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A helper class for throttling authentication attempts. More...


 Copyright (C) 2018 Kunal Mehta
 Created by PhpStorm.
 Copyright (C) 2017 Kunal Mehta


class  BadFileLookup
class  HeaderCallback
class  ProcOpenError
class  ShellDisabledError

Detailed Description

A helper class for throttling authentication attempts.

A handler base class which unpacks parameters from the path template and passes them as formal parameters to run().

Converts MessageValue message specifiers to localized plain text in a certain language.



The caller cannot modify the details of message translation, such as which of multiple sources the message is taken from. Any such flags may be injected into the factory constructor.

Implementations of TextFormatter are not required to perfectly format any message in any language. Implementations should make a best effort to produce human-readable text.


run() must be declared in the subclass. It cannot be declared as abstract here because it has a variable parameter list.