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MediaWiki\OutputTransform\OutputTransformPipeline Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 addStage (OutputTransformStage $stage)
 run (ParserOutput $in, ?ParserOptions $popts, array $options)
 Runs the pipeline on the ParserOutput, yielding a transformed ParserOutput.

Detailed Description

Stability: unstable

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Member Function Documentation

◆ addStage()

MediaWiki\OutputTransform\OutputTransformPipeline::addStage ( OutputTransformStage $stage)

Definition at line 16 of file OutputTransformPipeline.php.

◆ run()

MediaWiki\OutputTransform\OutputTransformPipeline::run ( ParserOutput $in,
?ParserOptions $popts,
array $options )

Runs the pipeline on the ParserOutput, yielding a transformed ParserOutput.

ParserOutput$inParser output to which the transformations are applied. It is typically copied before applying transformations and is hence not mutated by this method, but if $options['suppressClone'] is set it WILL be mutated!
?ParserOptions$popts- will eventually replace options as container for transformation options
array$optionsTransformations to apply to the HTML
  • suppressClone: (bool) Whether to clone the ParserOutput before applying transformations. Default is false.
  • allowTOC: (bool) Show the TOC, assuming there were enough headings to generate one and __NOTOC__ wasn't used. Default is true, but might be statefully overridden.
  • injectTOC: (bool) Replace the TOC_PLACEHOLDER with TOC contents; otherwise the marker will be left in the article (and the skin will be responsible for replacing or removing it). Default is true.
  • enableSectionEditLinks: (bool) Include section edit links, assuming section edit link tokens are present in the HTML. Default is true, but might be statefully overridden.
  • userLang: (Language) Language object used for localizing UX messages, for example the heading of the table of contents. If omitted, will use the language of the main request context.
  • skin: (Skin) Skin object used for transforming section edit links.
  • unwrap: (bool) Return text without a wrapper div. Default is false, meaning a wrapper div will be added if getWrapperDivClass() returns a non-empty string.
  • wrapperDivClass: (string) Wrap the output in a div and apply the given CSS class to that div. This overrides the output of getWrapperDivClass(). Setting this to an empty string has the same effect as 'unwrap' => true.
  • deduplicateStyles: (bool) When true, which is the default, <style> tags with the data-mw-deduplicate attribute set are deduplicated by value of the attribute: all but the first will be replaced by <link rel="mw-deduplicated-inline-style" href="mw-data:..."/> tags, where the scheme-specific-part of the href is the (percent-encoded) value of the data-mw-deduplicate attribute.
  • absoluteURLs: (bool) use absolute URLs in all links. Default: false
  • includeDebugInfo: (bool) render PP limit report in HTML. Default: false

Definition at line 61 of file OutputTransformPipeline.php.

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