value of false meaning to suppress the attribute in associative array with keys and values unescaped noclasses just before the function returns a value If you return an< a > element with HTML attributes $attribs and contents $html will be returned If you return $ret will be returned and may include noclasses after processing & $attribs
Definition: hooks.txt:1936
injection txt This is an overview of how MediaWiki makes use of dependency injection The design described here grew from the discussion of RFC T384 The term dependency this means that anything an object needs to operate should be injected from the the object itself should only know narrow no concrete implementation of the logic it relies on The requirement to inject everything typically results in an architecture that based on two main types of and essentially stateless service objects that use other service objects to operate on the value objects As of the beginning MediaWiki is only starting to use the DI approach Much of the code still relies on global state or direct resulting in a highly cyclical dependency which acts as the top level factory for services in MediaWiki which can be used to gain access to default instances of various services MediaWikiServices however also allows new services to be defined and default services to be redefined Services are defined or redefined by providing a callback the instantiator that will return a new instance of the service When it will create an instance of MediaWikiServices and populate it with the services defined in the files listed by thereby bootstrapping the DI framework Per $wgServiceWiringFiles lists includes ServiceWiring php
Definition: injection.txt:35
static html($content, $attributes, $parser)
Core parser tag hook function for 'html', used only when $wgRawHtml is enabled.
this hook is for auditing only RecentChangesLinked and Watchlist RecentChangesLinked and Watchlist e g Watchlist removed from all revisions and log entries to which it was applied This gives extensions a chance to take it off their books as the deletion has already been partly carried out by this point or something similar the user will be unable to create the tag set and then return false from the hook function Ensure you consume the ChangeTagAfterDelete hook to carry out custom deletion actions as context called by AbstractContent::getParserOutput May be used to override the normal model specific rendering of page content $content
Definition: hooks.txt:1046
static nowiki($content, $attributes, $parser)
Core parser tag hook function for 'nowiki'.
Get the ParserOutput object.
Definition: Parser.php:802
Various tag hooks, registered in Parser::firstCallInit()
recursiveTagParseFully($text, $frame=false)
Fully parse wikitext to fully parsed HTML.
Definition: Parser.php:627