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DumpBackup Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __construct ( $args=null)
 execute ()
 Do the actual work. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from BackupDumper
 __destruct ()
 dump ( $history, $text=WikiExporter::TEXT)
 initProgress ( $history=WikiExporter::FULL)
 Initialise starting time and maximum revision count. More...
 loadPlugin ( $class, $file)
 Load a plugin and register it. More...
 registerFilter ( $name, $class)
 registerOutput ( $name, $class)
 report ( $final=false)
 reportPage ()
 revCount ()
 setDB (IMaintainableDatabase $db)
 Force the dump to use the provided database connection for database operations, wherever possible. More...
 showReport ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Maintenance
 __construct ()
 Default constructor. More...
 checkRequiredExtensions ()
 Verify that the required extensions are installed. More...
 cleanupChanneled ()
 Clean up channeled output. More...
 clearParamsAndArgs ()
 Clear all params and arguments. More...
 finalSetup ()
 Handle some last-minute setup here. More...
 getConfig ()
 getDbType ()
 Does the script need different DB access? By default, we give Maintenance scripts normal rights to the DB. More...
 getName ()
 Get the script's name. More...
 globals ()
 Potentially debug globals. More...
 isQuiet ()
 loadParamsAndArgs ( $self=null, $opts=null, $args=null)
 Process command line arguments $mOptions becomes an array with keys set to the option names $mArgs becomes a zero-based array containing the non-option arguments. More...
 loadSettings ()
 Generic setup for most installs. More...
 loadWithArgv ( $argv)
 Load params and arguments from a given array of command-line arguments. More...
 memoryLimit ()
 Normally we disable the memory_limit when running admin scripts. More...
 outputChanneled ( $msg, $channel=null)
 Message outputter with channeled message support. More...
 purgeRedundantText ( $delete=true)
 Support function for cleaning up redundant text records. More...
 runChild ( $maintClass, $classFile=null)
 Run a child maintenance script. More...
 setAgentAndTriggers ()
 This method used to be for internal use by doMaintenance.php to apply some optional global state to LBFactory for debugging purposes. More...
 setConfig (Config $config)
 setup ()
 Do some sanity checking and basic setup. More...
 shutdown ()
 Call before exiting CLI process for the last DB commit, and flush any remaining buffers and other deferred work. More...
 validateParamsAndArgs ()
 Run some validation checks on the params, etc. More...

