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A safe interface to HTML5 localStorage and sessionStorage.

This normalises differences across browsers and silences any and all exceptions that may occur.

Note: Storage keys are not automatically prefixed in relation to MediaWiki and/or the current wiki. Always prefix your keys with "mw" to avoid conflicts with gadgets, JavaScript libraries, browser extensions, internal CDN or webserver cookies, and third-party applications that may be embedded on the page.

Warning: This API has limited storage space and does not use an expiry by default. This means unused keys are stored forever, unless you opt-in to the expiry parameter or otherwise make sure that your code can rediscover and delete keys you created in the past.

If you don't use the expiry parameter, avoid keys with variable components as this leads to untracked keys that your code has no way to know about and delete when the data is no longer needed. Instead, store dynamic values in an object under a single constant key that you manage or replace over time. See also T121646.



A wrapper for the HTML5 Storage interface (localStorage or sessionStorage) that is safe to call in all browsers.


mw.storage.set( key, value, expiry );
mw.storage.set( key, value ); // stored indefinitely
mw.storage.get( key );
var local = require( 'mediawiki.storage' ).local;
local.set( key, value, expiry );
local.get( key );
mw.storage.session.set( key, value );
mw.storage.session.get( key );
var session = require( 'mediawiki.storage' ).session;
session.set( key, value );
session.get( key );


local :SafeStoragestatic #

A safe interface to HTML5 localStorage.


A safe interface to HTML5 localStorage.

session :SafeStoragestatic #

A safe interface to HTML5 sessionStorage.

Note: Data persisted via sessionStorage will persist for the lifetime of the browser tab, not the browser window. For longer-lasting persistence across tabs, refer to mw.storage or mw.cookie instead.


A safe interface to HTML5 sessionStorage.