Modules in MediaWiki are based on JavaScript modules and are provided by ResourceLoader. Modules are the preferred way to interact with the MediaWiki frontend API.

This section documents stable modules included with MediaWiki core. For information about modules defined by extensions, see the documentation for those extensions.

To use a module, load the module asynchronously with mw.loader:

mw.loader.using( 'moduleName' ).then( ( require ) => {
  const module = require( 'moduleName' );
} );();

Or, you can list the module in your extension's ResourceLoader module as a dependency. For example, to use mediawiki.util:


"ResourceModules": {
    "ext.MyExtension": {
        "localBasePath": "modules/ext.MyExtension",
        "remoteExtPath": "MyExtension/modules/ext.MyExtension",
        "packageFiles": [
        "dependencies": [


const module = require( 'mediawiki.util' );

jQuery plugins

MediaWiki uses the jQuery library. You can access and extend the jQuery object using plugins included with MediaWiki core by loading certain ResourceLoader modules.