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MediaWiki\Logger\Monolog\SyslogHandler Class Reference

Write logs to a syslog server, using RFC 3164 formatted UDP packets. More...

Inherits SyslogUdpHandler.

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Public Member Functions

 __construct ( $appname, $host, $port=514, $facility=LOG_USER, $level=Logger::DEBUG, $bubble=true)

Protected Member Functions

 makeCommonSyslogHeader (int $severity, DateTimeInterface $datetime)

Detailed Description

Write logs to a syslog server, using RFC 3164 formatted UDP packets.

This builds on Monolog's SyslogUdpHandler, which creates only a partial RFC 5424 header (PRI and VERSION), with rest intending to come from a specifically configured LineFormatter.

This makes use of SyslogUdpHandler it impossible with a formatter like \Monolog\Formatter\LogstashFormatter. Additionally, the direct syslog input for Logstash requires and accepts only RFC 3164 formatted packets.

This is a complete syslog handler and should work with any formatter. The formatted message will be prepended with a complete RFC 3164 message header and a partial message body. The resulting packet looks like:


This format works as input to rsyslog and can also be processed by the default Logstash syslog input handler.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

MediaWiki\Logger\Monolog\SyslogHandler::__construct ( $appname,
$port = 514,
$facility = LOG_USER,
$level = Logger::DEBUG,
$bubble = true )
string$appnameApplication name to report to syslog
string$hostSyslog host
int$portSyslog port
int$facilitySyslog message facility
int$levelThe minimum logging level at which this handler will be triggered
bool$bubbleWhether the messages that are handled can bubble up the stack or not

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Member Function Documentation

◆ makeCommonSyslogHeader()

MediaWiki\Logger\Monolog\SyslogHandler::makeCommonSyslogHeader ( int $severity,
DateTimeInterface $datetime )

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