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MediaWiki\Installer\ConnectionStatus Class Reference

Inherits MediaWiki\Status\Status.

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Public Member Functions

 __construct (Database $db=null)
 getDB ()
 setDB (Database $db)
- Public Member Functions inherited from MediaWiki\Status\Status
 __get ( $name)
 Backwards compatibility logic.
 __set ( $name, $value)
 Change operation result Backwards compatibility logic.
 __sleep ()
 Don't save the callback when serializing, because Closures can't be serialized and we're going to clear it in __wakeup anyway.
 __wakeup ()
 Sanitize the callback parameter on wakeup, to avoid arbitrary execution.
 getErrorsArray ()
 Get the list of errors (but not warnings)
 getHTML ( $shortContext=false, $longContext=false, $lang=null)
 Get the error message as HTML.
 getMessage ( $shortContext=false, $longContext=false, $lang=null)
 Get a bullet list of the errors as a Message object.
 getPsr3MessageAndContext ()
 Try to convert the status to a PSR-3 friendly format.
 getStatusValue ()
 Returns the wrapped StatusValue object.
 getWarningsArray ()
 Get the list of warnings (but not errors)
 getWikiText ( $shortContext=false, $longContext=false, $lang=null)
 Get the error list as a wikitext formatted list.
 setMessageLocalizer (MessageLocalizer $messageLocalizer)
 Makes this Status object use the given localizer instead of the global one.
 splitByErrorType ()
 Splits this Status object into two new Status objects, one which contains only the error messages, and one that contains the warnings, only.
- Public Member Functions inherited from StatusValue
 __toString ()
 Returns a string representation of the status for debugging.
 error ( $message,... $parameters)
 Add an error, do not set fatal flag This can be used for non-fatal errors.
 fatal ( $message,... $parameters)
 Add an error and set OK to false, indicating that the operation as a whole was fatal.
 getErrors ()
 Get the list of errors.
 getErrorsByType ( $type)
 Returns a list of status messages of the given type.
 getMessages (?string $type=null)
 Returns a list of error messages, optionally only those of the given type.
 getValue ()
 hasMessage ( $message)
 Returns true if the specified message is present as a warning or error.
 hasMessagesExcept (... $messages)
 Returns true if any other message than the specified ones is present as a warning or error.
 isGood ()
 Returns whether the operation completed and didn't have any error or warnings.
 isOK ()
 Returns whether the operation completed.
 merge ( $other, $overwriteValue=false)
 Merge another status object into this one.
 replaceMessage ( $source, $dest)
 If the specified source message exists, replace it with the specified destination message, but keep the same parameters as in the original error.
 setOK ( $ok)
 Change operation status.
 setResult ( $ok, $value=null)
 Change operation result.
 warning ( $message,... $parameters)
 Add a new warning.

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from MediaWiki\Status\Status
static wrap ( $sv)
 Succinct helper method to wrap a StatusValue.
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from StatusValue
static newFatal ( $message,... $parameters)
 Factory function for fatal errors.
static newGood ( $value=null)
 Factory function for good results.
- Public Attributes inherited from MediaWiki\Status\Status
callable false $cleanCallback = false
- Public Attributes inherited from StatusValue
int $failCount = 0
 Counter for batch operations.
mixed $statusData
 arbitrary extra data about the operation
bool[] $success = []
 Map of (key => bool) to indicate success of each part of batch operations.
int $successCount = 0
 Counter for batch operations.
mixed $value
- Protected Member Functions inherited from StatusValue
 getStatusArray ( $type=false)
 Returns a list of status messages of the given type (or all if false)
- Protected Attributes inherited from MediaWiki\Status\Status
MessageLocalizer null $messageLocalizer
- Protected Attributes inherited from StatusValue
array[] $errors = []
bool $ok = true

Detailed Description

Access: internal

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

MediaWiki\Installer\ConnectionStatus::__construct ( Database $db = null)

Definition at line 12 of file ConnectionStatus.php.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getDB()

MediaWiki\Installer\ConnectionStatus::getDB ( )

Definition at line 20 of file ConnectionStatus.php.

◆ setDB()

MediaWiki\Installer\ConnectionStatus::setDB ( Database $db)

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