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TokenAwareHandlerTrait.php File Reference

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namespace  MediaWiki
 A helper class for throttling authentication attempts.
namespace  MediaWiki\Rest


 MediaWiki\Rest::getBadTokenMessage ()
 Returns a standard error message to use when the given CSRF token is invalid.
 MediaWiki\Rest::getSession ()
 MediaWiki\Rest::getToken ()
 Determines the CSRF token to be used, possibly taking it from a request parameter.
 MediaWiki\Rest::getTokenParamDefinition ()
 Returns the definition for the token parameter, to be used in getBodyValidator().
 MediaWiki\Rest::needsToken ()
 Determines whether a CSRF token is needed.
 MediaWiki\Rest::validateToken (bool $allowAnonymousToken=false)
 Checks that the given CSRF token is valid (or the used authentication method does not require CSRF).


trait MediaWiki\Rest::TokenAwareHandlerTrait