Protected Member Functions

 processOptions ()
 Processes arguments and sets $this->$sink accordingly. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from BackupDumper
 backupDb ()
 backupServer ()
 progress ( $string)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Maintenance
 activateProfiler ()
 Activate the profiler (assuming $wgProfiler is set) More...
 addArg ( $arg, $description, $required=true)
 Add some args that are needed. More...
 addDefaultParams ()
 Add the default parameters to the scripts. More...
 addDescription ( $text)
 Set the description text. More...
 addOption ( $name, $description, $required=false, $withArg=false, $shortName=false, $multiOccurrence=false)
 Add a parameter to the script. More...
 adjustMemoryLimit ()
 Adjusts PHP's memory limit to better suit our needs, if needed. More...
 afterFinalSetup ()
 Execute a callback function at the end of initialisation @stable to override. More...
 beginTransaction (IDatabase $dbw, $fname)
 Begin a transaction on a DB. More...
 commitTransaction (IDatabase $dbw, $fname)
 Commit the transaction on a DB handle and wait for replica DBs to catch up. More...
 countDown ( $seconds)
 Count down from $seconds to zero on the terminal, with a one-second pause between showing each number. More...
 deleteOption ( $name)
 Remove an option. More...
 error ( $err, $die=0)
 Throw an error to the user. More...
 fatalError ( $msg, $exitCode=1)
 Output a message and terminate the current script. More...
 getArg ( $argId=0, $default=null)
 Get an argument. More...
 getBatchSize ()
 Returns batch size. More...
 getDB ( $db, $groups=[], $dbDomain=false)
 Returns a database to be used by current maintenance script. More...
 getDir ()
 Get the maintenance directory. More...
 getHookContainer ()
 Get a HookContainer, for running extension hooks or for hook metadata. More...
 getHookRunner ()
 Get a HookRunner for running core hooks. More...
 getOption ( $name, $default=null)
 Get an option, or return the default. More...
 getStdin ( $len=null)
 Return input from stdin. More...
 hasArg ( $argId=0)
 Does a given argument exist? More...
 hasOption ( $name)
 Checks to see if a particular option was set. More...
 loadSpecialVars ()
 Handle the special variables that are global to all scripts @stable to override. More...
 maybeHelp ( $force=false)
 Maybe show the help. More...
 output ( $out, $channel=null)
 Throw some output to the user. More...
 parseIntList ( $text)
 Utility function to parse a string (perhaps from a command line option) into a list of integers (perhaps some kind of numeric IDs). More...
 requireExtension ( $name)
 Indicate that the specified extension must be loaded before the script can run. More...
 rollbackTransaction (IDatabase $dbw, $fname)
 Rollback the transaction on a DB handle. More...
 setAllowUnregisteredOptions ( $allow)
 Sets whether to allow unregistered options, which are options passed to a script that do not match an expected parameter. More...
 setBatchSize ( $s=0)
 showHelp ()
 Definitely show the help. More...
 supportsOption ( $name)
 Checks to see if a particular option in supported. More...
 validateUserOption ( $errorMsg)
 waitForReplication ()
 Wait for replica DBs to catch up. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Maintenance
static getTermSize ()
 Get the terminal size as a two-element array where the first element is the width (number of columns) and the second element is the height (number of rows). More...
static posix_isatty ( $fd)
 Wrapper for posix_isatty() We default as considering stdin a tty (for nice readline methods) but treating stout as not a tty to avoid color codes. More...
static readconsole ( $prompt='> ')
 Prompt the console for input. More...
static requireTestsAutoloader ()
 Call this to set up the autoloader to allow classes to be used from the tests directory. More...
static shouldExecute ()
 Should we execute the maintenance script, or just allow it to be included as a standalone class? It checks that the call stack only includes this function and "requires" (meaning was called from the file scope) More...
- Public Attributes inherited from BackupDumper
 $dumpUploadFileContents = false
 $dumpUploads = false
 $endId = 0
 $limitNamespaces = []
 $orderRevs = false
 $pages = null
 $reporting = true
 $revEndId = 0
 $revStartId = 0
 $skipFooter = false
 $skipHeader = false
 $startId = 0
bool resource $stderr
- Public Attributes inherited from Maintenance
resource null $fileHandle
 Used when creating separate schema files. More...
array $orderedOptions = []
 Used to read the options in the order they were passed. More...
const DB_ADMIN = 2
const DB_NONE = 0
 Constants for DB access type. More...
const DB_STD = 1
const STDIN_ALL = -1
- Protected Attributes inherited from BackupDumper
bool $atStart
string $buffer
ExportProgressFilter $egress
 $filterTypes = []
IMaintainableDatabase null $forcedDb = null
 The dependency-injected database to use. More...
 $ID = 0
string $lastName
 $lastTime = 0
LoadBalancer $lb
int $maxCount
array false $openElement
 $outputTypes = []
 $pageCount = 0
 $pageCountLast = 0
int $pageCountPart
 $reportingInterval = 100
 $revCount = 0
 $revCountLast = 0
int $revCountPart
 $schemaVersion = null
 $server = null
 $sink = null
int $startTime
string $state
string null $thisRevFormat
string null $thisRevModel
int $timeOfCheckpoint
- Protected Attributes inherited from Maintenance
bool $mAllowUnregisteredOptions = false
 Allow arbitrary options to be passed, or only specified ones? More...
array $mArgList = []
 Desired/allowed args. More...
array $mArgs = []
 This is the list of arguments that were actually passed. More...
int null $mBatchSize = null
 Batch size. More...
string $mDescription = ''
 A description of the script, children should change this via addDescription() More...
bool $mInputLoaded = false
 Have we already loaded our user input? More...
array $mOptions = []
 This is the list of options that were actually passed. More...
array[] $mParams = []
 Array of desired/allowed params. More...
bool $mQuiet = false
 Special vars for params that are always used. More...
string null $mSelf
 Name of the script currently running. More...
array $mShortParamsMap = []
 Mapping short parameters to long ones. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 31 of file dumpBackup.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

DumpBackup::__construct (   $args = null)
array | null$argsFor backward compatibility

Reimplemented from BackupDumper.

Definition at line 32 of file dumpBackup.php.

References $args, Maintenance\addDescription(), Maintenance\addOption(), BackupDumper\dump(), Maintenance\loadWithArgv(), Maintenance\output(), processOptions(), and BackupDumper\progress().

Member Function Documentation

◆ execute()

DumpBackup::execute ( )

Do the actual work.

All child classes will need to implement this

bool|null|void True for success, false for failure. Not returning a value, or returning null, is also interpreted as success. Returning false for failure will cause doMaintenance.php to exit the process with a non-zero exit status.

Reimplemented from BackupDumper.

Definition at line 76 of file dumpBackup.php.

References WikiExporter\CURRENT, BackupDumper\dump(), Maintenance\fatalError(), WikiExporter\FULL, Maintenance\hasOption(), WikiExporter\LOGS, processOptions(), WikiExporter\RANGE, WikiExporter\STABLE, WikiExporter\STUB, and WikiExporter\TEXT.

◆ processOptions()

DumpBackup::processOptions ( )

Processes arguments and sets $this->$sink accordingly.

Reimplemented from BackupDumper.

Definition at line 96 of file dumpBackup.php.

References BackupDumper\$pages, Maintenance\fatalError(), Maintenance\getOption(), and Maintenance\hasOption().

Referenced by __construct(), and execute().

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